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Tweet tweet!

So last night was my first ever tweet-up in Malaysia!

Getting to the venue (Makcik chicken wing in front of Lee Hin Motor, Sunway Mentari) wasn't too bad, but genius that I am I'd gotten myself there but hadn't taken note of the exact place to go, thankfully @kruel74 had had the foresight to give me his h/p # earlier: a quick sms and he came to get me from where I was waiting: I was just like half a block away only... but omg ramainya orang??!! I think at our peak we were 5 tables' worth of people (about 20 pax?)... and y'all know me and my aversion to stranger overload...

So I ended up sitting at one end of the tables, and of the many people there, talked a bit with @dilaariff @brenkenlee @flyguy729 @azri83 @euveng --- later @loveykatz joined us at that end ... also there but not really talked with (totally me!) were @altimet @rararawr @icednyior @kazwan @rainingheaven.

The weather was really muggy though, sometimes I felt I could barely breathe in the thick air... s…

umm... oops?

(Hat Tip to Edenza)

The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Seventh Level of Hell!
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Sifting through memories...

Hey, remember Kosh and I having to move twice in two months last year? That’s when we couldn’t deny that we had WAAAAY too much stuff... and a lot of it were HIS things, not mine or ours, so it was easy for me to nag/hint/cajole/threaten him to get rid of the stuff... but I knew I was just as guilty as he was, the only difference was my stuff was halfway around the world.

This trip back, one of my goals was to downsize even further whatever stuff I’ve been holding on to. I’ve already set aside a whole big bag’s worth of tee shirts, office pants, and other random items to give away. Then I stumbled across a shoebox of my cassettes.... including my mix tapes from high school and college. I’m assuming they are unplayable, but will give them all a spin for old time’s sake. More importantly, however, I will be documenting them all here before getting rid of them, so that I have a record of the songs I used to listen to 2 decades ago. So please bear with me over the next few many posts,…

Less than a week to go!!

In a week's time, I should be gasping for air trying to reacclimatize myself to the pollution and humidity of Malaysia. Fun! But on the bright side, I have all these distractions to look forward to!
Choosing, writing and sending off postcards for the Postcard/Link Exchange of 2010 (registration is technically closed, but I'll gladly accept anyone who signs up before I get the address labels printed out this weekend!)Figuring out what Malaysia-themed gift to get for Steve.Showing TK-217 around KL.
Participating in a proposed photo scavenger hunt, another kapgar brainchild!Food!!!! Nasi lemak BRJ. Nasi lemak Sri Steven's. Milo ice blended Sri Stevens. Teh tarik. Roti canai. Roti chanai Raju. Roti bakar. Kaya. ... and plenty more. I believe a friend of mine is treating me to beef ribs too, yummy!
My school reunion!! There almost 100 attendees (excluding spouses/kids!!) to date, about 35 from my year alone. This is going to be waaaaay too big to be comfortable for me, but wha…

Foody Friday: Dhal Bukhara

It's been a while since my last Foody Friday post! A big hold-up is the fact that my phone and PC tend to not want to communicate with each other via bluetooth, and I have my phone more handy than camera, so for a while now I've had overdue pix sitting in my phone, unable to get sent to the PC.

Yesterday, by some miracle of miracles, I managed to get them all to the PC!

Yesterday also, I experimented for the first time with lentils! After looking around for some recipes (including at this site, thanks to a tweet!), I decided to try my hand at dhal bukhara.

Started off with a bag of the legumes:

Soaked them in water for many hours; they expanded a bit. Rinsed them out, put them in a pot with plenty of water, and let 'em boil until the beans were soft.

Then came the problem. .. The instructions say to mash them. Was that in the pot with plenty of water? Or drain 'em out first? And how on earth does one mash lentil beans, especially when one doesn't have a blender? Ar…

Book Review: NurtureShock (Po Bronson & Ashley Merryman)

2010 is looking to be a very dry year when it comes to books read! To date I think I might have gone through 5? books... at this time last year I was probably up to a 30+ count!

I'm just not feeling the reading pull right now.

In general, the number of serious non-fiction books I read is pretty low: I greatly prefer to read and escape this world, not to get mired more into it... However, every once in a while my interest is piqued enough to nudge me out of my comfort zone. In fact, my recent additions to my to-read list have been non-fiction works.

Back in February, I picked up NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children by Po Bronson & Ashley Merryman (no we are NOT preggers!) and found it to be a valuable read. Here's a brief review, chapter-by-chapter.

1. The inverse power of praise[Sure, he's special. But new research suggests if you tell him that, you'll ruin him. It's a neurobiological fact.]
This struck close to my heart, for many reasons. The key tak…

TK-217: an introduction

Hi, I'm TK-217, also known as Trooper Tripp, newly assigned by TK-421 to the Naranek household in Springfield (IL), USA, Earth*.

Did the Naraneks include me in the Census?

* NOTE: ... I suppose I should be thankful to be assigned to this version of Earth.

You see, a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I used to hold the rank of Captain, on an Earth just like this one. I was in charge of security of the Empire's experimental biological warfare laboratory in the Mojave Desert: the scientists called it Project Blue; my superiors called it A-Prime.

Then something went wrong for Fay Wray and King Kong, and we got the flock out of there.

I certainly wasn't responsible for the leak, but when the few surviving locals started calling the supervirus Captain Trips, General Starkey decided the coincidence to be too great, and that I had smuggled the virus out into the population, how else would my name get associated with it otherwise? Typical CYA behavior! But I suppose when you…