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do u sudoku?

Tip o' the hat to: CosmoBlogger

Ugh!! I am addicted!!

This insiduous collection of nine columns and nine rows, put together into nine 3x3 boxes, filled with numbers 1-9, all of which must appear only once in each row/column/box ...

Different amounts of different numbers are given... it's up to you to fill in the rest... by pure logic... and maybe for the diabolical ones - by trial & error

Sounds simple... but oh boy, it takes quite a bit of brain power, logic, and most importantly to me - a system to jot down possible number combinations...

I first heard about it about a week ago: walked into a bookstore, and there were all these books on Sudoku - wondered what it was, but didn't take it further than that...

Then I saw Cosmo's little article about it...

And I figured, I might as well see what the hoo-ha was all about...

And... well... the rest is history....

Will write more later... it's 50mins past midnight, and I need sleeeeeeeeep!

a punny start to the week

Just got this in the mail, and totally *have* to pass it on!!
Dead Duck

A woman brought a very limp duck into a veterinary surgeon. As she lay her pet on the table, the vet pulled out his stethoscope and listened to the bird's chest.

After a moment or two, the vet shook his head sadly and said, "I'm so sorry, your duck Cuddles has passed away."

The distressed owner wailed, "Are you sure?

"Yes, I am sure. The duck is dead," he replied.

"How can you be so sure," she protested. "I mean, you haven't done any testing on him or anything. He might just be in a coma or something."

The vet rolled his eyes, turned around and left the room, and returned a few moments later with a black Labrador Retriever.

As the duck's owner looked on in amazement, the dog stood on his hind legs, put his front paws on the examination table and sniffed the duck from top to bottom. He then looked at the vet with sad eyes and shook his head.

The vet patted the dog…

... of religion, cadavers and verification

Tip o' the hat to: Aisehman My occasional visit to his site was greatly-rewarded today: I was pointed in the direction of an amazingly well-written article by Karen Armstrong, entitled Holy Scriptures: It is both wrong and dangerous to believe that literal truth can be found in religious texts. (Full article HERE). Please check it out.

For those who don't know of her, she wrote an excellent book entitiled "A History of God: The 4000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam" (1993) (Amazon link HERE) and explores the 'development' of the God of the three major faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The one time I read it, I only made it through to where she explains how the Holy Trinity concept came about. Will check it, and her other books, out at the library next time i'm there :-)


btw, what *am* I currently reading?

fyi, I'm not going thru what seems like a book a day like I was a month ago (some of my "book reviews" HERE and HE…

Lynne's Ribena / Long Island Ice Tea Challenge

A while ago, I got one of those knee-jerk mass-mailed "let's get all riled up and boycott this product" e-mail from an ex-colleague:

The previous topic had been the issue of "non-halal" sausages used at the IKEA store, and we all know how that had been blown totally out of proportion (just because the halal certification had expired doesn't mean they were now using pig intestines! And THINK before blindly passing on messages that don't make sense!!)... as usual ...

This time, the victim was Ribena, due to its alcohol content.

Yes... Ribena... (for those who don't know of Ribena: I suppose it's the equivalent of the ubiquitous Kool Aid, but in a concentrated syrup form. Only one flavour tho - blackberry (i think). It's probably as much a part of the British legacy as Bovril!)

A side note: I dunno how they advertised in the UK or elsewhere, but in Malaysia, soon after they introduced the "Ribenaberry" advertisements (cartoon characters, …

Roll that Grand(y) Cinnamon!

mmmmmmm! had a cinnamon roll at breakfast today...

teringat everyone in the family was a big fan of Grandy's cinnamon rolls at one point in time...

I wonder how many people remember that the Grandy's franchise had hit Malaysia's shores in the early/mid-80's... The one location I know of is at the intersection of what is now the MRR-II and Jalan Ampang... kitty-korner from Ampang Point... Dunno what is in its place now... Its "mirror image" at the end of that block of shophouses was a Shakey's, then a KFC, and now it's a photo studio...

Something that sticks to my mind about this particular establishment was that it had a "walk-thru window" ... Uh-huh, that's right... it wasn't a drive-thru, but you could walk up to that window that opened onto the sidewalk, and you could place your order there instead of having to go in.

Looking back, I wonder what the use was... maybe it helped the smokers who didn't want to / couldn't go withou…

How's your geography?

