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postcard recap!

yeah yeah, basi (stale) already right? But I still want to just state this for the record, because otherwise I'll probably forget details, LoL!

To recap, I pledged to send a postcard from Malaysia and/or Switzerland to whoever who emailed me their addresses, with the catch that they then provide me with one link per postcard. Ummm, frankly, I'm not sure if everyone complied with the condition, but what the heck, you live, you learn, and that karma will come back and bite ya some other way, it's out of my hands :D [ADD: and for those who *did* link as requested, I thank you very much!]

So, here are the people who received postcards:

from Malaysia:
> Kim
> Dave2
> Kevin

from Switzerland:
> Kim
> Dave
> Kevin
> Moomykin
> Rima
> Nin
> Mrs J
> Ummi

Did I miss anyone?

Y'know, I did like the fact that I was engaging some people beyond just the blog page, and I really liked how some (Kim!) loved the postcards I'd chosen for them. I look forward to doin…

pinched, bisqued, glazed...

A quick rundown of how my pottery class has been.

Week 1: intro to very basic handbuilding, getting the feel for three different types of clay (porcelain, grey clay, brown clay). We produced about 3 little things per clay, as initial test pieces. They needed to dry for about a week, before getting fired, so on our shelves they stayed.

Week 2: transferred the now dry pieces onto the rack for bisque firing (that's the first of two firings the pieces go through). Learned the "coiling" technique. Created another piece or two. Placed one *in* instead of *under* a plastic bag, so instead of drying slowly, at Week 3, discovered it didn't even dry, LoL!

Week 3: intro to glazing. now THIS was fun! plunging most your arm into these buckets of creamy liquid, with colors that do NOT indicate the final color of the glaze. One of these days I'll need to remember to bring an apron, because it can get rather splashy and messy! Glazed pieces left on appropriate rack for th…


Stole this from Kevin. Mildly unsatisfying answers, because I'm kinda out of touch with the music scene, and "my" stuff is still in Malaysia, but hey, I wanted to answer anyway. :p

What is the first music album you remember owning? If not the same, what is the first music album you purchased for yourself?What artist currently occupies the most space either in terms of shelf space or megabytes on your hard drive?How many different types of music media (vinyl, cassette, CD, etc) have you owned in your lifetime?Who or what has had the biggest effect on your music taste?How do you currently prefer to listen to music?In terms of music memorabilia, what is your most prized possession?Have you ever "swapped headsets" with a complete stranger (meaning have you ever unplugged the earphones from your listening device and plugged them into someone else's player and had them do the same)? If yes, what did they play for you?Have you ever been completely obse…

more than you ever wanted to know about bathroom habits

So apart from that cold snap about 2 weeks ago, the weather's been pretty fine, for October. There've been one or two utterly dreary rainy days, but apart from these, it's been sunny, clear blue skies, cool. Nice. That 45F snap is but a memory now. :-)

I see myself slowing down on my Sim City (took over a month!!), although the time I put in is quite focused now. Like I said, upon finding a tract of land with 11 (actually now 12) connections, I've been thinking even more "big picture" and am developing the entire region, not just a row of three cities. Or at least establishing "main connections" that might end up becoming highways once the region matures and I've got high density zones everywhere.

Bored yet?

Well here's something to change the pace a little. Saw this over at Jeff's place and figured what the hell... here goes!

The Bathroom Meme (with some changes a la lynnenaranek)

1. First body part washed in shower?
I take soap in r…

still hooked

I played Sim City till almost 5 this morning. Woke up at 1030am, and am now finding other things to achieve before I head back to my cities, I'm all hooked because I realised depending on the random region generator, you can find cities set up with MANY neighbors - I found one with ELEVEN?!! So now I'm building up to that large square, developing its surroundings first... aarrgghhhhhhh! Helllllllllp!! :P

And on to other news: I found out recently I'd been tagged over a month ago, ooooops! My apologies to Neome, and here's yet another 5 Things meme:

5 Things In My Bag
Snack-sized Zone bars
A penA half-empty pack of tissue
A. S. Byatt's The Djinn in the Nightingale's Eye, a book to read for my Fairy Tales class
A bowder blue spiral bound notebook to jot my notes for all my classes

5 Things That Are In My Wallet
money (of "there" and "hidden" varieties)credit cardsWallet-sized reference card of Covey's 7 Habits (not that I need it, but I like kn…


Blah! It's COLD! I mourn the final tremor of summer's tendrils, the grip of the sun's rays loosened, nay, dislodged by the cruel cold. Though they say it will be warm again in a day or two, the damage is done, true golden warmth is likely beyond us until, ummm, April? Bah!

Until then, I can look forward to ice-cold toes that evoke shrieks from Kosh, toes that never seem to get warm even with socks or fuzzy slippers to protect them from the cold floor. I can look forward to getting boiled alive in the hallway of the apartment building, only to walk into a wall of cold when I step outside. I can look forward to uncontrolled eye leakages making it seem like I'm bawling my eyes out while walking to/from the train station when in fact I'm just reacting to the wind and cold. I can look forward to getting zapped by just about anything, from the car door to the cat to the hubby. I can look forward to snakelike scaly skin as I get dehydrated while I forget to lotioni…


So recently we had some real gawdawful movies come at us via Netflix:

Eragon: Always been curious about the books, but not curious to pick 'em up for a read, figured what the heck let's just watch the movie instead. Wow. It was SO bad. I was antsy 30 mins into the thing, already irritated by plot holes and crappy storytelling. About the only thing that enabled Kosh and I to sit through it was to treat it almost like the Rocky Horror Picture Show, with call-outs to ease the pain. And to make comparisons to Star Wars "Oh, he's playing the role of Ben Kenobi - he's obviously going to have to die halfway through the film! She's Leia! Hey, is that Han Solo? So who's Chewie??" and LOTR "She's just a Liv Tyler knockoff! Oh look, Rivendell!". Do not, I repeat do NOT watch this movie!

Legally Blonde 2: Something we dreaded doing to ourselves, but we kinda had to. After all, TBS has shown Legally Blonde so often over the past few years, …

i'm alive!

I am, really!

I've just been totally caught up in playing god.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I started playing Sim City - I think it was the Sim City 2000 version. I enjoyed the idea, but for some reason I just couldn't get all that into it - it was frustrating not being able to do much in terms of city building without resorting to the "iamweak" cheat code (which added simoleons to my very dry mayoral account)... and besides, the focus was rather too broad, I wondered if there was a similar game out there that zoomed in on one neighborhood instead of a city, and allowed me to control individuals...

... and I soon discovered The Sims, and oh. my. gawd. it was exactly what I was looking for! I'd play for hours and hours on end at the expense of sleep and work, and had all the expansion packs too, although the "Making Magic" one was bought but never loaded (no worries, they were all pirated versions, costing only about RM5 per disc, LoL!). My…