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Nova in November

Just when I think some sort of routine has been established, it gets thrown out the window :p I will slowly blog about the pregnancy and birth, but it's going to take a while.

In the meantime, I'm happy to report that Nova is over 6 months old, and we've just started subjecting him to solid food.
From the expression on his face I think he wasn't impressed, LoL!

Since the hubs is working on Thanksgiving this year, we are unable to show Nova off to his paternal relatives who have yet to meet him. Hopefully we'll have the occasion to do so before next Thanksgiving!!

For all those who celebrate, have a great Turkey Day! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Audio: ticked off at telemarketers!

(As I wrote this, I felt the need to SAY what I was writing... it took me the whole frigging day to figure out how to record *and* how to upload it onto the blog. Ugh! But I managed! Yay! So to listen to this post, click here! (Then click play on the Yahoo!MediaPlayer console) Enjoy!

When we moved to Springfield over 2 years ago, we very quickly found out that the phone number the phone company gave us had previously been 'owned' by one "Morten Harket" (not his real name, obviously) (anyone actually know who this is? -- No Googling!!).

Reverse Look Up told me that Mr Harket was a rather old person who lived in downtown Springfield, while all the telemarketing calls we received for him indicated he suffered from poor health. I speculated that he had passed away recently, and that the phone company had immediately recycled his number instead of letting it 'cool' for a bit.

At first it was just annoying, getting all these calls for Morten. I would politely say tha…

The Nova Story: Chapter One: finding out

Back in October 2010 [HOLY CRAP THAT WAS A YEAR AGO ALREADY??!!], I thought I'd pulled a groin muscle or something, I was having these cramp-like twinges in the lower abdominal region. I also found myself cupping my boobs a lot, much to Kosh's amusement. Then said boobs started getting really sore.

It then occurred to me that it had been a while since my last period ... checked my calendar, counted forward, and whaddaya know, I was overdue for some bleedage.

The timing of this epiphany could have been better: Kosh was particularly stressed because he'd had a very long day and was having to pull an all-nighter for a presentation the next morning. I didn't want to add to/detract from his goings-on right then. So I kept my suspicion silent. After sending him to work in the early morning, I stopped by the local grocery store for some pregnancy tests.

Came home, peed in a cup and did the necessary.

And this is what greeted me.

If I'd had a proper smart phone, I'd have…


I'm supposed to be studying & reviewing for my Massage Therapy board exam... so it makes *total* sense that I'm putting together this apples-to-apples comparison of my big 'lil man instead. [click to embiggen the pix]

First, from a few weeks ago, we have what I thought was an apples-to-apples comparison, only to realise it might more properly be termed a Fuji to McIntosh comparison:The monkey swing is about the only constant: the comparison is still valid, but the geek in me wanted to reduce the 'noise' and produce what might be called a Gala to Gala comparison:
*grin!* The geek in me is satisfied, and I hope my few readers out there are mollified by these pix, making up for my continued blog absence.

I *will* be back!

Goodbye, boobjuice

It's been an uphill battle almost from the start.

I had no idea you could attempt to put newly-born babies to breast. Of course, when Nova was born, he was 6 weeks early, and went from my vajayjay into the hands of the neonatalists. Once they were done assessing him they asked if I wanted him on my chest - I hadn't even been sure if I'd be allowed to hold him at all. He was wrapped up, and I had a gown on.. I also had no idea what to do, so he just stayed on my chest. I remember remarking on how heavy he felt. So we missed out on initial skin-on-skin *and* immediate suckling. Did he had an oxygen mask on? I think so. I don't recall.

I don't remember *when* it was that we first tried getting him to nurse, but I do remember how he struggled a bit and the nurse immediately brandished a nipple shield and declared he needed it. That kinda set him and me up for expecting him to not nurse, y'know?

