Friday, August 06, 2010

Musical Interlude: The Rasmus

I know I know, I've not continued with my Cat Tales ... I will, I will... but in the meantime I thought I'd share something that's got me kinda irritated at myself ... You see, back during a difficult time in my life, I was vacationing in Switzerland and happened to be in a place (NOT my grandmother's obviously, LoL!) that had not just a tv, but cable, and I had MTV on ... There were four songs songs/videos that were played over and over and over...

  • Clocks by Coldplay - never liked it, much to Kosh's dismay, LoL!
  • Some dance number by some european rapper or dj - I really liked it, surprising myself b/c that music's not really my style (obviously I didn't like it enough to remember it tho, despite having the CD b/c my brother actually went out of his way to hunt it down, LoL!)
  • Heyya by OutKast - somehow the song didn't click with me then, but I remember the "shake it like a polaroid picture" part of the vid! Love the song now, can't help but sway and sing along, right?
  • In the Shadows by The Rasmus - there was something about this song that so resonated with me, I know I pretty much stopped whatever I was doing whenever this song came on, and just let it wash over me ...

... so here's the irritating thing ... a pal posted this video on FB:

but it's not the version I remember ... I think the bank heist storyline would have detracted from the song, frankly, so I'm glad Swiss/European MTV wasn't playing that version ... wanting to refresh my memory for the version I DID know, I looked around for the other version ... turns out there are THREE versions. That bank heist one is known as the Bandit version, and was their first, Finnish video.

Next came the Crow version:

Hmmmm.... not quite familiar (wouldn't I have remembered the feathers growing out their arms?), so I moved on to the third one, the Mirror version:

TOTALLY unfamiliar. I'm sure I would have remembered the overlapping timelines and Take On Me similarity of being pulled into an alternate world.

So I guess I did watch the Crow version. I'm just a bit disconcerted about not remembering it better. Like I said, this song totally resonated with me at the time. I also love music videos, although by this time (2003) I hardly saw any anymore. Having totally loved In The Shadows, I went ahead and bought The Rasmus' Dead Letters album, which had In the Shadows, and TWO other majorly-talking-to-me songs: In My Life and Time to Burn.

Enjoy! And have a gr8 weekend!

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