Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

WANTED: a round tuit!
Life After Work's sister sites have been out of commission for a while now; I had all these plans for a Food in February theme over at a malaysian abroad, but despite quite a few ideas for a variety of different posts, I just never did sit down and churn the posts out... just never got around to it.


I'm struggling here.

I do have inspiration for a series of posts for Life After Work, thanks to snglguy's own series that's just starting (see parts one and two), about the different places he's called home - he says three for him, I say omg I count at least ten! I'll tell you more about them once I get a hold of some pix, so that might take a few months since it involves heading back to Malaysia first...

Something I'm looking forward to wrt my trip is that I'll be helping spread the reach of kapgar's Norman (well, actually one of an army of Norm clones) to Malaysia, Switzerland and perhaps even Italy. So lots of coolness there.

Still dreading the cost of tickets, which have probably gone up in the past month or so of my procrastination. Go me!



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