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You sure it's Ethanol and not Methanol in there?

Saw these unknown brands of vodka on sale in one of the Giant supermarkets a while back.

I really don't know what a decent (i.e. Smirnoff / Absolut) bottle of vodka costs here, but I do know that the sin taxes have been upped quite often over the past few years.

I would assume one would expect to pay close to RM100?

Guess how much 750 mL bottles are going for?

RM20 - 30 (USD 5 - 8)!

Wow... either my estimate of the cost of "decent" booze is waaaay off (in that case, excuse me while I make a trip to the, err, store...), or, well, let's just say I wonder how "safe" these unknown brands are...

One of these days this PC is gonna get a tattoo!

I'll delay it as long as I can, but there's only so much I can do when I'm not the only user...

What am I talking about?


Which leads to this:

Which, if selected, would result in this:

I feel so ... special!!

Is Malaysia is on par with the United States, Britain, New Zealand, Australia when it comes to having counterfeit Windows OS or something? Gotta be, since these 5 countries have the dubious honor of being the first batch worldwide to receive this update that would "tattoo" the fact that "this copy of windows is not genuine" on the bottom right corner of your PC screen, and have a random pop-up "nagulator" that will what else but nag you to "get the genuine product".

More about it here and here.

Long live Microsoft.


(NOTE: 3rd picture snitched from here)

Why I usually keep my phone on silent mode

Alt title: A rude awakening, part deux.

The phone rings.

F**k, I forgot to turn it back to silent last night.
I stumble out of bed, heading toward the sound.

I look at the number - not familiar.

But hey, it's SIX FIFTY IN THE MORNING maybe it's important?
Me (in heavily sleepy voice): Hullo?

Caller: Who's this?Okay, THAT's already a no-no... YOU are calling ME (at 650am pulak tu!) and YOU are asking ME who EYE am? I don't care how nicely you ask, you need to identify YOURSELF first, you b*tch!
Me (already more awake, definitely more annoyed, STILL croaky-sleep voiced): Who are YOU?

Caller: Oh, this isn't *asdf*?You know, so what if that actually *is* my "first name"? For one thing, I don't go by that name - if you know me, you know that. And for the record, I still don't know who the f*ck YOU are! No way I am I saying "Yes, I'm *asdf*" to a f***ing inconsiderate stranger who may just be dialing a wrong number anyway: If you really w…

Surfing @ Steven's?

Great Surfing Steven's, Batman!!

It's a sign of the times when a mamak shop provides wifi services.

This pic was taken at Steven's Corner at Pandan Indah.

Sure, you'd need to put up with the noise, and the heat, if you choose to surf here.

But parking (once you find it lah) is pretty cheap - free even, after 5pm or so. And with drinks costing RM1.2 (or RM5.5 if you want an ice blended thing) instead of RM10 at a Coffee Bean or Starbucks, the savings will add up!

I just have no idea if it's free or not, who's the service provider, etc etc etc... and I don't think the "waiters" would know if I were to ask them... gotta remember to ask the people in white shirts (higher up in the Steven's food chain) next time I'm there. Which may be this Sunday. With Rail. The poor stressed out gal. Hang in there gurrrrl!

a blast from the past!

As "rebellious" as I was during my teenage years, I was still in many aspects a goody-two-shoes. Yet even a goody-two-shoes like *me* is strangely exhilarated by the news that Picadilly is seeking feedback as to whether there is enough demand for it to reopen.

Yes, Picadilly.
Or "picad" for short.

It was an icon of my time... but can you believe I've only been there ONCE?

Gawd, I was so "closeted" (read: controlled? protected? whatevah) that I missed out on a lot of stupid stuff Malaysian teenagers get into.

I don't hold it against my parents at all, I know they had my safety in mind, but sometimes I *wish* I'd been allowed just. a. bit. more. slack. and. freedom.

Occasionally I'd manage to bargain my way out to spend time with friends and do teenage stuff. Like my ONE trip to Picad. For a tea dance.

Yes, a tea dance.
... does THAT term bring back a flood of memories for ya?

For those who are not familiar with the term: some discos would open on …

it's raining!

... as usual... tho this time even tho it's been going on for hours, it's not a nasty storm with thunder and lightning. Just rain. wheeeeee!

