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of sine waves, rearing heads and dictionary wars

... so today, I'm at the computer, playing scramble on facebook (an online version of boggle) when I hear the cat pawing at the floor. You know, pawing/scratching on the floor, like what you'd expect her to do if she were covering up her "business" with kitty litter. Except that she was pawing at the floor. NOT a good sign!

So I peeked around the corner and whaddaya know, there was a piece of turd, along with what I call "sine waves" : sinusoidal marks on the floor left by butt-dragging. Do YOUR cats have this problem? Once in a while our crazy kitty can't quite completely squeeze one out, so she'll clamber out of the litter box with a turd tangling out her butt, which she then removes by dragging her butt across the floor.


... if nothing else, at least it was a relatively easy and hassle-free clean-up.

= = = = = =

and what I expected to happen has finally started! I was in French class and found myself wanting to add "tambiĆ©n" t…

"de man, streaker?"

A while ago, back when the weather was nice and warm, and I had my weekly tennis sessions with my Russian French classmate (who I hereby dub "Meg"), there was this rather harried woman who approached my side of the court, so I went to the fence to see what was up:

"De man! De man streaker?", she asked.

I did a double take: "I'm sorry, what?" I asked.

"De man! Streaker! De man streaker?" she asked again, rather agitated.

All I could think of was gee, I certainly didn't notice any naked man running past here, so I shook my head, shrugged my shoulders and said "Sorry, I didn't see nothing", apologetically walking away...

... to see my tennis partner at the net, with a puzzled look on her face, as if trying to figure out the direction of something.

As I approached, Meg said to me "I never remember which street is where, but maybe Damen is over there? Oh, she's gone now, I hope she finds it."

I'm looking at her s…

the cat is like Britney Spears...

... because she did it again.


this time, ON MY BAG!

ruining my Spanish workbooks,

and of course I'm not going to try to salvage the bag,
which now reeks of pee.

It's not even a separation anxiety thing, it's more of an "ooh, here's a different surface to pee on, let's do that!" thing.

I guess that'll teach me to not leave my bag on the floor, close to but not by the front door???!!


... and now I need to find a replacement bag.

I've been half-tempted by this, but wonder if they have a more "messenger bag" style, and less ugly, LoL!

catching up and cat tales

It was a particularly horrendously cold weekend that just went by, and it's still cold!! The word to to the wise was to not go out, and instead just spend the time indoors in front of your fireplace or something. Well, we did that, kinda, except that we drove 2 hrs to get to a fireplace at Kosh's folks' place, and of course drove back again yesterday, LoL! We were marking his birthday lah, already planned well in advance of Mother Nature's shenanigans... otherwise you wouldn't have seen even our batang hidung (noses) this weekend!

... and the weekend before that, on the Friday, I jokingly pointed out to Kosh that "Hey, it's BBQ Beef Ribs day!" (for those not in the know, we used to live in Urbana-Champaign, and there was this bbq place that has the most awesome bbq sauce, and daily specials, the Friday one being the most totally addictive and delicious half-slab of beef ribs I've ever found!)... and whaddaya know, he managed to escape from wor…


... another indication of how I've been spending my time...

Here's 333 @ mid-December, best time = 164 seconds

A week later I'm at 444, and have shaved 20 seconds off my best time!

Almost 2 weeks later I'm at 555 games, another 3 seconds shaved too.

And a week after that, today, I hit the number of the beast, and can boast of a best time in the 130's.

If you take a look at the wins % over time, you can see that I'm improving 1% for every 111 games... whoohoo :-)

Ah, that's a quality leisure life,,,,, not! :p


hi all,

i swear i have witty thoughts running around in my head, thoughts that make me laugh to myself and say "hey, i should blog about that"... and then when I am at the compose page i. go. blank.

So instead, here's another one of my fave Family Guy scenes. Enjoy!

[in case that link dies, here's the page on]

oh.. and... HAPPY 2008! :-)