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yes, i'm alive... and I need your feedback please!

it's been quite a while since my previous posting... my apologies to my reader(s?), and hope no-one was actually worried about me! I actually have about 5 different ideas for posts in draft form, but i didn't have the mood to push them into actual postings... I'll process them in due time, or deem them irrelevant and just move on :-)

and talking about moving on: it is with great reluctance that I will be getting back to Malaysia in about 2 weeks' time. My almost 6 months here have been great, although the weather put a stop on my ideas of travelling well before I could even begin! If nothing else, that gives me a reason to return soon, during the WARMER months, to do just that :-)

And that means that no, I am still not looking for a job, whether in malaysia or elsewhere. I must say, however, that at least my 6 months of joblessness has started my healing process... I'm no longer bubbling over with anger and frustration when I think of my past job (especially the last 2 years of it) - whoohoo! I do recognise, however, that I've been so burned out trying to make a difference and seeing NO RESULT that right now I can't see myself working in any field at all - not for the job itself but for the people I'd need to deal with.

I think that one of the things I need to do now is do something that has guaranteed rewards: something that is not that complicated, where I put in some effort, and I get results in proportion to the effort I put in. And it should be something that kinda primes me to get back into the workforce one day. So, how about something relatively structured, with a set syllabus, exams at then end, plus opportunities for extra credit?

Yeah.... I'm thinking that I am finally ready, mentally, to start looking at options to further my studies. I'm guessing a second BSc would not be as useful as a Masters', eh?

The next question is: what area to pursue?

Despite a paper qualification in Chemistry, most of my career has been in Change Management. In fact, I believe if I were to do a Master's in Organisational Behaviour, I'd only add frosting to what I've already picked up in 7 of my 9 years of work. BUT... do I really want to get myself a degree in that field? Getting a degree in Change Management / Organisational Behaviour would pretty much condemn me to the rest of my life in the field that burned me out...

I've had positive feedback on my writing: both in terms of style as well as content. Should I look towards something in journalism?

It's at times like these that I think people who have interacted with me have a better idea, or at least can come up with suggestions I may not have come up with alone.

Remember that I'm one weirdo who loks for job satisfaction, and gets off on knowing i'm making a difference. I'm not one who wants labels like General Manager, and neither am I one who looks at the pay before anything else (although so long the pay is enough for me to survive, I'm happy!).

So, dear reader(s)... if you could spare a few minutes to suggest what I could pursue, I'd be delighted!

Many thanx.



  1. Lynne, I guess its not too early to say welcome back.

    I like your interpersonal skills. I think a Masters in Broadcasting or Advertising may be good for you. Or, pursue a challenging journalism career. Be an overseas correspondent/reporter for a Malaysian broadcasting station. You got to appear once in a while on our local TV covering world news or when there are issues on Malaysia abroad.

    I wish you great happiness.

  2. Just my two cents worth...
    Journalism, by all means. But as long as you do not plan to work in Malaysia, unless parotting what the Establishment dictates is what you regard as fulfilling and helping people.
    There is no freedom or transparence of the Press in Malaysia. You'd quickly be as frustrated and/or burnt out like with your old job. BUT, if you were to work in the States, it MIGHT be better. No experience so this is a top of the head impression.

    On the other hand, I agree with Anonymous posting above that Broadcasting or Advertising might be another "creative" avenue for you.

    Good luck and have a safe trip back to KL.

  3. We've got a Change Management unit here... but I guess you wouldn't want to be a consultant. As the name suggest, we only do 2 things... and most of us are rubbish at sulting.



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