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... so much for winter being gone. It's in its death throes, certainly, but not gone. The weather turned crappy yesterday, lots of rain with a chance of snow mixed-in, blah! And today, it's only 37F. At least it's sunny.

as if that wasn't bad enough, the *^#@^&%#(&&^ apartment we live in, the administration is so crap.... so they send out a notice to everyone about impending maintenance work that will involve lots of jackhammering and noise, starting tomorrow.

Which is NICE, you say?

But they say NOTHING about work that's going on in the APARTMENT ABOVE ME, today, starting from 8:30am! Sounds like some sort of heavy-duty drilling going on.


If nothing else at least Kosh happened to call & wake/drag me out of bed already before it started, otherwise I'd have been even MORE pissed off to be woken up by this din.

I've put up with it for an hour, but not for very much longer can I stand it.

Y'know, if the weather were normal outside…

random saturday snippets

1. So for fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer who are also into Tarot cards, there's something new that's just for you! A Buffy-themed Tarot deck. Heh.

2. Elephant painters

I got this vid in the mail recently, and was amazed that an elephant would paint itself, a self-portrait, if you will. Of course, when watching it on the YouTube website itself, very quickly killed that amazement, because you know how they have a list of related vids in the sidebar? Yeah, there were loads of similar vids: obviously this was a show put on for tourists, so these painting sessions probably happen daily, perhaps even a few times in a day.

So I started wondering if the elephants were truly being creative, or if they'd been trained (read: forced) to make such paintings. Would the same elephant churn out the same painting every day, every time, or do they have a little bit of artistic leeway every time they are placed in front of the canvas?

And even better - how much do they sell these pain…

ego boost

"That is an excellent piece. Congratulations."
- my ceramics instructor

"Ooooh girrrl, that so pretty!"
"Hey Lynne, I really like your bowl!"
"Wow, that's beautiful!"
- various potterymates

[The Cat lording over my latest piece of pottery]

That's quite an ego boost I got today, so I just *had* to share :-)

Happy Earth Day

Here's how Earth Day started today.

it's 5.30-ish in the morning, and I'm pulled out of my sleep by the glorious sounds of a puking cat. As I get more awake, I hear her jump down, and so closeby too: it takes just a moment for it to register, then Kosh mumbles "I think she just puked on the bed!"


If nothing else, she chose the edge of the bed, on *his* side, LoL!

So Kosh cleans it up as best he can in his zombir [sic] state, then stubbornly climbs back into bed to steal as much shuteye as he still can before getting up for real (due in the hospital at 6.30am).

Oh, and during the cleanup, he checks the alarm clock, and it seems it had already been snoozed once - to his surprise. Heh. If nothing else I suppose the cat helped make sure he didn't over-snooze this time?

So I've been awake since 5.30 or so this morning. Darned cat!

books galore?

Question: what's the problem with being orally fixated and totally absorbed in a book?

Answer: biting my nails. seriously, they are painfully ragged right now. all because I've found a few good books recently and have therefore done nothing except curl up and read... but I still need to keep my hands/mouth busy, hence the nail biting.

ouch :-(

aaaaaaanyways.... onwards with another book-related post.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, Kim was wondering about those who display books like trophies. That totally resonated with me, and rather than hijack her comment section, I figured I'd ramble on about it here. Of course, that was many many many moons ago. But my rambling is as equally valid now, LoL :-)

Books have always been an important part of my life, and escape from the horrid reality of daily life, to worlds of dragons, of good versus evil, of independence, of discovering and nurturing a magical ability, etc etc etc.

Growing up, in Malaysia, the whole "…


So I'm in the laundry room and the tv is on, and they are talking about an earthquake that rocked Chicago? wtf? So I looked it up online - yeaaah, well an aftershock rattled some skyscrapers here, at like 4am - I was fast asleep, LoL!

The main event was in Central Illinois.

Some pix here.

A news article here.

Okay, gotta go transfer clothes from washers to dryers... ciao!


I have another book-related post... but since I've been rambling and blathering about books recently, I'll give that a skip and do this meme/survey I saw over at Eilen's instead. Yeah, so I need this to prompt content.. so sue me, LoL!

1. Cell phone: it was a permanent fixture for the longest time, I even had two lines at one point, but now? Now I check my phone once a week, usually find it dead and needing a recharge, and use it just for some text messaging.

2. Relationship: married.

3. My hair: unexciting past shoulder length dark brown wavy fine hair

4. Work: nope. I'm taking on the label of "wanna be writer" but haven't made much headway recently

5. My sibling: I have just the one, who much to my amusement jumped on the family fast-track! Married last July, and expecting their first kid next month.

