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Top 10 EC droppers for Feb 2009

In terms of Entrecard dropping and stuff, this Life after Work blog is kinda being neglected since I'm concentrating on driving traffic over to my a malaysian abroad blog... and for February my drop-ability plummeted while on vaykay... so I'd like to really thank those who continued to visit and drop their ECs here despite my less than active participation this month.

My Top 10 droppers according to EC:

A Simple Life: Sugar n' Spice and everything nice (A 40 year old mother of two who likes to write just about anything. A baking enthusiast, a crafter and a hobbyist. This is about me, my views, my interests and my favorites.)Mommy's Little Corner: Just another blog about mothers (A blog that talks about my adventures of being a wife and a mom. This blog also focuses on food, nutrition and health.)moms..... check nyo: Just another blog about mothers (I’m a 40ish year old mom of two. I love to bake, cook, plant herbs (in pots cause i don’t have a garden), cross stitching, h…

... unclear on the concept ...

... so the other day I received an email via flickr, from someone whose photo I'd used in one of my blog posts over at my a malaysian abroad blog...

Firstly, I have to state that because I am being paid to blog there, I am very careful about where I get the images used there. Occasionally I find something at SXC, but usually I find awesome pix at flickr. I always search for images that are available via the Creative Commons license *and* that are allowed to be used in commercial derivations.

So.. the email.... In halting English, this person tried to gently inform me that I should ask for permission before using anyone's image. The email reads as follows:
Its nicer when you ask permission first before put the
photos for your blog...cos everyphotos has its copy
right....I been advice to send this email to advice you, do
ask for permission if you use others photogs for you blog in
the future. if not you will trouble.

For me Im ok, you can take it for your blog. Just have to
be extra…


From an update in my Facebook feeds:

Buffy creator Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku's new FOX show "Dollhouse" earned a total of 4.7 million viewers and a 2.0 share of adults aged 18 to 49 this past Friday.

But the show didn't stop there, "Dollhouse" has become a major hit on iTunes, passing "Battlestar Galactica" as the store's number one purchased download yesterday. It's also one of the five most popular episodes available on Hulu right now.

Make sure you join the millions of others and watch the premiere episode of DOLLHOUSE -- now at your own convenience! Search "Dollhouse" in the iTunes store or visit Hulu directly and watch it for free:

... ummm... oooops, I was supposed to remind Kosh to record Dollhouse for me... oh well, I suppose once I'm back I'll explore this hulu thingy and watch it there :)

Any other Whedon fans out there? Did you watch? Did you like? Despite &qu…

another round of "lynne needs" ...

Okay so I'm going to be responding HERE to some of those memes going around Facebook! Here's one I (over-)did a while back (October 2005!), that I didn't mind revisiting :)

Vic, this is for you :)

What Lynne needs, according to google:

Lynne needs two men to testify that she is indeed singleLynne needs to grab hold of her musical schizophreniaLynne Needs More Attention Starting NowLynne needs to put the smack down on daughterLynne needs our prayers...Lynne needs tunnel vision for trialLynne needs to be released from her computer and sewing closet so she could show her sewing talent to othersLynne Needs Your VotesLynne needs to look into other less expensive alternativesLynne needs to stop with the excuses, and not even talk about this subject to us fansLynne needs to go on "The View" and talk about what a selfish little bitch Britney isLynne needs an interpreter so I'm here to help


What was #7 over 3 years ago is now my #1... but but but I'm NOT single?…

Architect/Designer wanted!!

(I am just passing the word along: the organiser is a friend of mine)

We are looking for an architect to design our home and will be hosting a competition to select the architect. Would very much appreciate it if you could go through your rolodex/contacts list/facebook and think of any friends, acquaintances, relatives, friends-of-friends/relatives/acquaintances who know an architect or an architecture student (yes - its open to students too!) and pass this email along to them. Please feel free to check out our blog which has the details of this competition.
This blog has been created to document the competition, design and finally build of our home.

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this is gonna raise Kosh's eyebrows...