I also remember [another?] nurse being so aggressive about trying …

more Nova Naranek news

Yikes, I really do NOT have the frame of mind to be blogging nowadays... I'm having enough trouble getting the kid on a regular feeding schedule, and me on a pumping schedule. As a result, milk supply has totally dwindled since we brought the kid home from the NICU, resulting in stress, resulting in dwindling supplies, ... ... ugh. And I have a LOT of stuff to fill y'all in on... and even if my few readers aren't interested in the details, I do want to document my thoughts on the whole pre- ante- and post-natal experience. You have been warned!

But anyway... here's my Twitter birth announcement from a few weeks ago:

That's right, Nova's a boy!
^^ Here he is at about 2 weeks.
I'm totally biased, of course, but I think he's a handsome cutie pie :)

As threatened, more detailed reminiscing in future posts.

Until then, ciao!

Nova news: of PROMs and curveballs

I recently experienced a PROM, and no, I'm not talking about that American high school rite-of-passage, but Premature Rupture Of the Membranes... or, in layman's terms, my water broke!

Now, when you're really close to your due date, this breaking of water thing is good, signaling the start of labor and delivery.

But when you're more than two months away from said due date? Not so good.

Perhaps lil' Nova was impatient to get out and play with all the goodies he/she had collected from the baby shower we'd just had ... or ... since a few other expectant mothers also experienced the same thing on the same day, perhaps all the weird weather and variable barometric pressure impacted these membranes somewhat ... or it could just be due to the phase of the moon, who knows... there's no real way to tell why it happened, only that it did.

These past few days have been quite an experience. It is a huge relief to be past the critical first 48 hours though, and it looks li…

Teddy Bear, how long you been out there?

Yesterday I decided that in-the-oven Nova needed to be properly exposed to all things Meat Loaf, so I loaded Bat II and later Bat I to sing along to while I iced my hands (that's another post). Then I went looking for any Meat Loaf tour dates, just for the heck of it (Why is he spending the first half of August, Sept & October in Blackpool UK??): that took me from the official Meat Loaf fan site to the *real* Meat Loaf Facebook page, which featured two songs from his latest album HANG COOL TEDDY BEAR which came out last May.

Wait, whattt? Meat's got a new album out? Where was I?
Oh. I was doing my Malaysia/Singapore trip, nursing a sprained ankle, etc etc.
Not a real excuse, but I'll take it.

I have since "liked" the real Meat Loaf on FB, so I should be on top of things, yay!

And I'm now debating getting my hands on the album. Well, the CD, anyway. I'm old-ish school, can't imagine just buying the MP3s... there's something about a complete album: n…

Being Nosy?

Hi everyone!

According to sitemeter, I have a steady 130-ish visitors per week to this site, even when I've not posted anything in forever. So whoever you are, I thank you, all 130-ish of you!

And here's an update for ya!

I actually have lots to blog about... but as you may know, I have a blur wobbly line drawn in the sand about how much personal stuff to share publicly on this blog, just because, well, sometimes I can be paranoid schizophrenic psycho yeah (no not really) (that's just what they're saying about me). As such, I've been leaning more heavily on a seemingly-transient medium like Twitter, and seemingly-private(ish) medium like Facebook. What? It makes total sense. Maybe. LoL!

But hey, I'm now breaking the main/biggest news here, whee!

I have a parasite in my belly!
.. and it has my nose!!
(just to point out the obvious: the noses, from top to bottom, are me, Nova, Kosh)
Going with a temporary gender-neutral (to me, anyway) alliterative name, we're referr…

An explanation for #Jan25, and a NSFW Tasmanian aside

Explaining the Egyptian revolution to Americans through a medium they all understand -- a Hollywood movie that involves Egypt! Found this via Twitter and really want to spread it around. Unfortunately Blogger doesn't seem happy with the huge image (about 600 x 6500, 2MB), and all my attempts to reduce its size renders it blur and unreadable. So please follow this thumbnail instead to the image's location on TwitPic.

Interestingly, the creator of this piece is @furrygirl, who has gained a lot of followers since this emerged. Her reaction and caution: Warning: I'm a pornographer & atheist, & don't usually tweet politics. I am *NOT* work safe.