Yeah, you read that right... how *is* your geography?

Whenever people mention geography, I have two scenes/memories that pop into my mind:

1. I am in Form 1 (equiv to 7th grade?) borrowing a friend's Geography notebook, this friend being in another class and having Geography a day or two before me. Why borrow her notebook? So I can copy the notes in advance! Uh huh... geography class was actually a class of dictation! The teacher would read out, and we had to copy down what she said, then later study (read: memorize) everything that we'd written. Ugh. So I wanted a "free" period during Geography, just for once... didn't work.. turned out my friend's class was just two sentences ahead of mine :-(

2. I am in Form 4 (equiv to 10th grade?), and I *gasp!* had been distracted from that Geography lesson by these birds that were probably building a nest up there in the rafters/ceiling of the classroom, and therefore I was looking up instead of giving my full attention t…

Now to even it out a little...

Picking on Men

Q: What should you do if you see your ex-husband rolling around in pain on the ground?
A: Shoot him again.

Q: How can you tell if a man is well-hung?
A: When you can barely slip your finger in between his neck and the noose.

Q: Why do little boys whine?
A: Because they are practicing to be men.

Q: How many men does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: One - he just holds it up there and waits for the world to revolve around him, or three - one to screw in the bulb and two to listen to him brag about the screwing part.

Q: What do you call a handcuffed man?
A: Trustworthy.

Q: What does it mean when a man is in your bed gasping for breath and calling your name?
A: You didn't hold the pillow down long enough.

Q: Why does it take 100,000,000 sperm to fertilize one egg?
A: Because not one will stop and ask directions.

Q: Why do female black widow spiders kill their mates after mating?
A: To stop the snoring before it starts.

Q: Why do men whistle when they are sitting on the toilet?
A: Bec…

of women, time and money ...

Kinda funny.. I got this in the mail earlier today:

... hmmmm, got this on my b-day...

... from an ex-boss ???

heeheheheheh! no worries, this was in my inbox BEFORE my little poke at my ex-employer and its alleged petty bonus issues *phew!* teehee!

aaaanyway.... I thot the saying was "money is the root of all EVIL"??

Then again... to have the conclusion as "WOMEN = EVIL" would be quite... bad... to say the least... Even this, as it stands, subtly propagates misogyny, does it not? Sure, one could be offended, but I choose to take it humourously, so there. Hopefully noone out there (of my reader(s) at least) is gonna take it seriously either!

Ok that's the "quality" blog for the day... buh-byeeeeeeeee!!


yeah, I turn(ed) 33 today... happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

I'm not one to make a big deal out of my birthday, it's just another day, not a big deal, but I do appreciate birthday greetings, I take it as a sign that people actually have paid attention and took note somewhere/somewhen of the date; I'm actually surprised at who actually knows my b-day; got e-mails & sms'es from ex-colleagues I'd never have expected! So, thanx, y'all!! hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! I'll be replying the emails and sms'es in a day or two, ok?

Ended up on a unplanned weekend visit up north, hence the blog-silence... will be responding to the comments etc by fellow bloggers in a day or two, once I'm back in urbania (as opposed to suburbia, teehee!).

geee, just think.... at this time about a year ago I was calling up my bank on an almost daily basis waiting for the company's annual bonus to have been banked into my account before printing out my resignation lett…

... of doors and mates?


I mentioned earlier coming across a blog that's devoted to pix of front doors, and wrote that I hoped to see entries from Malaysia... and yes, one from Cameron highlands was featured today!! Click HERE to see. Now, all you shutterbugs, no need to be a professional maaaah, go out there and take some pix, and submit lah... get more of Malaysia on the map!! Anyone from Terengganu? Kelantan? Penang? Malacca?

And in other news.... this got me shaking my head in amazement... did you know that someone actually wanted to ban the use of "mate" by security guards when addressing visitors to the Parliament House in Australia?

It seems that a notice was issued a few days ago reading "(Security) officers are requested to treat any visitor to Parliament House with respect and courtesy and not address them as 'mate' or use similar colloquialisms." This triggered such an uproar, and became a hot topic of conversation all over, that in the end, "they&qu…

Hooking up with the wrong guy?

"Ouch… the mother hooked up with the wrong guy, eh?" was my first thought when I saw a news article about...
... an 8-y.o. girl gone missing,,,
... suspected to have been kidnapped by the mom's boyfriend...
... who turned out to be a sex offender...