... but that's what he has to deal with, with a wife who is at heart Asian :)

My assignment this evening or tomorrow is to hunt for Mok Yee (black fungus) [my assignment immediately upon posting this is to check if there is a crock pot anymore in the apartment!]. You see, I was talking with Sunny (I *think* that's the pseudonym I assigned, a long time ago), catching up, and my father's health was discussed. She recommended Mok Yee to help clear the arteries for him. And since it's supposed to be good for reducing cholesterol in general, I might as well try it on myself, and if there's a (desired) effect, I might coax Kosh into giving it a try.

I know, I know, a Western medical practitioner, trying Eastern/Oriental herbal medicine? Blasphemy!! :p

Any folk who have tried it for themselves? On the 'net, I see just the same text being quotedover and over again, so that kinda detracts from credibility, IMO.

(posted 18 Feb 2009 9:45 pm Malaysian time)

If you liked …

Sometimes, you need an second back-up...

In 2006, when I was stuck here in KL for 6 months due to red tape and paperwork, I kept myself busy by going through and listing every. single. book. in every. single. box. I had in storage. Plus knick knacks. Plus all sorts of stuff. One copy stashed on my mother's computer. Another copy on my external hard drive.

you know what's coming, right?

... guess whose external hard drive was discovered, last month, to have somehow lost everything stored on it?


... guess who has gotten a new PC and has no idea if the data from my account on the old PC got saved anywhere?


I don't know if I want to bother redoing everything.

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In KL!

The Chicago to Kuala Lumpur journey was surprisingly painless, despite:

1. ... assuming my flight was leaving from the International Terminal. Turns out because the flight was being run by United, I needed to go to Terminal 1. Nvm, lots of time...

2. ... being told to use the self check-in once I get to the correct terminal, only I can't get it to work, so I'm shown to another queue, takes longer than it should but finally get to the counter. Then it takes forever for the United person to figure out my name, even when I pointed out where my "last name" began on the passport. He insisted my first name was my last name. Grrr.

3. ... the little adventure when getting back from our post check-in brunch! Because I had 3 hours to kill before I needed to be at the gate, as planned Kosh and I went out for a bite to eat. NOTE TO SELF: do NOT go to the O'Hare Oasis on I-294 from the airport unless you are heading back into town. Because, yikes, there was no easy…

Fitness Friday: Jillian Michaels

Workouts this week have been different.

Kosh's sister introduced us to 30-day Shred, by Jillian Michaels. I don't watch The Biggest Loser, but it seems she's one of the trainers. Her workout combines arms and legs, and is a tightly-scheduled 3 sets of 3 mins strength, 2 mins cardio and 1 mins abs each, plus warm-up and cooldown.

It's not bad. And it's a pretty good workout for its 20+ mins.

Thing is, after hitting the gym for about an hour for so long, doing just this 20 feels like a cheat, so yesterday I hit the gym afterwards, doing 30 mins of my walk/jog, plus 3 sets of lat pulldowns.

I'll be doing Jillian and the gym today, too. Maybe I'll even try Level 2?! :D

Overall, though, I'm not "feeling" the burn (or, shred, i suppose, LoL!) as much as I would like. Have you tried the workouts by Cindy Crawford? THOSE leave my glutes a-quiver :D

How 'bout you? Is there an exercise video / fitness guru you like/use often?

If you liked this p…

The Postcard/Link Exchange of 2009!

If you remember, back in 2007, I came up with the idea of sending bloggers a postcard from Malaysia and Switzerland, in exchange for some linky love.

I quite enjoyed that little exercise, and now that my quick hop back to Malaysia is ON, I've decided to give the postcard/link exchange another go.

Full details can be found over at a malaysian abroad.

I look forward to your participation!

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better late than never - another round of the interview meme!

A few years ago, this interview meme went around the blogosphere, and I participated here and here. It's making its way around again: I did one round over at a malaysian abroad recently. I had also requested an interview from Kapgar back in December, and he sent me his questions, but somehow, I didn't notice the email until a few days ago. Sorry Kapgar!!

So here we are.. better late than never... yet another iteration of the Interview Meme!!

Malaysia and the United States of America get into a knock-down, drag-out, full-on street brawl to the death and you're a witness to it. A vendor comes by and offers you a giant foam finger to stick on the end of your hand to show your support during this time of turmoil. Do you pick the one that says "Malaysia" or the one that says "U.S.A."? Be honest.Honestly? I'd be too grossed-out to even compute the offered finger.

What's the drunkest you've ever been and what did you do while trashed?Oh my, wher…