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Working out

Yesterday Nova and I spent about 4 hours at the Y, for two 30min sessions. 
This hugely inefficient use of time was mainly due to having to sit in the lobby and feed him breakfast (before child watch opened, so *i* could work out), and lunch (after his swim, so he could pass out in the car w/o my having to wake him for food when we got home).
The nap didn't last as long as I would have hoped. Gotta fine tune my strategy, for both our sakes!

Another year passes by ...

... and *sneeze!* here I am brushing *cough cough* the dust *aaaacchhhooooo!* off of this blog *blows nose* ... it won't be pretty, bc I'll be posting short updates from my *aaaaaaaaahhhhhh* phone, *ccchhhhoooooooooo!* it's the only way I communicate with anyone nowadays.
.... and I *need* to write more than you need it to be pretty, methinks.
Welcome, 2014!