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Catching up : KL 2007

A short recap of my 3 weeks in KL: I arrived; hit by fever; brother's wedding. Met up some ex-colleagues & friends; ran some errands. Hit by fever again; cancel all appointments. Final week - back-to-back-to-back multiple "dates" with friends, up until the the night before my flight! Fly off with those flowers.

What do I have to show for all that?

1. Me playing pool (w/ Rail, Neome & Lina)

2. Me & Kin and her kids

3. One of the two kooky gifts from Spiderjane (the other was a furry photo frame, LMAO!)

Friggin Facebook!

Facebook is an insidious timesuck. And yes I caved in and created an account, aarrrgghh. But I'm bitching about it today because for some reason I can't upload photos from my Firefox browser, I need to do it via IE instead. Seeing as I'm newly playing around on my new PC, maybe I need to download some plugin thingy for Firefox, who knows.

Oh, and if you haven't already, today is the last day to migrate your Yahoo!Photos elsewhere, otherwise they'll all go *poof!*

aaaaaanyway..... moving on:

Can you guess which is my favourite??

A cat listening to House Music?

A cat listening to Stevie Wonder?

A cat listening to Gangsta Rap?

Cats listening to HeavyMetal?

A cat listening to Hip Hop?

A cat listening to Techno *and* high on ecstasy?

[NOTE: images taken from an email, assumed to be fine to post them here what with the source being stated on every image and all... if it's not okay, copyright owner please email me and I'll remove these images, k?]

when I turned 35 ...

(yes, that was a few weeks ago)

... it was my first birthday as a married woman (ugh, that sounds so.... old!)

it was certainly not the first time I didn't bother to mark it in any way

... it was the first time I "had" my birthday in an airplane (I was enroute to Switzerland)

no biggie... except that I was lugging huge bouquet of flowers around KUL, courtesy of the airline in cahoots with my parents.

I was very uncomfortable with the attention I was getting with that thing in my arms: heck, someone just walked up, put his nose right in there and inhaled deeply, it was all I could do to not leave my mouth hanging open in disbelief!

In the airplane itself (thank goodness it was a direct flight), I managed to stuff the flowers into a mini overhead luggage bin that was a perfect fit and situated right by my seat too - thank you, Universe!

I *had* turned the bouquet upside down in the KUL bathroom to drain the surprisingly large amount of water inside, but I suppose it wasn't en…

so, how was it?

(What is "it"?)

A W E S O M E!

Apart from the stress of getting to the theater at 6:30pm for a 7pm show and being greeted by a whole mass of people who, like us, had to pick up tickets from the Box Office. ... We finally made it in and I wanted to go straight up to our seats, bypassing the drinks and merchandise, figuring no need to fill up the bladder and we'd check out the merchandise after the show. ... And were then subject to the inane conversation of three teenagers sitting right behind us who were just talking out of their asses, soooo frikkin irritating,,, but they shut up once the show actually started (or was it me who totally drowned them out with my shrieks of laughter?)

Seth Green is sooo cute in person :-)

And it's amazing to see/hear Peter, Brian, Quagmire *and* Stewie all emerging from the same man: Seth MacFarlane.

So they did a "table reading" of the episode "Whistle while your wife works" which was intertwined with a sub-plot from …

paper anniversary month

The first wedding anniversary traditional gift is usually paper.

In our case, we've got paper all right. In the form of tickets. To...

... Family Guy Live!! Are we freaks or what? ;-)

Some info on the event here, which is also the source of the image used.

p/s> BONUS!! "FAMILY GUY LIVE will also feature an exclusive sneak peak of the eagerly anticipated one hour “STAR WARS”- themed season premiere episode set to premiere Sunday, September 23 on FOX"

p/s #2> for newbies to this blog, a recap of last year's nuptials can be found here.

"river" has crossed the border!

It was with a sad heart I read that "River" over at Baghdad Burning ( had come to the decision that she and family were going to leave the country. That was in April. Then there was silence. No updates, no nothing. I'd check every once in a while - nothing. Then today, my blogroll indicated a new post there! She and family are safe in Syria. Go read about the departure, the journey, and the arrival. I wish "River" and family all the best in their new life.

another headline

... so THIS caught my eye yesterday:
Shorter doctor hours don't affect U.S. deaths

Heh. First and foremost, this whole exercise in supposedly limiting residents to working "... no more than 80 hours a week, with limits on consecutive days worked and on-call duties plus requirements for rest periods between shifts..."? Absolute bullsh*t. Kosh has to put in way more hours than that, and it's understood that he has to under-declare (i.e. LIE!) his hours all the frikkin time. He's had weeks go by without a proper day off, and when he brought it up, was told to just deal with it. So all these reforms? Yeah right. Maybe resident physicians are being worked less hard than previously, but that doesn't mean they are being worked in accordance to these new limits!



Just the headline made me want to scream "DUH!"

Study: Rock stars more likely to die early.


Did we really need a study to tell us that?? Do we really need to quantify a first-five-years risk for people who finally hit the big time? Did time and money really need to be spent on a subject like this???

Reminds me of this other study that had me pitching a fit earlier this year!


a random encounter - better than the toilet tale!

so two days ago, I had just entered the neighborhood grocery store, and was studying the 99c mangoes when someone passed by me and seemed to say something to me. I looked up to see this tall elderly Indian man smiling down at me. I smile back friendlyly, wondering if this is one of the many people I've met at some of my Yoga group's gatherings, and hoping desperately I'm not expected to remember his name or anything... then he asks "Are you ... filipina? Or mexican? ...." I'm like crap, no I *don't* know this guy, do I? I smile a forced smile and laughingly reply "No, none of the above," and return my attention to the mangoes, only to hear him continue, in a tone that I can only describe as "amazed": "... but, you're so beautiful!" [ I KID YOU NOT!!! ] I'm getting a bit uncomfortable at this stage, and am readying to thank him for the compliment as I walk away, when he continued "... can I talk to you some…