6. My favourite thing: reading, and exploring new (fantasy) worlds through it.

7. My dream last night: don't remember. But this morning I woke up to f…

2 am

I usually end up doing a pseudo all-nighter when Kosh is away on overnight call. I suppose today hasn't been much different. I did *nothing* today. Woke up achy and wasted, so all I did was snack (and snack, and snack...) and read. Finished that book I mentioned, and while it was a good read, I suspected it wasn't the book I thought it was, since it had nothing at all similar to Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere - turns out I got the wrong book, LoL!

No biggie, it was still a great read and was such a funny yet sad and bittersweet account of life in Moscow behind the Iron Curtain.

I'll keep an eye out for the "correct" book at the library tomorrow - if I remember the correct title this time :-)

In the meantime - debating what book to read next. I have a "romantic fantasy" by Lois Macmaster Bujold ready to be picked up at the library, which I expect to consume over the weekend. Then what? I'm thinking of rereading Stephen King's Dark Tower ser…

biorhythm gone kablooey

I really need to stop passing out after dinner.

I don't know if it's a food coma I'm experiencing, or habit/influence of Kosh, or tiredness stemming from the 4xweek evening exercise activities, but maaaan, the past few evenings have seen me out of commission for an hour or two immediately after dinner. Today was the best - woke up at 1145pm, wide awake after a really deep sound sleep. So I packed Kosh off to bed (he'd of course lain down beside me on the couch and passed out too), but was too awake to sleep.

Now it's 1.40am, and despite having scrambled my brains for over an hour, I'm not sure if I'll be able to sleep yet. But I'll try anyway. Tomorrow/today Kosh is on overnight call, so once he leave for work in the morning I won't see him till Saturday morning :-(

Maybe I'll be able to get further into my current read: " Metro: A novel of the Moscow Underground" by Alexander Kaletski. It's supposed to be something like Nei…

beware bubble gum!

... so this "Spring 2008" session, I signed up for the following classes to keep me occupied:

1. Continuing with Spanish
2. Continuing with Pottery
3. New: water aerobics
4. New: cardio kickboxing aerobics

For the new items - am taking advantage of the programs provided by the Chicago Park District. Kinda funny tho, I might seem to be too young to be taking these programs - almost everyone else in those two classes seem to be in their 40's, at least! Then again, I'm only four years away from that mark myself... of course I *look* about 10 years younger, LoL! Always been the case.

And here's a slightly-related photo: why one should NOT swallow their chewing/bubble gum!

Update on the movie meme: I'm rather surprised that the two remaining unguessed movies are essentially my two very favorite movies that I've mentioned a few times in this blog before... hmmm, maybe I haven't gushed about them recently? Anyways, if you want a really big hint, the answe…

baked eggs & meatballs

I got the recipe for "Baked Eggs & Sausage" from a can of diced tomatoes recently... and tried it out today:

1 lb Italian sausage *
4 cups frozen hash browns, thawed
1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese
1 cup frozen cut leaf spinach, thawed & drained **
1 can Red Gold diced tomatoes w/ roasted garlic & onion, drained
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
4 eggs ***
0.75 cup milk
Salt & pepper to taste
2 tablespoons shredded parmesan cheese ****

Preheat oven to 375F.
* Skipped the cooking sausage bit, seeing as I substituted it for some fancy already-cooked meatballs; I just cut the meatballs into smaller chunks.
Grease a 13x9 inch baking dish.
In a mixing bowl, combine the hash browns and cheddar cheese.
Use HALF of the potatoes & cheese to cover the bottom of the baking dish.
Layer in the following: diced tomatoes, meatballs, spinach, remaining potato mixture, and mozzarella cheese.
In a medium bowl, beat eggs, add milk, salt and pepper. Pour evenly over po…

Just Discovered: Savage Chicken!

so I'm neither Trekkie nor Trekker, but I'm geeky enough to appreciate not only this quiz (I got 0/3 - phew!), but also the comments following :-)(thanx, Wil!)

... then ,,, THIS one totally captures Kosh and my interaction during way too many movies. Heck, sometimes it's so bad I have to just pause the show and get on the 'net, to IMDB, just so I can figure out where I know that particular person from. I've *only* blogged about it here, here, here, here, here, ...

... ... ... and on another note ... Kosh thinks he picked up some sort of gut bug (c. diff) from work that's causing him to have lots of stinky #2's, that's kinda knocked him out for the past two days. Of course, this is his week of vakay, time is precious, and he's not well. Fun. Oh, and even better? I might have gotten it from him, some symptoms manifested this evening. Double fun.

REMINDER: still three movies unidentified,... here are some hints...
#11: only one of my most fave movies…

"there's no place like"?

Ensign Crusher, a.k.a. Wil Wheaton blogs, and I've been lurking over at his site for a long long time now,,, have yet to delurk, but earlier this year I visited after a long time, and was intrigued by a bit of geekiness that I figured out from the context, but still I had to look up to confirm and understand.

I am amused :-)