... and that segues right into something I've been wanting to share, and had no idea this #Jan25 post would give me that transition opportunity. The connection here is NSFW. Majorly NSFW. NSFW means NOT SAFE FOR WORK, in case you didn't know.

Words can't really describe this video. Just watch. And boys, snap those j…

Foody Friday: quiche galore

The more I make quiche, the more I love just how versatile it is. It's a breakfast equivalent of nasi goreng (fried rice) in the sense that you can throw in whatever's available at the moment, you know, finish off leftovers and such. I also recently tried a targeted quiche, i.e. trying to actually replicate a certain taste/combination.

Here's a list of my recent quiche permutations:

Leftover slow-cooked Catalina Cranberry Chicken(a recipe from mochamomma)with spinach and other veggies. This was particularly hearty and tasty: having flavorful chicken really helps pull it all together!Spinach, artichoke & diced tomatoes with habaƱeros. This was my first try ever at artichokes. I used the canned variety. I knew it would complement the spinach. I made mega-cheesy because this was for the potluck end-of-semester "party" for my massage course. It was a hit.Spinach, artichoke & orange peppers. I felt bad because Kosh had missed out on the goodness of the previou…

Stephen King's The Eyes of the Dragon

This review of Stephen King's The Eyes of the Dragon is part of the 2011Stephen King and Read Me Baby One More Time Challenges.

This is a tale targeted towards kids. It reads like a fairy tale. The narrator is all too present, too prominent, dropping too many hints of "oh if only so-and-so knew of the room full of such-and-suches, would it have made a difference? I'll let you decide," that might be amusing at first, but irritating after a while.

That said, I rather enjoyed this book.

Stephen King obviously had his Dark Tower characters on his mind when writing this: the land is named Delain (very similar to Roland Deschain's last name, don't you think?); the ruler is Good King Roland (no link or relation to our Roland Deschain except for the name, though); but best of all, it features Randall Flagg as the bad guy. We learn a LOT about Flagg through this tale, and for that alone I think my digression from the Dark Tower series to this book was no mistake.

In fac…

Stephen King's The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower I)

This review of Stephen King's The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower I) is part of the 2011Stephen King and Read Me Baby One More Time Challenges.

The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed. It is in this first sentence that we already meet Roland Deschain, formerly of Gilead, in pursuit of his old enemy Marten (or Walter, or Randall Flagg, or ...). As the chase continues, we are treated to some of Roland's backstory, whether the relatively recent encounter with the townspeople of Tull, or events of his childhood that set his feet upon the path he now walks.

And if you'd not come to the conclusion already, once the events surrounding Jake the boy from New York found at the Way Station unfold to their (end), you wouldn't be wrong to dislike Roland a litte, or at least to see him not as a cookie cutter hero, but a real man; a hard man; a man forged of bullets, murder, pride, vengeance; a man of unparalleled focus and intensity. A man on a mission.

By the t…

Foody Friday: Middle Eastern Rice with Black Beans and Chickpeas

Yes, that's quite a mouthful. But tastes great! Earlier this week, I was on the hunt for a recipe that would use the cans of black beans and chickpeas I'd had in the cupboard for ages, and finally decided on this Middle Eastern Rice with Black Beans and Chickpeas because I had most of the ingredients on hand, and those that I didn't, well, I'd just do without.

Here's a crappy picture of the finished product:

And here's how I prepared the dish:

Recipe called for heating 1-1/2 teaspoons olive oil in a large saucepan over medium heat, then adding 1/2 clove garlic, minced, stirring for a minute.
IRL, I accidentally poured a lot of oil (I use Smart Balance) -- oops! -- into a medium saucepan. Added a LOT of minced garlic from the bottle plus half a red onion, diced. Stirred at medium/high heat for a while, until the onions were translucent.

Recipe called for stirring in 1/2 cup of uncooked basmati rice; 1 teaspoon each of ground cumin and coriander; and 1/2 teaspoon eac…