Thursday, September 20, 2007

Friggin Facebook!

Facebook is an insidious timesuck. And yes I caved in and created an account, aarrrgghh. But I'm bitching about it today because for some reason I can't upload photos from my Firefox browser, I need to do it via IE instead. Seeing as I'm newly playing around on my new PC, maybe I need to download some plugin thingy for Firefox, who knows.

Oh, and if you haven't already, today is the last day to migrate your Yahoo!Photos elsewhere, otherwise they'll all go *poof!*

aaaaaanyway..... moving on:

Can you guess which is my favourite??

A cat listening to House Music?

A cat listening to Stevie Wonder?

A cat listening to Gangsta Rap?

Cats listening to HeavyMetal?

A cat listening to Hip Hop?

A cat listening to Techno *and* high on ecstasy?

[NOTE: images taken from an email, assumed to be fine to post them here what with the source being stated on every image and all... if it's not okay, copyright owner please email me and I'll remove these images, k?]


  1. Why is it that doing stuff to cats is always funny? Both to lovers and haters of the little fellas?

  2. Stuck to facebook eh..hehe ..ask lina..shes addicted!

    the cats!...SUBZERO!

  3. I looked you up on Facebook! At least, I think it was you. Couldn't view your page without being on your friends list.

  4. Dot> yup, you found me :-) I've added you to my friends list oredi. Niiiice rifle!

    Neome>ask her to find/add me lah! I'm there with my "stmarian's" email tu...

    Roberta> well, I dunno about *always*,,, cos I don't quite "get" those, ummm, cat macros or whatever they are called... but, oh, there's something about the "heavy metal listeing cats" that is just awesome, :D

  5. Kim> try the heavy metal ones :-) there's something about those open mouths that imply a wicked glee, LoL!


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