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Audio: ticked off at telemarketers!

(As I wrote this, I felt the need to SAY what I was writing... it took me the whole frigging day to figure out how to record *and* how to upload it onto the blog. Ugh! But I managed! Yay! So to listen to this post, click here! (Then click play on the Yahoo!MediaPlayer console) Enjoy!

When we moved to Springfield over 2 years ago, we very quickly found out that the phone number the phone company gave us had previously been 'owned' by one "Morten Harket" (not his real name, obviously) (anyone actually know who this is? -- No Googling!!).

Reverse Look Up told me that Mr Harket was a rather old person who lived in downtown Springfield, while all the telemarketing calls we received for him indicated he suffered from poor health. I speculated that he had passed away recently, and that the phone company had immediately recycled his number instead of letting it 'cool' for a bit.

At first it was just annoying, getting all these calls for Morten. I would politely say tha…

The Nova Story: Chapter One: finding out

Back in October 2010 [HOLY CRAP THAT WAS A YEAR AGO ALREADY??!!], I thought I'd pulled a groin muscle or something, I was having these cramp-like twinges in the lower abdominal region. I also found myself cupping my boobs a lot, much to Kosh's amusement. Then said boobs started getting really sore.

It then occurred to me that it had been a while since my last period ... checked my calendar, counted forward, and whaddaya know, I was overdue for some bleedage.

The timing of this epiphany could have been better: Kosh was particularly stressed because he'd had a very long day and was having to pull an all-nighter for a presentation the next morning. I didn't want to add to/detract from his goings-on right then. So I kept my suspicion silent. After sending him to work in the early morning, I stopped by the local grocery store for some pregnancy tests.

Came home, peed in a cup and did the necessary.

And this is what greeted me.

If I'd had a proper smart phone, I'd have…