(was having trouble calling up the article as I blog this.. maybe by the time you read this will have fixed the problem? Click HERE for the article, July 24th 2005.) (It occurs to me that it may never become available: I wonder if it included the kid's name... cos in the next article below, they mention something about them "not normally identify(ing) victims of sexual assault" in news articles.)

Some good news: they have been found... in Mexico! The guy's still in custody of Mexican police, while the kid's been reunited with her family. (Article HERE)

Wonder how the dynamics of that household is gonna be like...

1. jealous of kid because boyfriend chose kid over mom
2. horrified that she could …

poop, blood and kids

Ever been really embarassed by the stink you've left behind in the toilet after a dump?

Ever had to choke back your breakfast/lunch/dinner when walking into a toilet where someone *else* is either taking or has just left a stinky dump?

Well, if a new product is to be believed, stinky poop will soon be a thing of the past! Yeah, stumbled across a mention of a new product called "Whiff"... according to the website "We use underarm deodorant and we brush our teeth to avoid offending others with B.O. and bad breath. And we sure hope everyone else does the same, right?" so they ask for us all to "Take A Whiff" so that "Together, let's create Whiff Nation and make our world smell better!." They are completely serious about it...

... so keep an eye (or nose?) out for this product folks... maybe if they put it in the water we all drink in Malaysia, it may help solve the problem of stinky public toilets of Malaysia? Oh wait, people hardly drink p…

Planet X?

It's official: a planet has been confirmed beyond Pluto, and has been catalogued as 2003UB313 while awaiting its official name.
I'm no astronomer, but see here for an easy-to-read NASA article.

Is this Planet X? Or Nibiru? (X here as in unknown, not tenth)
Here are Wikipedia entries on Planet X and the tenth planet.

Thanx to this starting point, saw a mention about a Kolbrin "Bible", but there's not much information on it tho it seems to be yet another ancient text, one that explicitly links the Great Flood with the passing by of a deadly comet ("the Destroyer").

Following this trail a bit more, found the website of the person who seems most associated with the Kolbrin: James McCanney. His site is a bit messy (he says he does it all himself, so I suppose that explains it... so hard to navigate! Makes it a bit more difficult to find what it is he's talking about...).
Here's a pro-McCanney book review from MUFON-LA.
Here's an anti-McCanney website:…

Sensible shoes?

With thanx to Lion3ss, I recently found my shoe type:

You scored as Sensible Flats. You are Sensible Flats. Practical and comfort-oriented, you'd rather go through life without the pain of a pulled arch. Still, you might want to walk on the wild side a litte more.

Sensible Flats
53%Classic Pumps
47%Quirky Shoes
23%Sexy Heels
What Kind of Shoes Are You?
created with

Of course, in reality, it was a rare day that I did not come in to work with my Beatles-esque ankle-high boots *grin!* And when not at work... my Nike sandals! and of course.... tennis shoes!! :)

Sam, *you* should see how you fare in this quiz! :)

Curry Wars!

Many thanx to jeff Ooi's short post linking to an online The Star article about Curry Wars taking place close to where I "live".

The article is HERE, but I've found out the hard way that links to The Star online articles expire after a month or so, so I've also reproduced it here. Happy reading! Malaysia Boleh!!!

Curry War: Paandi vs Paandi


PETALING JAYA: It is hot and spicy, with plenty of massala.

Dubbed the “Curry Feud of the Sri Paandis,” the rivalry between two restaurants with the same name has become a hot topic among the residents in Section 11 here.

The two South Indian food restaurants not only share the same name but their waiters also wear the same purple uniforms.

There is another similarity between their owners – both started their careers in a South Indian Chettinad shop in Brickfields, which also has the same name.

The first Sri Paandi restaurant run by K. Saraswathy started business in December 2000 in the quiet neighbourhood of the …

A short note: robots and crashes...

Back from a weekend trip to mark some kids' birthdays... oh my, but it was a Star Wars fest.. never seen to much Star Wars merchandise in one place (apart form the toy store lah!). It was actually fun playing with really cool lightsabers :D

On another topic.... i feel ... "special" ... i see that I somehow have drawn the (unwanted) attention of "comment bots"!! Three comments in my "Alliterative Anecdotes" are from bots! Grrr... if there are more of them over the next week, I may have to limit comments to registered users only... :( In the meantime, will delete those fake comments when I am next online...

