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Chronic EarWorm solved!

What's an EarWorm? In a nutshell, it's a song that you just can't get out of your head. I've had a case of chronic earworm for many years now, where a song I used to love almost a decade ago but haven't heard for many years -- therefore have forgotten lyrics and singer, but not the tune! -- would keep popping up in my head at odd times over the past few years: I would get a snatch of the tune here, or a tantalizing snippet of almost-lyrics there.

Last week the earworm struck again, and this time I decided to enlist the power of Big Brother Google. It started with keywords 'Indonesian song, cinta [Eng: love] (because every song has that word, LoL!), 1999 or 2000' which brought forth Anggun, whom I had also forgotten but wasn't who I was looking for, but it helped loosen my memory somewhat because 'pergi saja [Eng: just go (away)]' sidled itself into my brain -- finally, a small part of the earworm's lyrics! Adding that to the mix, one or two…

PLX2010: mark your calendars!

Life After Work is pleased to announce that our sister site a malaysian abroad will once again be hosting a Postcard / Link Exchange event!

Details on PLX2010 are still sketchy at this time, since I'm trying hard not to curl up into a ball and rock myself into oblivion from the shock of ticket prices.



I will be releasing full details as the time draws near, but in essence PLX2010 will be similar to its previous iterations: I send you a postcard, and you blog about it with linkbacks to a malaysian abroad, although extra credit will likely be expanded to include Twitter this time around.

I am also toying with holding some sort of raffle, but I'd have to come up with relevant/appealing prizes... Any suggestions?

So please mark your calendars, a proper PLX2010 announcement should be out in mid-March... stay tuned!!

Image credit: cancelled stamps from MS Office clip art; oh no by duduhp

Foody Friday 2010-01: enchiladas & cappuccinos

Life After Work welcomes you to the first Foody Friday of 2010! Today we cover enchiladas!! and cappuccinos!!! With liberal sprinkles of exclamation points!!!! All over!!!!!

This week I once again fixed us some enchiladas. This time around it was a particularly easy prep because almost everything came out of a tin can, even the chicken!

I snuck in fake chicken as well: can you figure out which is shredded canned chicken vs shredded fake-chicken soy strips?

Another variation this time around was the use of green spinach and herb tortillas, which added another dimension of taste and texture to the dish. I felt they made it a bit mushy; Kosh didn't think so.

There was also a side of refried beans (non-fat and therefore lardless, yay!), and hospital cafeteria shredded lettuce (notice the takeout container?)!

I only managed to squeeze five tortillas into the baking pan this time around: we each had one fresh, and the leftovers will probably be for dinner tonight. Yum!


I've got cold feet!

I pity Kosh, he's got to put up with my totally frozen feet & toes whenever we hit the hay. No matter if it's summer or winter, but especially in wintertime, my feet turn into icicles! To say that I suffer from cold feet is putting it mildly.

And now with the low low low temperatures out there, my already cold feet get even worse when I brave the outdoors: the poor toes are frozen almost instantaneously, then take forever to thaw out.

So today I've been doing some research on how to prevent cold feet: the answer seems to lie in both warm socks and better boots... I found Big Sky Fishing to have great pointers and tips for me :)

Turns out I shouldn't use cotton socks during wintertime: cotton socks have little insulation; they also absorb moisture, but wet cotton socks then lose any bit of insulation they might have. A-ha!! I'll look for proper winter socks then, that might help! I'm cringing at the price tho, a 3-pack of medium weight socks is going for …

Where I was, in photos

Here's a quick photoessay of where I was over the past two weeks:

It started with Xmas in Atlanta, GA:

(no, not everyone on this pic was on the trip, many were from Atlanta and its neighboring 'burbs)

followed by a long drive to a rather cold and dreary Panama City Beach, FL

(what bird is this?)

... but it turned sunny the next morning...

... so on our way to Mobile AL we stopped by a lovely beach...

... for footsoaking and jumping in the cold (don't let the sun fool ya, it was COLD!)

In Mobile I was amused to see not-so-creative variations of this sign at most of their rec centers:

Our trip then took us to Columbus and Atlanta, Georgia; lunch on one of those days was at a Buffalo Wild Wings ("let's play hollywood!"), where I was dared to eat one "sizzling" sauced wing (the highest on their hot sauce heat scale)...
... I can only say it had the heat, but there was no ...body... to it. Sure it made my lips and throat burn, but there was no ...satisfaction...…