Here's a refugee from the rain, perched on my "window sill". Taken from another storm, on another day, but no matter, still valid :p

And no thanx to it, I now have you don't. have. to live like a refugee going thru my head. Thanx, Tom Petty, you heartbreaker you! :p

Thanks too, cos for the past day or so, I've had these lyrics keep running thru me noggin:
It's in the way you want me
It's in the way you hold me
The way you show me
Just what love's made of
It's in the way we make love

yep, that's Shania Twain's You've Got A Way. You think I've been in a sappy mood? Maybe... take a look at what song THAT dethroned?
Moonlight lady
Come along with me
To the bright city lights,
It's all right, 'cause tonight's on me.
Uh-huh.. Julio Iglesias' Moonlight Lady. It's that accent…

two inches!

What's this, you ask?

The grey is one of my fave tshirts. The yellow is a tshirt my parents got for me from Bali.

If only the yellow shirt was
- two inches wider, and
- two inches shorter,
it would be perfect.

Oh well. Into the "limited to being worn when no one's around" pile you go!

The running man, and other thoughts

Well, maybe not the running man per se. How about the heavy relaxed but happy male? Or a light nervous sad female? See how they run, see how they run. Or walk. Or something. It's about 5 minutes of fun. Try it out: the Bio Motion Lab walker.

Wanna know what sort of life expectancy you have? Mine's a projected 90 (without "activating" advances in things like gene therapy / stem cell research). And that's with an income of ZERO muuaahahahaaaa! What's amusing is to see the "worth" of things like mineral supplements (5 years), & active sex life (3 years). Another 5 minutes of amusement HERE.

Possible explanation for my "looseness" alluded to in a previous post: combination of the fat-dispering massage with my detox neem supplements which I started taking again last week. "If you consume blood purifiers, you must remember that they will cause your body to push out toxins. You might notice stronger or darker urine. It may also be mo…

What's wrong with this picture?

Okay, first off, I actually wanted to rant about the poor condition of the gym in this apartment complex last week already, because last Monday, the pedal of the stationary bicycle was missing, and the wire/pulley for one of the machines had come off. But I figured, nvm, no need to rant lah.

Then today (my first trip to the gym since last Tuesday, so I wonder when this had happened), I saw:

See anything wrong? Here, how about THIS angle? See it now?

Yeah, THAT's how you have the pedals aligned on a bike. Uh huh. What am I, a kangaroo?

And while we're on the subject of crappy gym equipment..
This morning, the wire/pulley thing was out of its groove again. Wonder WHO is the culprit who doesn't know how to treat these machines with respect....

BUT... on a positive note.. and I *do* try to think positive despite feeling like I'm being surrounded by ID-10-T's all the time... I can actually work my quads on the leg extension station now!

See the hole (circled in red)?


Last Saturday...

... was the first time in a long long time, in the two months I've been back, that IT DIDN'T RAIN AT ALL ANYTIME DURING THE DAY!!

In the evening, the sky was clear...

The setting sun draped its yellow rays across the land...

and the Telekom Tower and PETRONAS Twin Towers were glinting in the yellow light.

Of course my phone camera doesn't do it any justice.

But I'm posting it anyway.

A similar view, taken in the pink morning, HERE

Oh, and btw - BLOGGER SUCKS! Am trying to post this via flickr. BLOGGER SUCKS. Did i mention that BLOGGER SUCKS? :(

(UPDATE: I get THIS posted, then the previous two tries vis blogger appear in addition to this one. sigh. will delete those two. cheers!)

Sunday’s deep thoughts

What’s the normal cycle time for digestion?
How long does it take, from the time u eat something to the time it leaves your body?

I’ve been pondering these question since last night, when I noticed some white seeds a-floatin’. Those are the seeds of the ladies fingers (okra). That I had for lunch on Friday afternoon. That’s obviously only coming out Saturday night/Sunday morning. That’s a 30hr cycle time.


Haha u aint read nothing yet!

Not only am I reporting a 30hr digestion cycle time, the digestive results are coming out, errrrr, loosely. :p

Wonder if that’s the effect of the second round of torture massage I had on Saturday early afternoon? My back got scraped again, but this time it felt really good (warm). She also walked all over me, and tortured my feet with an iron spoon. Pain!!! Of course, she said she was doing it quite softly/gently: I wonder if I’d able to enjoy the pain (yes, I actually like the pain!) if/when she ups the strength later… Lots of focus on my legs…

The Yellow and Blue, Part 2

Remember my moaning about the room that is now "mine" in this new place?

The room with the IKEA-themed color scheme?