And on another note: noticed the headline on Yahoo news today, and got the chills reading about the airplane crash in Grammatiko, Greece... "A Cypriot plane full of vacationers slammed into a mountainside north of Athens on Sunday after at least one pilot lost consciousness from lack of oxygen, killing all 121 people aboard, more than a third o…

Alliterative Anecdotes

(Some stuff that happened over the last few weeks)

1. End July: Weather Warnings

The weather was terribly hot all over the world: Switzerland, China and Malaysia all had indicated to me the weather was unusually hot.

Then in the middle of the week, about July 27th, the weather finally broke! Whoooohoooo! But boy did it break!

Around 630pm, noticed very very strong winds outside, rattling the windows. Didn’t think twice about it except to say thanks for the change in weather. Blasted out of tv-watching fest by the bellowing of sirens: hey, aren’t those the tornado warning sirens?

Turned to a local channel, where they were keeping tabs on a major system passing through the area… there had been reports of a tornado having been seen on the eastern outskirts of town, hence the sirens. Tornado watch for the area for another 15 minutes.

If a tornado were to visit, the best we could do would be to hang out in the bathroom with the door closed. So we kinda continued with one eye on tv, one eye at…

Riddle-dee-dum, riddle-dee-dee

Ah, it is so nice to have new blogs to visit... I really like having the slowly growing list of blogs registered with LittleNeo... of course there are some hiccups, like half of them are in Spanish or at least non-English... but nvm, it's certainly a start :)

Will also be featuring the effect of Little Neo on traffic to this site.

Anyway... onwards to the topic of riddles (with thanx to truth seeker @ Let's see if you can solve these.....

1.What is broken when you name it?

2.What is it that someone else has to take before you can get it?

3.What is often returned but never borrowed?

4.The maker doesn't want it, the buyer doesn't use it and the user doesn't see it. What is it?

5.How would you rearrange the letters in the words "New Door" to make one word?

6.John is standing behind Mary, and Mary is standing behind John. How is this possible ?

7.What runs all around the yard without moving?





1. silence
2. your photograph

Zen Sarcasm

Got this in an email the other day......

* Z E N * S A R C A S M *

1. Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me either. Just pretty much leave me the hell alone. (hear ye, hear ye!)

2. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and a leaky tire.

3. It's always darkest before dawn. So if you're going to steal your neighbor's newspaper, that's the time to do it.

5. Don't be irreplaceable. If you can't be replaced, you can't be promoted.

6. Always remember that you're unique. Just like everyone else.

7. Never test the depth of the water with both feet.

8. If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a couple of car payments.

9. Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them you're a mile away and you have their shoes.

10. If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you.

11. Give a man a fish an…

A hazy shade of Malaysia!

Yes, it’s baaaaaaaaack! Numerous e-mails, sms and even a phone call have updated me on the latest bout of white stinky skies to hit the Klang Valley.

As usual, fingers are pointed to Sumateran forest fires, and only when ‘exposed’ were the peat fires near Cyberjaya also acknowledged as the source of the hazy skies.

And as usual, the people in general are clamouring for the government to do something.

And as usual, only when things are bad will the government then ban ‘open burning’: of course, the main offenders continue to flout such laws and rules… heck, who’s gonna bother tracking them down?

And I guess the cloud-seeding exercise will commence again?

Did they ever implement that idea of having high-rise buildings install some sort of sprinkler system on the outside, so that they could sprinkle water into the air and hope to bring the smoke particles down to the ground? I have my doubts that it will be effective, but hey, that never stopped the government before…

And to top it off; everyo…

20050808#5: Quizzes

Some things from blogthings:

1. My "Outrageous Name" : made with my full name (SASAH)... LOL, outrageous, all right!

Your Outrageous Name IsConnie Lingus
Outrageous Name Generator

2. My "Hidden Talent", which is SO like what it felt like at work... so maybe it's not that hidden?

Your Hidden TalentYou have the natural talent of rocking the boat, thwarting the system.
And while this may not seem big, it can be.
It's people like you who serve as the catalysts to major cultural changes.
You're just a bit behind the scenes, so no one really notices.

What's Your Hidden Talent?

3. Does my English Cut The Mustard? ... but but but, I don't like mustard!! Gimmie mayo, or ranch dressing anytime!! (btw : dunno how to get rid of all that blank space before the results table below.. ugh!)

