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I'll be away from the 'puter for most of the weekend.

We'll be shuttling from one relative to the parents-in-law to the sister-in-law and back over the next few days. Wish us luck - both with surviving the trip and the people associated with it, LoL!

Back on Sun or Mon.

See y'all then!

Saturday Snapshot

So this morning, I thought the elevator was filled with bags of garbage.


If this sight were to greet you as you approached an elevator, what would be your first thought?


Turns out that while they were indeed garbage bags, they weren't bags of garbage.

Someone was moving in on a budget, or didn't have access to boxes, I guess.

Whatever works, I suppose....

I just hope he/she/they reuse the bags, that they will be set for a few months' worth of bags for their actual garbage. Because if all these bags end up in a garbage bag and get thrown out... well... that's a big OUCH for Mother Nature!!

winter is coming!

... and I don't mean right now that the seasons are turning yet again... although they certainly are... it was a few days ago that I spied a bunch of snowflakes dancing in the breeze, fluttering in the air as they drifted slowly down to the ground, as I huffed and puffed at the elliptical machine in the gym. The snow didn't stick, and it was just a little flurry thingy anyway... but yeah, that 8would* indicate that winter is indeed coming ...

... but that is NOT that I'm referring to!

Anyone know? Anyone?

Hmmm... okay so how many of you have read George R R Martin's Sword of Ice and Fire series? If you haven't, please do. It's an awesome series, each book (4 so far) is an extremely satisfying read, even though *sniff!* the wrong people diieeeeeeeee *waaaaaaah!!* but that is what sets it in a class all of its own ... this is no cookie cutter fantasy. Cetta over at Ritualistic lists a few reasons for you to pick up the books: go here and read them, and tell…


... I've been neglecting this blog (and my EC duties!) ... sorry!! my other personality is busy participating in NanoWriMo, you see ... maybe this year she'll do better and actually make the 50K mark... we'll see...

Meanwhile, I am taking back the lynne naranek persona for a few minutes over an hour to talk about my attempt at getting Kosh and I to eat fewer dead animals. We've tried Boca burgers or equivalent, but have not really been impressed. More recently, I experimented with blocks of firm tofu, which while edible, was also not outstanding.

Tried morning star farms' fake meat strips - pretty sure they gave us bad gas!

... Fake ground beef, however, seems to be the way to go. I blogged and posted pix of dishes using textured vegetable protein a while back: this post features a "beef" & macaroni bake and "meat"loaf using 1 lb fake beef and 1 lb ground turkey.

Since then, I've experimented with...

1. Tater Tot Casserole, found on T…

I participated! and other book tales

A first for me: I submitted my review of Alex Beldsoe's The Sword-Edged Blonde in the 4th Edition of the Book Review Carnival :) Do click on over to find short descriptions and links to a whole slew of books you might want to check out. And if you like, go ahead and join :)

And on to other book-related news... so yesterday I had a really great meditation session at the local library, and after that I went to pick up this book that I'd ordered last week on a whim: The Existential Joss Whedon: Evil And Human Freedom in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly And Serenity. Yeah, a mouthful, LoL! But I figured what the hey, seeing as enjoyed every show/movie (the Buffy movie doesn't count!) in the title, and seeing as I'd like to produce (a) novel(s) of similar intelligence and wit, I think it would make for good reading.

Of course, I can't really jump into it till NaNo is over...
Hmmmm, I think my timing is just a *wee* bit off... LMAO :D

After all, I'm s…

booking through history, shredded fingers and book presents!

In 2004, I had been in the U.S. for just a few weeks, starting out in my new life with Kosh, when the Bush vs Kerry election was held. I remember sending out sms'es (phone text messages) to a whole bunch of folks in Malaysia saying something like "Hmmm looks like Dubya's going to win" on the assumption that 1. they cared about the elections, and that 2. they knew who Dubya was. Lesson learnt: don't assume! Every time I think back to that day, I find myself shaking my head in incredulous disbelief at how many either emailed or sms'ed back "Ummm, who or what is Dubya?".

But in 2008 ... what can I say? Even though I couldn't participate in making it happen, I saw everything unfold, and saw history being made. I love the pics that PolitiGal posted - made me all a-teary-eyed :) Makes me believe in America again, y'know? Obama's got a tough road ahead of him: the economy needs addressing, yes, but perhaps more importantly, the…

a rambling review of The Legend of the Seeker

So Saturday November 1st, 2 - 4pm, WGN premiered the pilot of The Legend of the Seeker. Found out about this by chance, watched the trailer, and wasn't too impressed - it seemed like typical fantasy fare, looking like every other fantasy that makes it to the (big) screen nowadays. And the dude playing Zedd looked nothing like how I envisioned Zedd to be, y'know? See for yourself!

But I went ahead and set the VCR (yes we're old school!) to record it, and watched it yesterday.

Okay, firstly I suppose I should say that I have enjoyed Terry Goodkind's books. Okay okay, just the first few in the series.
Okay okay okay so the first book, Wizard's First Rule, was the best, as far as I remember. I found having Richard conveniently learn the Wizards' Rules through his experiences, one book per rule for perhaps the first three or four, to be really really contrived. But I kept on, because there were enough things going on that had me wanting to know how things were …