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Foody Friday: lemongrass green tea with cinnamon sticks and ginger!

In an effort to not consume multiple cans of Coke Zero daily, I have a few different strategies I use depending on my mood. As mentioned before, I'm making it a point to start the day off with fiber and water. Some days, like yesterday, I just couldn't bring myself to do that, so I fixed myself some tea instead... but not just any tea, but lemongrass green tea with cinnamon sticks and ginger.

You need
- a large mug
- one or two sticks of cinnamon
- a nubbin of fresh ginger, coarsely grated (or sliced, or crushed)
- a bag of Good Earth's Lemongrass Green Tea*

... pour just-boiled water over the contents of the mug and let it steep for about 3-5 minutes. Squeeze the bag and set it aside. Stir and enjoy!

Be warned, ginger bits will end up in your mouth - I just chew & swallow 'em; if you don't want to do that, I suppose you could fish 'em out, or just kinda strain the drink with your lips/teeth, LoL!

I don't add sugar, because the second half of the drink …

Thursday Thoughts

Life After Work's sister sites have been out of commission for a while now; I had all these plans for a Food in February theme over at a malaysian abroad, but despite quite a few ideas for a variety of different posts, I just never did sit down and churn the posts out... just never got around to it.


I'm struggling here.

I do have inspiration for a series of posts for Life After Work, thanks to snglguy's own series that's just starting (see parts one and two), about the different places he's called home - he says three for him, I say omg I count at least ten! I'll tell you more about them once I get a hold of some pix, so that might take a few months since it involves heading back to Malaysia first...

Something I'm looking forward to wrt my trip is that I'll be helping spread the reach of kapgar's Norman (well, actually one of an army of Norm clones) to Malaysia, Switzerland and perhaps even Italy. So lots of coolness there.

Still dreading the co…

Firefox 3.6: Now with personas! (personae?)

Hey the new Firefox 3.6 was released recently, just found out about it now :p

It now comes with personas! I suppose you might call 'em wallpaper for your browser. After trying a meditation theme followed by Niagara Falls, I've decided on a cluster of bamboo. For the moment.

It's all a little busy now, ainnit?

ugh. VERY busy!

Perhaps it'll be better with something that's not battling for darkness supremacy at the bottom of my screen?

I guess this'll be another round of time wastage as I play around more with these personae(?); I anticipate that I'll decide to just go back to the plain default original theme.

How about you?

disclosure: some required legalese

You might have noticed that I've added some ads to Life After Work recently.

... I certainly hadn't planned on going this route, but because of changes in how is making its payments (it's now totally based on revshare, I don't earn anything just from visits to my sites anymore, bummer!) I needed to get myself my own Google AdSense and Associates accounts; once I had them, I figured I might as well leverage them for myself on this blog ...

... Then there is the US Federal Trade Commission's requirement that "bloggers who make an endorsement must disclose the material connections they share with the seller of the product or service" that I've not properly complied with yet...

As a result, here is some required legalese I need to disclose:

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by yours truly who goes by the internet moniker of lynne naranek, and usually signs off as *lynne*. For questions about this blog, please cont…

Self-Love Day: let's start off slow, shall we?

Ah, Valentine's Day... a day when florists probably make enough $$ to cover the rest of the year; when jewelers also make a killing because "diamonds are a girl's best friend"; when restaurants and chocolatiers rub their hands in glee at the highly marked-up purchases made by people totally in the thrall of Hallmark, consumerism and lack of independent thought.

Ummm can you tell I don't "subscribe" to V-Day? LoL!

Instead, let's explore Self-Love Day, shall we? Snackiepoo's brainchild moves into its fourth year (but I admit this is the first time I'm seeing it; again thanks to Karl!)

Here’s how the whole thing works:

Grab yourself a banner (you can find another one here if you're male / don't like this one).Post that banner and then tell us all something that you really like love about yourself (hence the “self-love”, duh!).Ask or beg your readers to post one thing that they too love about you!!! If your blog friends are nice, you shou…

a month of resolutions

I've never been one for New Year Resolutions. However, I have been needing and wanting to establish some new/good/overdue habits. Nudged by Karl who's doing a Year of Resolutions, here are things that I am striving to do on a daily basis, during the month of February:
This doesn't mean churning out blog posts daily, although that might be a natural side-effect. My focus here is on the two novels knocking around in my head, one half-written, the other perhaps only 10% done, both inter-related enough that I need to map them both out properly, both to prevent inconsistencies as well as to see more nodes for connections between the two. I am 0/3 so far for this, ugh.

I have yet to establish regular daily meditations, even though I know I would benefit greatly from this. Shooting for doing this first thing in the morning, before I wake up the computer, because once the 'puter is on and I start checking email and twitter feeds, my a…