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My latest ear- (and eye-) worm!

[warning: the video and song are NSFW!]

For the longest time, I've loved fantasy books, but hated fantasy movies, because the special effects were so cheesy. Then LOTR came and changed everything. Now fantasy movies are a dime a dozen, and all too many are low of story and high on special effects (*cough*StarWarsEpI-IIi*cough*). At the same time, I enjoyed what could be considered sci-fi movies, but never really did get into the books. ... but I *do* know the name Ray Bradbury.

And after listening to and watching this video over and over and over and over again...

... I might want to pick up a book or three from this list :) I *have* listened to an unfortunately abridged audiobook of Fahrenheit 451: does that count for anything? :p

In the meantime, I have yet to hit the hay (it's now 11:30am... I stumbled upon this song over 2 hours ago, when I made the mistake of checking twitter before turning in for the day... it's all Neil Gaiman's fault!!) because I keep listening t…

Music Monday: Hey Soul Sister

There is something just *so* infectious about this song: hit play, and tell me if you can stop at just one listen :)

The song is Hey Soul Sister by the group Train.

Every time the "Hey hey, hey hey hey hey" and the plinking of the (banjo?) come on the radio I just *have* to turn it up and (try to) sing along (I am rather ashamed to admit I've yet to wrap my head around all the lyrics... getting old lah...)

Speaking of lyrics, you can find them here.


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Musical Interlude: The Rasmus

I know I know, I've not continued with my Cat Tales ... I will, I will... but in the meantime I thought I'd share something that's got me kinda irritated at myself ... You see, back during a difficult time in my life, I was vacationing in Switzerland and happened to be in a place (NOT my grandmother's obviously, LoL!) that had not just a tv, but cable, and I had MTV on ... There were four songs songs/videos that were played over and over and over...

Clocks by Coldplay - never liked it, much to Kosh's dismay, LoL!
Some dance number by some european rapper or dj - I really liked it, surprising myself b/c that music's not really my style (obviously I didn't like it enough to remember it tho, despite having the CD b/c my brother actually went out of his way to hunt it down, LoL!)Heyya by OutKast - somehow the song didn't click with me then, but I remember the "shake it like a polaroid picture" part of the vid! Love the song now, can't help but s…