Your English Skills:

Punctuation: 100%

Spelling: 100%

Grammar: 80%

Vocabulary: 80%

Does Your English Cut the Mustard?

(1140pm: okay, i think i'll call it a night... I don't have a sc…

20050808#4: of doors and slaves

okay okay okay, this is a REALLY cheating post:

Still related to some stuff I stumbled across thanx to LittleNeo.

Here's a blog that features photos of front doors. no kidding! there are interesting pictures in there... and anyone back home who's from like Melaka or Terengganu or something I'm sure could submit some excellent pix. check it out here.

And another blog pointed me to this interesting article on slavery and the Brits. Very interesting reading. Check it out here.


(muuuuaaaahahaaahahahahaha! 11:28pm!!)

20050808#3: Questions

I'm featuring this blog on NeoWorx's LittleNeo: it's a service provided by the people who have brought you that cool counter there at the sidebar - the one that tracks visitors by countries... anyway, so LittleNeo features a directory of people who sign-up, and we are encouraged to visit each other's sites.

One of them is To Whom It may Concern (which is where I saw the GuestMap service, btw), and one of the articles asked the following questions:

1] You are given $1,000,000, but here's the catch: You must either a) donate it anonymously to a charity or b) give it to a stranger. Which option would you choose, and why? How would you dispose of the money?

2] If you could have free, unlimited service for the rest of your life from an extremely good chef, chauffeur, landscaper/gardener, housekeeper, masseuse, or personal assistant, which would you choose? Why?

3] Do your close friends tend to be older or younger than you? Do you feel that you relate better to people who ar…

20050808#2: Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!

From the latest issue of "THIS IS TRUE" for 31 July 2005, the author, Randy Cassingham, noted that he seemed to be getting less spam than usual... his "spam load" was down to only 350 to 450/day... which is still a lot, but is about half of what was headed his way a few weeks ago.

He attributes this:

1. A raid by Spanish police on a spam scam operation in Malaga, where 310 people were arrested. I tried to look up more articles on this, but didn't get anywhere on google.

2. The murder of Vardan Kushnir, described as Russia's "most prolific spammer." Now, THIS i found plenty of articles on. Turns out that the murder was probably a direct result of a robbery, and not, as speculated earlier, a result of someone(s) who wanted out of his spam list!

Some articles for you to read:
1. Sex, not Spam, led to murder (July 27 2005,
2. Russian Media Hails Spammer’s Murder (July 26 2005,

(it's 11:11pm!!! running out of steam already.... prob…

20050808#1: Malaysia Blogger Map

I have a bit of time to kill, so am gonna catch up with some blogs that have been in draft mode for some time. It's August 8th, 1025pm as I start this blogathon of sorts.
Happy reading!!

My first topic: The Malaysia Blogger Map

I think it's a great idea!

This is like a physical representation of let's say the MyCen directory, and much more appealing... This way I can choose to explore some Malaysian blogsites by location (i.e. Penang-based).

Pity the creator is limiting it to physical locations in Malaysia, as opposed to Malaysians all over the world, cos I don't think I'm eligible... after all, I may officially reside in Petaling Jaya, but I consider myself based in the U.S. at the moment. But heck, it's a start. Check out this link if you are interested in the more technical aspects of his quest to create the map on which to plot the Malaysian blogs:

For those who were wondering, I was pointed in this direction by a post by Adam. No I don't know this person, b…

Of bullies, hackers and extradition...

My attention was drawn to news about Gary McKinnon, a British hacker who faces extradition charges to the U.S. for having pulled off the "biggest military computer hack of all time".

For those who haven’t heard about it, check out the following links
- US-DOJ indicts alleged British Hacker (ZDNet, Nov 12 2002)
- Game Over (Guardian UK, July 9 2005) (kinda long interview with Gary)
- Gary McKinnon: Scapegoat or Public Enemy? (ZDNet, July 15 2005)
- 'World's biggest hacker' fights extradition to US (Guardian UK, July 28 2005)

Things to ramble about:

1. oh so wide open?
This guy was able to waltz in to numerous systems that should have been impenetrable! Oh my… you know, one would think that IT personnel within military institutions should know, more than the average Joe Q Public, all about administrator access, blank passwords, etc. and preventing such hacking from being a reality. It is these incompetent administrators who should be tried and found guilty for enabling t…

Rocky Horror Picture Show

How many of you have seen this movie?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (RHPS).