You don't? Then look HERE first lah, ok?

And compare that to this:

I will no longer unconsciously scowl and cringe upon entering the room!

Believe it or not, just painting the BLUE on the cupboards with [ivory] has toned down the LOUDNESS of the room dramatically!

There's still that one BLUE wall that's to be repainted, also to [ivory].

But man oh man, this is already oh so much better...

especially for Karl E!

Karl E left me such a funny comment the other day HERE.

Here you are, my dear; hope you feel better now.

And that goes to you too, Dawn.
And Omni.
And all other readers who shared my "pain", LOL!

(p/s: phone/PC communication problem still not solved. but it's definitely the PC's fault: I installed that P800 PC Suite onto the laptop and I can transfer files from the phone to the laptop with no problem! *sigh* can I just kill the PC? please? pretty please???)

Bumper crop!

... of links from Linky & Dinky this week!

Among them:

I am amazed. I am shocked. I am no longer heating water/coffee in the microwave. Why? Because it seems that a kid's science fair project has shown that microwaved water is bad. Here's the link. But, sceptic that I am, I am also sending the link to snopes to see if this ain't a scam.

I could spend hours looking at this and finding the "images" of 75 bands. And precisely because it would take hours, I haven't done more than a few minutes. Matchbox 20. Led Zepplin. Pet Shop Boys. Guns n Roses. Green Day. Smashing Pumkins. I probably would never identify all 75. Can you?

No idea who Longmire is, but he/she certainly did an amusing take on the one genre I totally have no patience with: romance novels. Check out the hilarious book covers!

And I really really really like this warning label for the Bible. Of course, if someone did an equivalent for the Koran, some people will be up in arms or somet…

Phone and PC troubles

Ugh... now I can't seem to copy/paste my phone pix from the phone to the PC. Worked fine a week ago!!?? Wonder what's going on, and how on earth to fix it... how else am I gonna be able get pix up here on the blog??? grrrrrrrrrr!!!

Oh - and I *knew* this PC wasn't doing too well... tried to run SpyBot a while ago but "couldn't"... finally remembered to d/l it the other day... and today, after having problems with the phone/pix thing, I figured I might was well reinstall SpyBot and let it have a go at this PC.

Wanna guess how many problems were identified?


Aiyah, mother, have I taught you nothing?

Okay, so she doesn't surf much, perhaps these insiduous things were picked up within the 2 months (omg has it been that long???? gaarrrhhhh!!) that I've been back? Err... I don't think so. After all, she said another anti-virus/firewall thing suddenly stopped working one day, and she had a friend email her a new program which she ins…

Thoughts for Food

I don’t like kerang*. They taste like mud. And are an excellent way of getting yourself a bout of hepatitis. So I don’t eat them. And the ones I picked out of tonight’s char kuey teow** were particularly scary looking. Somehow, that brought back memories of two food-related frustrating incidents with my parents while growing up:

This first one is more my brother’s tale than mine:
Brother: “This custard looks funny!”
Mother: “Don’t be stupid! Eat it! Don’t waste your food!”
Brother: “But it smells funny!!!!!!!!”
Mother: “Don’t be stupid! Eat it! Don’t waste your food!”

Yeah, that went on for a while until my brother actually thrust the Tupperware into her face and made her see what was wrong.

My poor brother… For treats when we were younger, we’d get to make some custard. And not the very liquid stuff: we’d use loads of the Bird’s Custard Powder, and make it really thick, and pour them into these little tupperwares (labeling them with our initials so we wouldn’t eat each other’s por…

Close encounters of the ID10T kind

To the motorcyclist who looked at me like I was a crazy nut last week:

As usual, I put on my turn signal to indicate I was going to turn in to that clump of petrol stations there at Jalan Universiti, and also, as usual, I checked my side view mirror to make sure all was clear.

That’s when I saw you, Mr Motorcyclist.
And it certainly didn’t seem like you saw me, or knew I was going to be turning in a few seconds, from the way you were accelerating towards me from behind, hugging the side of the road, typical Malaysian motorcyclist style.

Practicing prevention, I tapped my brake pedal so that the brake lights would flash, perhaps making you see that “Hellllllooooooo I’m turning and you’re going to ram right into me if you don’t realize I’m turning!”

No change in your speed!

I honked my horn to again try to “inform” you, still merrily speeding along, that I was indeed turning! By that time I had slowed to a crawl, and was at the turning already.

And you were still coming!!

