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Of palms and breath ...

Have you had your palms read? Back in Malaysia, I found out about someone who did deep intense readings. Unlike the image here, what she did was ink your hands, then press them onto paper, in order to properly see all the details. If you follow the image source link you'll see what I mean. Image source here I saw her twice. Among the few things I remember: there were three children lines, but she peered closely at them I guess one of them was not like the others, since she speculated one of the lines signified my niece. She was newly born, I think? Maybe I was going to see her (niece) for the first time on the way back to the US via Switzerland?  success would come easily / I would be successful at a career that involved a lot of traveling and meeting people. At that point in time I harbored the thought that I might have a book to write. Crap, was it going to happen? Would the traveling be for book signings? Would the people be readers/fans? The socially awkward intr
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Here we go again...

Today is the first day of summer vacation. My firstborn, known online as Nova or Thing 1, had an amazing 2nd Grade. It was his first year in a Special Education class and a different school than our neighborhood "home" school. My second-born, known online as Nev or Thing Two, had an incredibly tumultuous year, but also ended it on a great note, thankfully. It's amazing what the correct supports can do! My last blog post was almost two years ago. When I review my life, I tend to compartmentalize it all. For my childhood, I only have a feel for how old I am based on which house we lived in at the time. Adult life was defined by where I was working. Married life also defined by where we were staying. Then came kids, and it all became a blur: we were in Springfield, then moved to Bloomington-Normal, but I am hard-pressed to tell you when we made the huge ... considering we bought a house, you'd think I'd remember the year, right? Nope. Blur. But. May 2017

It's been a while...

It's been so long. Here's what's been going on. I had one kid, then another. Thing One / Nova was my first ever exposure to a kid. I'd never changed a diaper until he came along, and even then I deferred to the hubs or the NICU nurses before I forced myself to overcome that ?fear?. He is my first. So I always wondered during tough times, was it just me? Or was it also him? Turns out, it was us both. Thing One and mommy, about a week ago He starts First Grade this August. He's currently being (re-)evaluated for an IEP (Individualised Education Plan). ADHD. ODD. ASD. SPD. The journey to these labels was a long one. And still ongoing because I don't think we have it quite right yet. But the labels help. I fought against getting labels. But now I seek them. Anything to help understand. Never in a million years would I have foreseen me medicating my kids. Yet here I am, seeking new meds, getting him a genetic test that should help identify which medica

A scare!

That was so weird. There was an email from Blogorama saying they indexed my recent post ""Morning Joe" cuts off painful interview with Florida Governor for avoiding questions about Trump and Muslims" - wha? So I check this blog, and mis-type the address. It doesn't load, and the anti-virus program is flagging the site, and I am in So. Much. Anguish thinking I've lost my blog to hijackers.. Then I notice the typo! PHEW it still exists (not used since August last year? Oooops!!!) Deep breath. I head over to Blogorama and find out the blogs they have associated with that email were the today dot com ones that don't exist anymore, and haven't existed for many years. So told them to delete me/them from their directory. All should be fine now. .... but sheesh. That scared me. Once upon a time I juggled another personality -- or rather, I allowed a part of me out more. The "writer/alter ego" part of me. The one who published deep

Frozen, Inc

We are totally late to the fandom. On purpose. Only introduced the kids (3 & 4 yo now) to Frozen maybe 6 weeks ago. Of course, they are now Anna and Elsa. Last weekend, they got a fantastic treat -- they acually got to MEET Anna and Elsa :) Then we introduced them to Monsters, Inc because, well, let's not keep watching Frozen, right?? So now they are *also* Kitty and Boo. T oday Nova built a "door" (more like doorWAY), for Kitty and Boo to go through. Gotta love their imaginations!


How the ideal evening has to go, for all our sanity's sake: By 4.30: pick up Nev By 5: home, potty 5.30/6pm : dinner 7pm: potty, jammies 7.30: storytime 7.50: last call (water, potty)/ last book 8pm: close the door  Hard-learned schedule, that one. Leave a LOT of buffer. But try to have a good half hour of stories. Unfortunately, ANYthing that threatens the above -- like beautiful weather that invites us to hit the park before dinner, therefore throwing it all off by an hour or so -- will make me all twitchy, even with the post-dinner buffer. Yesterday I was prepared, so "pre-dinner" cheese, veggie pouch were part of the "get back to the car" enticement at the playground. Home at 6. Still closed the door on them at 8-ish. Today, we have some family fun activities as Nova's school, smack in the middle of the dinner routine. Thinking to do something similar to yesterday. May have to save my daily caffeination for the afternoon, rather than morning

Coulda been

Four years ago today, it could have been Nova's birthday.  I was 31 weeks pregnant, only just starting to think about what we were going to need for his (its, at that point -- I'd been refusing to know) arrival, and the powers that be decided to make things ...exciting... Thankfully he stayed put, until invited out 3 weeks later.  Glad he wasn't this big then ;)