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The illusion of safety?

[note: this post was 90% complete on Sunday, but that last 10% is only being done now, 230am Wednesday]

So last Friday I was at the gym (*gasp!*) in the afternoon: Jeopardy! kept me company while I did my 40mins on the elliptical.

For the category of "Singapore", the first answer was something like "About 78% of Singapore are of this ethnicity"... and a contestant rings in with "What is May-Lay-Sian?" I started chuckling to myself,,, bad enough he slaughters the pronunciation of my nationality, but to think Malaysian is an ethnic group? I wish.... Heck, even the whole concept of Bangsa Malaysia [a Malaysian race / identity] has been thrown out the window by many politicians adamant in continuing politics based on race and race alone... so I suppose this indicates that particular contestant is not keeping up with news from that neck of the woods, heehehee!

Then there was a category of "Texas" [or something like that], where the $2000 answer was s…

"Hey, he/she looks familiar...."

... or "what on earth would I do without imdb?!"

1. (re-)watching Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story while it was on tv the other day, the character Justin was soooooo familiar and yet I just couldn't quite place him. So out came the 'puter, onto imdb I went... and started LoL-ing once I found the fella's page... the actor is Justin Long, and he made his debut in this fantastic spoof of Star Trek that I've seen like oh only twenty times or so and is only one of my fave movies evah: Galaxy Quest! Can you place him now?

2. Having finally finished going through the entire Buffy series, I'd Netflixed some Angel discs [Season 4 Disc 6, Seson 5 Discs 1 & 2] to just follow the story arc of Spike and how he is established in Angel / Wolfram & Hart (W&H)... and one of the many W&H lawyers looked mighty familiar... again, I turned to imdb to confirm my suspicions.. and yes, the fella who starts a conga line during the Halloween party in Angel has fo…

The Dresden Files, and other random jottings

crossword update: [for Kim, who asked if WordPlay gave tips on how to actually solve the puzzles {no, it didn't}] the trick is to have a pretty good/wide vocabulary.. but you also need to have that creative/twist that can match the clues to the answer. then again, do crosswords long/often/frequently enough, you begin to recognise common answers [for example, almost every puzzle I've done in the past 2 weeks have had "ade" in it, as in lemonADE, as in "summer cooler", or some clue like that...]... so if you wanna start, pick up a book of easy/medium puzzles and start from there...

telly update: we have cable! we finally bit the bullet and signed up for Comcast's Enhanced Cable package... aaaaand I've been sucked into watching all those CSI and Law & Order shows... and you know you've been watching too many of those when you dream about fingerprinting a hand/severed arm, LoL! One thing that is kinda disappointing me, though: this package we…

Clue: little lower, 4 letters

When my first "serious" [read: a documentary!] Netflix disc arrived last week, I did wonder if I was going to like it or not... but my fears were quickly put to rest. Sure, it went a bit too long in one or two places, but overall, WordPlay gives a fascinating peek into the world of ...

Yup, crossword puzzles! Yes, I *am* a bit of a geek!
Some learnings and random thoughts that went through my head while watching WordPlay:Wow, there really are some very. intense. crossword puzzle people out there
There is some sort of cult surrounding the New York Times' puzzle
Crosswords in the early part of the week are easy, crosswords at the end of the week are difficultI want to be a puzzle constructor!!!! Waaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!
Crossword puzzles have surrounded me from the beginning: Until her eyesight failed her, my Swiss grandmother did her daily crossword puzzles religiously. And at my parents' place, Section Two of The Star newspaper gets cannibalised at the …

kitchen experimentation

Experiment Number One:If you pick up a bottle of Pace Hot Chunky Salsa, you might see on its label a recipe for a Southwestern Beef Stew or something like that. Last week, I decided to try it out. This was as I was at the grocery store and had picked up a bottle of Pace & had the list of ingredients right there ;-) Ended up gathering everything except cumin, since I wasn't sure if we already had that or not [we didn't. oh well!]. The next day, I got everything together, doubled the amount of green peppers, added onions and yellow peppers, cooked as per the recipe.

The result?

Well, let's just say I think I might have sprained my shoulder I was patting myself on the back so much, LoL!

Seriously - that is such a simple recipe, but it makes a great meal! The only drawback is that the supposed 6 servings actually make 3 servings in this Naranek household. So, on my next grocery trip? Bought DOUBLE the meat & beef broth. Next week, we'll see if a double portion …

2006 books (Part 2)

May the year be challenging yet fulfilling for you and yours.
I'm not one to bother recapping the past year. Neither am I one to make/publicise any resolutions... but I *do* have *some* unfinished business for 2006: my book list!

Refresh you memory of Part 1 here: there were 48 books in that list. How many did I consume in the second half of this year? Read on (or cheat and keep hitting PgDn) and find out....

The Curse of Chalion - Lois McMaster Bujold
A reread. It was great to revisit the realm where they believe in the five aspects of God - Father, Mother, Daugher, Son, and [wait for it..] Bastard! On one hand it's a typical fantasy tale of power struggles and magic, but on the other hand it's told in a way that's different enough to be recommended.

Paladin of Souls - Lois McMaster Bujold
A reread. This is not so much a sequel to The Curse of Chalion, as a spin-off: a character who didn't get too much page time in the first book gets a tal…