So what did…

Pix that make you go "hmmmmmm?"

Anybody wanna guess why this would annoy me?

I know it's not a big deal.. it's a small thing, really... but I really don't understand why it should happen at all...

Is it too difficult to figure out which way the hangers "point" and make sure you just stick to the same orientation??????


And this guy should get a prize of some sort:

Notice the extremely narrow road he's on?

Couldn't believe my eyes. I'd honked my horn at him at the AmCorp ramp, trying to indicate to him before he actually got onto that narrow lane, that he was on the wrong track. He went on anyway. So I just *had* to take his pic, LOL!

Yeah - from AmCorp to PJ Hilton on the Federal Highway, he was on the motorcycle lane.

That's one big bike, mister!

Sunday sunday :-)

11am was at Ikea/Ikano meeting up with 4 other St Marians.

2pm back at the apartment.

6pm will meet Rail (also St Marian, btw).

Update on that magazine article: working on it slowly. in theory. when my mood is "shot" by having to deal with friggin idiots, motivation and momentum both come to a crashing halt. Nvm, deadline is in a month's time. And I owe it to my ex-boss to get it done. And I will. Now to kick myself in the butt and get movin... :p

To the person in the Yukon Territory who came across this blog when searching for what to do with a bum for a brother ... sorry hun, my brother's not the bum, *i* am, LOL! and a jobless one to boot, LMAO! *grin!* I was #4 on that search, imagine that...

To the person in Kg Batin, Kedah, searching for Alor Star Girls: sorry, I don't run that kind of business, move along, move along :p

And the person who was looking for Malaysian passport photo size: it's 40mm x 55mm. You're welcome. :-)

Do I really wanna …

I'm front!

.. wait, I mean, I'm back!

Speaking about "back" : mine's looking like I got totally abused :p went for a tradidional Chinese massage. The lady used "suction cups" on my left shoulder area - leaving large red circular welts. She also scraped most of my upper back. More ugly red welts. But they don't actually hurt. Okay, a little bit. But compared to how it looks, what I feel is nothing, LOL!

Hmmm, it's been a week without the "usual" blogging, have missed it!

Some catching up:

That's some scary sh*t: body integrity identity disorder

Check out the Nigerian E-Mail Conference! (H/T 45 Caliber Justice)

Is there more to Mars than meets the eye? someone seems to think so.

Killed-in-battle bodies of Templar Knightsfound. They *have* bodies of Knights at the Temple Church in London. I think the fuss is the "killed in action" concept. (H/T: Patrick Kelly) A related reference page from Wikipedia: Knights Templar and popular…

So, did you guess who I was?

Here are some of the clues I threw in:

#1: Esperanto Schmesperanto
"my brother the Regent" : royal blood
went to England to study Law
got into Cambridge
#2a: Swampy Boonies
playboy reputation while at Cambridge
#2b: Heartsick in the Heartland
"tragic misadventure" resulting in death of wife
NOTE: I resisted putting in the wife's name, thought that would be too Googleable too soon. But I soon realised I was being *way* too obtuse, so I started adding in proper names.

#2c: I'm feeling ...
lived in Kuala Nerang (his son, born a month before his wife's death, was named Ahmad Nerang.)
wife buried in the royal graveyard in Langgar, near Alor Star. So, he's royalty from the state of Kedah.
#3a: Okay so it's gotta be like 3 in the morning...
"my father, the Sultan"
#3b: I think I know what it was all about...
Reconfirming that my character is situated on the other (west) side of the Malay Peninsular, relatively close to Penang. If you didn't know …

Guess Who #4

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To Do List - February 1957

So much to do, so little time!

We've secured our independence date: August 31st, 1957.

So, in addition to all the "regular" political and constitutional stuff, I need to make sure these other things don't slip through the cracks:

Desperately need to create the pomp & ceremony to be used when "installing" our "Paramount Ruler" on that day: sure, the choice of person will be made by the group of Rulers/Sultans, but once the choice has been made, what then? They will be expecting some sort of ceremony, something even more ceremonious than what they are accustomed to in their own home state.

Related: will need to commission some Regalia to be used in the ceremony. The betel box is a must. Ditto for a keris …

Guess Who #3d

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I was right, you were wrong

9th December 1942, 3:45pm:

So I was at my desk, awaiting my executioner, or whatever it is that Allah had decreed to happen.

