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more Nova Naranek news

Yikes, I really do NOT have the frame of mind to be blogging nowadays... I'm having enough trouble getting the kid on a regular feeding schedule, and me on a pumping schedule. As a result, milk supply has totally dwindled since we brought the kid home from the NICU, resulting in stress, resulting in dwindling supplies, ... ... ugh. And I have a LOT of stuff to fill y'all in on... and even if my few readers aren't interested in the details, I do want to document my thoughts on the whole pre- ante- and post-natal experience. You have been warned!

But anyway... here's my Twitter birth announcement from a few weeks ago:

That's right, Nova's a boy!
^^ Here he is at about 2 weeks.
I'm totally biased, of course, but I think he's a handsome cutie pie :)

As threatened, more detailed reminiscing in future posts.

Until then, ciao!