And of those few who answered 'yes': how many of you just loved the decadence? Tim Curry strutting his stiff in heel, garters, fishnet stockings, bustier, and killer lips singing about being a "sweet transvestite, from the planet Transsexual in Transylvania"! And Susan Sarandon [slut!] getting a (sex) education at the hands of Frank-N-Furter *and* his creation Rocky! Oh, and Meat Loaf *again* ending up as a meal, just like in one of the Tales from the Crypt (What's Cooking, Chumley?)?! and the audience heaping abuse on the narrator / criminologist with no neck...

My thoughts have been filled, both day and night, for the last few days, with this movie... I'm dreaming about Frankie, dammit! And all those songs!!! And those call-out audience participation thingys!!

Huh? what was that about audience participation?

Yeah, did you know that when you go watch RHPS in the theatres, you are NOT ex…

Dexter and a dead dog ...

Here’s a write-up on two recently-finished books: Btw, I noticed a common theme: They were narrated by people who do not experience emotion; one narrator being autistic, the other a serial killer.

Curious? Read on………

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon

Christopher decides to track down the killer of a neighbour’s dog, that he found impaled on a garden fork, that he was initially accused of killing. But Christopher does not relate well to fellow humans: while he knows every prime number up to 7,057 and is sitting for A-level Maths when he is only 15 yrs old, he has no real understanding of human emotions. He is autistic.

Yet he takes it upon himself to investigate the murder of Wellington, and my oh my, what he discovers is mind-blowing… among other things, he discovers what REALLY happened to his mother two years ago. He also manages to make his way to London, all by himself, evading capture by policemen. And all throughout, we get an insight to how his brain…

Chocolate Ahoy!

Last weekend, ended up actually going to the movies; watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Johnny Depp gave a great performance: slightly Michael-Jacksony at first impression, but managed to shake that off pretty early in the movie. Connected to JD's performance was the humour present throughout the movie: certainly a totaly different take than the 'original' movie with Gene Wilder.

In fact, from the little I'd read/heard recently in the buzz, Tim Burton's version may well be much more faithful to the book than the 'original' movie.

This version I think is 100x better. The only thing I miss is the Oompah Loompah's song (the oompah loompah gobbledy goo one) from the original, but I suppose that was created just for that movie. For this current movie, did you know that in the end credits, for the songs sung by the Oompah Loompahs, lyrics were credited to Roald Dahl himself?

Now I'm gonna have to pick up Roald Dahl's b…

From "flesh&blood" to "metaphysical meteors"?

Just got done with re-reading (after 6 years?) Alan F Alford's Gods of the New Millennium: Scientific Proof of Flesh & Blood Gods.

It was good to refresh my memory of what I vaguely remembered: that many tales about the 'God' of the Jews/Christians/Muslims are actually about flesh and blood gods that came to Earth via Planet X, and that the tale of Adam and Eve, the unusual longevity of pre- and early post-Flood patriarchs could be attributed to genetic engineering; and oh so many other things! What is put forth in this book is so much more coherently put together than let's say the less coherent claims by Erich von Daniken.

My favourite will remain the author's hypothesis of the Nazca Plains' etchings to be a combination of a god's art, and acts of vandalism by rebelling slaves, who hijacked the god's low-flying laser-equipped aircraft and doodled on the plains.

Makes you smile, doesn't it?

At the end of the book, the author noted that he planned t…

something to keep you occupied...

Hey, did you hear about the guy who ran in front of a car?
- He got tired.

And what about the guy who ran behind a car?
- He, of course, got exhausted.

heeheheheh :D

Aaaaanyways: nothing exciting to share, despite my almost a week of silence. Have launched into rereading Alan E Alford's Gods of the New Millennium: a comprehensive take on the history of the solar system, earth, humans, and what we now label as 'God.' It's a great read for open-minded people. For those who are too scared to challenge your own faith: don't even bother with this book...

Moving on: came across these sites on the web, and thot I'd share it with y'all... something to keep you occupied when you're done with work, or procrastinating, etc *grin!*

1. A collection of signs collected from all over the world. Some funny, some not, but I'm sure there are gems worth uncovering by surfing through the entire site. I only made it to page 3 :p click here or copy & paste this url int…