Then guess who called, all scared and frightened?
“The Japanese are raiding Penang! As soon as the air raid is over I will leave and join you. I shall telephone now to the Police Officers to cancel my previous order. I and my family will require accommodation tonight.”

Sure, Mr Regent, brother dearest, your wish is my command.

I'm not gloating. Being proven right does nothing except taste like ashes. My heart goes out to the innocents in Penang. How many lives are going to be lost in this attack?

Even if I am just his seventh son and twentieth child, even if I haven't seen much of him since I came back from England oh…

Guess Who #3c

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Daring to (act on a) Dream!

9th December 1942, 12 noon:

“You have committed the worst of all crimes. You are a traitor to our Ruler. As Regent I have no choice: I sentence you to death, and I shall order that you be shot at four o’clock this afternoon. Wait in your office. Our order will be carried out then and there.”

I placed the phone receiver back in its cradle.

I believe I have done the right thing.

Am I wrong to put my trust in a dream?

Am I wrong to have "kidnapped" our father? Frankly, even tho all he did was nod, I think he was happy with the change in plans.

It was only when the entire convoy arrived at Butterworth that his absence was realized. They headed off to Penang anyway, from which the Regent called to see if anyone knew what was going on, onl…

Guess Who #3b

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I think I know what it was all about...

Communication may be cut off. Have to be brief. The Japanese have landed. Signora and Patani in Siam, and Kota Bahru in Kelantan have been overrun. They are on the march, and will reach us in a day or two.

I've done what I can, within my authority, perhaps a bit beyond. Will move the folks into the longhouses. Then, just sit and wait. We'll have to see what the immediate future is going to bring.

... BUT ...

My mind is reeling from the phone call I just got: my other brother, who is now the Regent, is planning to flee with our invalid father, the Sultan, to Penang, then on to Singapore.

Penang, the British stronghold. Singapore, another British stronghold.

Does he not see that these locations are highly likely to be the target o…

Guess Who #3a

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Okay so it's gotta be like 3 in the morning...

... and I can't sleep. Or rather, I *was* sleeping, then i had this vivid dream.... it was the Sultan, my father : he was calling out to me, asking me to help him. Then he disappeared. It was freaky. Was it "just" a dream? Or a premonition? Something to do with the fear of the Japanese invading anytime? Or was it that funny-smelling chicken curry I had for dinner?

(*lynne*'s note: This was written in early December 1941)

Wanna know what this is all about? Visit:
The Lost Blogs *official* website; or

where it all began..
Visit the other Lost Bloggers too!

Guess Who #2c

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I'm feeling ...

I'm definitely feeling better than the last time I blogged.

It helps that the swamps surrounding Kuala Nerang are currently being drained. Yes, I wrote again requesting the funds, and somehow this time it got approved. I'll not speculate on the change of heart, I'm just thankful I got what I asked for.

I’m also feeling: exhausted. satisfied. and puzzled.
Exhausted because supervising the draining works, in the eternally hot and humid conditions, is, err, quite draining, pardon the pun!

Satisfied because while I may have failed to prevent my own wife's death, I am now helping prevent the death of hundreds of others' loved ones.

And puzzled because this picture of my wife's gravestone in the royal graveyard in Langgar, near Alor Star, comes …

Guess Who #2b

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Heartsick in the Heartland

Devastated doesn’t even come CLOSE to describing me right now.

Oh my sweet wife.

Right in front of my eyes.

You were gone.
Sure, I could file charges against that doctor… but what would that accomplish? It would not bring my wife back, and it would further punish someone who already is obviously devastated at what she unintentionally did.

I have been taught that everything that happens is Allah’s will, so I must accept that this all has occurred according to His mysterious plan.

And what a convoluted plan it must have been:

That doctor, she came all the way from Alor Star out of concern for me and my family, equipped with a hypodermic syringe and a phial of quinine, with the noble intention of helping my sweet wife overcome the malaria that was ravaging her.


What's in a name?

Guess Who #2b will be up later my tonight, or if I’m lazy, my tomorrow morning. Check out #1 and #2a if you're a special kind of clueless and don’t know what I’m talking about. *grin!*

Snitched off of a Lost Blogger who's a Chronic Listaholic: wanna see how this turns out for me:

The Ultimate Name Game
Rock Star Name:(first pet and current street name) Puffy Universiti (yikes!)

Movie Star Name:(grandfather/grandmother on your dad's side, your favorite candy) Ahmad Flake (LOL!)

