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I have some eggventures to blog about, plus early season greetings from across the pond to share... maybe next post... right now, I got tagged the samememe by both Neome and MOmmykin, figured I'll address that now....

... the 38 things meme

Name one person who made you laugh last night.
Kosh and I had a good belly laugh last night, can't remember what the joke was tho

What were you doing at 0800?
since it's 0654 as I type this (what does the "o" stand for? o my gawd it's early!!! name that quote!), I'll answer for yesterday - ASLEEP, feeling like crap due to this pseudo cold I've been battling.

What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
unloading clean dishes from the dishwasher
What happened to you in 2006?
got married
What was the last thing you said out loud?
something along the lines of "buh bye", to Kosh, as he got out the car (I drove his late ass to work this morning)
How many beverages did you have today?
again, it's just the start of the day, but I…

language crossovers

So I'm slowly building up some Spanish vocabulary. In class we are going over things you usually find in a hotel room. Refrigerador. Cama doble o sencilla. Stuff like that. Many things I can relate to via logic and/or French connections. Some things are totally out of this world, like funda and silla for pillowcase and chair. But some! Some bring a smile to my face because I recognise them from Malay! Yes, Malay! They came into the language most probably through the influence of the Portuguese traders who had a small foothold in Malacca in the 1500's.
Sp = M = E
toalla = tuala = towel
jabón = sabun = soap
armario = almari = cupboard

and I've always speculated about the similarity of a very common hispanic female name and a general term for women in Malay:
juanita = wanita = woman
The only word I know of in the Malay language that has made its way into other language(s) is the one word that, strangely enough, seems to indicate that we have similar fighting abilities as th…

page 82

Something strange happened in the fourteenth century... it was an age of unprecedented catastrophe for western Europe: widespread famine due to climate change, economic collapse, uncontrollable heresies, social upheaval, endemic war, and, to compound the misery, the physical and psychological devastation of the Black Death. As a result, Europeans emerged from the fourteenth century profoundly - and frighteningly - changed. Medieval Europe had been an intensely spiritual society: the salvation of the soul was paramount. Post-fourteenth century Europe abandoned spirituality for secularism, materialism, and worldliness. Its peoples embraced technology and science, and developed the most aggressively invasive mentality of world history. Why this profound shift from the internal quest for spiritual salvation to a craving for world domination? Was it just the end result of over a hundred years of catastrophe... or was there another reason?

"The Crucible" presents an explanati…


Courtesy of Netflix, we are in the process of watching Ben-Hur.


I remember being totally swept away by the movie the one and only time I saw it, on the silver screen in Malaysia when I was, what, 8? 10? The chariot race in all its bloody glory. The oarsmen rubbing their legs raw trying to escape their chains as a barge approached at ramming speed. The horror of leprosy (I had no idea what it was but boy you knew it was certainly not something you wanted for yourself!). And that faceless young man with nice hair who gave Judah water as the procession of slaves headed for the galleys were marched through Nazareth... ;)

I remember not figuring out the lead's real name. I tacked "-ton" to the end of a name I did know, so ended up referring to him as Charleston Heston (hey, it, ummm, not alliterates, but same idea mah!), much to the amusement of a parent who would always laugh and say he's not the name of a dance, which of course didn't mean a thing to me, so it…

just for the record

... yeahhhh... so here are some pix and a writeup on a march that took place in Kuala Lumpur, a march to show the rakyat's want for clean elections, a march that got nasty and was forcibly dispersed, or perhaps was forcibly disperse and therefore turned nasty? I'm not bothering to read up more to find the answer to that, probably will get totally opposing answers depending on whether I'm reading official government propaganda piece or an independent/opposition site. Gotta love all that crap. Oh, and for more, check out all the comments here.

And on another note... I'm already bummed out by the fact that even if I wanted to take one or two more writing classes at this one place I'd used before, even if I were willing to put up with the 1-hr commute during evening rush hour, I CAN'T! Because the L-stop right by the place is going to be closed for renovation for a friggin year.

Oh, and I'm working on my NaNo in spurts. It's a question of motivation (w…

quoth the raven...

it's been while since i've made any real (malaysian) social commentary here. it'll probably stay that way. why? because i don't have the heart for it. not anymore.

when I first started this blog, I made it a point to follow the goings-on in malaysia, and would share my thoughts on all sorts of stuff: the morality police, "safety last" attitude, the ridiculous handling of the Noritta Samsudin murder, even the seeming lack of one sen coins!

But over the years (this blog is slightly over 3 years old! w00t!), I let go of Malaysia, of keeping in touch with its goings-on. Partly because my life was in the U.S., and partly also because the news from "home" was just the same ol bleak picture of ridiculous politicians. I'd get my occasional update through Jeff Ooi, Maverick, Aisehman, but frankly, my visits have been few and far between because what they highlight is just so depressing I'd rather concentrate on other stuff, like my Sim City, or po…

I'll be Bach!

You be Beethoven!


So it seems there was this survey on most commonly quoted movie lines - Terminator's "I'll be back" came out on top. Heehehehee :-) I can understand why. I mean, I remember watching the movie for the first time, and when Arnie uttered those words, I *knew* he was going to be back with a vengeance! It was just a delicious feeling, y'know?

Anyways, for the Top 10 list, here's the Yahoo!News article.

And the whole "Beam me up, Scotty" misquote? That's #3 :-) Now, while I knew that phrase never was said on the TV show, I thought I'd read somewhere that it *had* been said in one of the movies. But the articles says no to that either. So, once and for all, I decided to look it up. Gotta love wikipedia for this :-) So, it turns out that what I was thinking of occurred in Star Trek IV where Kirk says "Scotty, beam me up." Not quite the same thing :-) Mystery solved. Until I forget again lah :-)

.... other ne…

Pothead News

Got your attention, didn't I? So what if it's false advertising! :p

As promised, here's some more pottery pix.

Last week, I showed you this, promising that despite the yellow substance covering this thing, it was going to come out a delicate shade of green.

So, here it is:
I can't seem to make my phone focus on close objects, sorry for the fuzzy picture.

I'd textured this quite a bit, you only get a hint of that in the pic. Oh well. Also, this glaze doesn't really highlight texture - unlike some others that really change color (green to black, or black to blue, or grey to red...), I'll experiment with another similarly-textured piece next week, maybe there'll be a better effect then?

And what, you ask, is this piece for? Like I said, I didn't create it with anything in mind, but it turns out it's the perfect size for a tea light :-) Here's a totally set-up shot of the cat checking it out with candle within.

And remember that coiled bowl w…