Fly Guy/Girl Name:(first initial of first name, first two or three letters of your last name) "Shas" (errr... okayyyyyyy!)

Detective Name:(favorite animal, favorite color) Leo Black (okay so I cheated: Lion Black wasn't gonna work :p )

Soap Opera Name:(middle name, city where you were born) Lynne Kuala Lumpur (ugh - no wonder I'm not soap opera material!)

Philosopher Name:(first 3 letters of your last name, last 3 letters of mother's maiden name, first 3 letters of your pet's…

What, me? Normal?

Guess Who #2b will be up later my tonight, or if I’m lazy, my tomorrow morning. Check out #1 and #2a if you're a special kind of clueless and don’t know what I’m talking about. *grin!*

Yes, this is another “normal” (haahahaaa me? normal?) post.

Now listening to: Gene Pitney (he’s recently dead, btw)

Some stuff to share:

Language Skills
An ex-colleague shared with me that the place where she works, the HR dept seemed to be desperately trying to be seen to be doing *something*, *anything* - a case of working hard but not smart? Anyways, so they (HR) are sending just about everyone to some sort of English Assessment test.

I suppose that in order to “save face” for those whose English is atrocious, they (HR) get *everyone* to go through this test. Conducted by the British Council. I bet it’s not cheap!

And people like my ex-colleague who leaked this story to me, they took 15 mins max to complete the written part. Time allocated = 1 hr. Sample question: “Where can you view this signbo…

Links4u :-)

BUSTED! The most popular myths in science. Click next under the pic (u may need to scrol down a bit to see it). I've only seen a few and already know this is share-worthy! Knock yourselves out! :-)

On a related note, check out these "Amazing-But-True facts" that "have all been verified as possibly true in a parallel universe", including "To human taste buds, Zima is virtually indistinguishable from zebra urine". Haaahahahaaaa!

Right now I have a list of 30+ books I wanna read, somewhen, somehow, someday. For those who may be just a weeeeee bit *less* freaky than me, you might want to try this site out when you're wondering what book you should pick up from the local bookstore/library: funnily enough, it's called "What Should I Read Next?"

(plenty more where these came from, if u visit Linky & Dinky, or subscribe to their newsletter)

Guess Who #2a

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Swampy Boonies

It's been a few years since my last post - glad this blogger thing doesn't expire after months of not logging on. Did you know, I totally lost so many emails in my hotmail account because I'd neglected to login regularly? Oh well... I *did* have other things on my mind - studies, of course. Dancing. Trips to Brighton. Just plain having fun. I seem to have earned a reputation of being quite the playboy - I don't understand, I'm just doing what everyone else does over here!

Glad I had fun when I did.... especially now that I'm stuck in the boonies!

My brother the Regent wasn't too happy that I didn't get the Law degree he'd told me to get. Neither did he appreciate my reasons why I elected to do a more general degree involvi…

Random thoughts between LOST BLOGging activities

So, the Lost Blogging has started ... this is going to be a lot of fun! I've already dropped by a few of the participants' entries, and am pretty much stumped as to who they are writing as, but hey, I don't think focussing on guessing is the "point" of the whole thing ... i'm really amazed at the different styles and approaches I've already seen : and that's only after seeing fewer than 10 of the (40+?) participants!

Other stuff:

You know of M. C. Escher and his mind-bending illusions, right? Well, it seems some folks tried (quite well!) to make his creations into 3-D reality. More HERE. It's a feast for your eyes!

Having been brought up in an ex-British colony, but having studied in the U.S., plus being bombarded with lots of U.S. movies & tv shows, lots of us tend to sometimes get mixed up between U.S. vs "British" English. That's not really a big deal, I guess... but how about when some words/phrases in one "language&qu…

Guess Who #1

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Esperanto Schmesperanto

The exam results arrived in the mail today.

It’s right there in front of me as I type.

I hesitate tearing open the envelope.

Will I head home in disgrace? Or will I actually be able to enter a university here in England, and study Law as instructed by my brother the Regent?

Memories of the last year or so are whizzing thru my mind:
My voyage to England via that cargo ship, most of the time on which I was beset by fevers no thanks to the malaria I’d contracted.
My first year, living in a typical English village: getting to know the life here but not making much progress studies-wise
Moving to Cambridge upon getting reassigned to another Tutor who finally managed to help me, getting me to study really hard.
Sitting for the Littlego late last summer.
Ah yes, what weird …