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schmitibank the inflexibles rigidities

In this day and age, annual fees charged for credit cards are a no-no, as far as I am concerned. With banks or other financial institutions making money through every transaction charged, really, there is no need for annual fees...

Yet, Citibank, in Malaysia at least, probably in Asia in general, still continues to charge annual fees. I suppose they figure 'Why not?', after all, they are one of *the* names when it comes to credit cards and other financial services... and Malaysians are more than willing to pay for the priviledge of having such a branded credit card.

I signed up for a Citibank credit card in early 1999: this was still during the bad financial situation in Asia, and there were tales of people's credit cards being refused overseas... I was going to be heading to the U.S. for a holiday in May '99, and it was recommended to me that it would be much safer if I had a credit card issued by an internationally-recognised institution like Citibank, instead of, oh, …

Funny Porn

Inspired by the list of Thanksgiving-inspired movie titles, I looked around for a list of OTHER movies, this time PORN-inspired spoof titles :-)

I've always been disappointed that despite having heard of so many of them, the only ones I tend to remember are:
- Phoebe Buffay the Vampire Layer (from F.R.I.E.N.D.S)
- Saving / Shaving Ryan's Privates

Here are more, which maybe this time I'll remember!
Star Whores
Pearl Harbor Necklace
Dawson's Crack
The Twilight Bone
1. Listology
2. Ubersite

I was wondering just how many of those listed were spoofs vs actual porn titles... and then found a site that seems to list the actual porn. The Porn Movie Satire project. And since these are loosely (haaha) based on actual movies, even the covers are based on the original photos. I was very amused. Follow this link at your own risk.

Have fun!

"Who's on First?" deviations

... based on the Abbot & Costello "Who's on first?" miscommunication sketch...

Here's one of my memories from my time watching Animaniacs:
SLAPPY: Skippy, what is the name of that group playing on stage?
SLAPPY: The name of the group.
SLAPPY: The group on stage.
SLAPPY: The group playing on stage.
SLAPPY: You're starting to sound like an owl, Skippy.
SKIPPY: Who is on stage!
SLAPPY: That is what I'm askin' ya', who is on stage?
SKIPPY: That's what I said.
SLAPPY: You said who?
SKIPPY: I sure did.
SLAPPY: So tell me the name.
SLAPPY: The name of the group.
SLAPPY: The group on stage.
SLAPPY: The name of the band on stage!
SLAPPY: You're doing that owl thing again, Skippy!
SKIPPY: I'm not, Aunt Slappy, I'm telling you Who is on stage.
SLAPPY: So tell me.
SLAPPY: So tell me.
SLAPPY: The name of the group.
SLAPPY: The group on…

Turkey Day Minus One

Zoinks!! i have spent the last TWO HOURS doing nothing but clicking on the links on the sidebar and reacquiainting myself with all the blogs I usually visit.

Two hours to catch up - it's a sign that:
I've got quite a few links to explore,
those bloggers are pretty productive, AND
dial-up sucks. :pTomorrow's Turkey Day, so we'll be heading up to some of Kosh's relatives for the annual stuff-your-face-with-a-large-dead-bird event. And will spend the weekend at the folks'. Will probably be off-line till Sunday.

Weather's taking a turn for the worse: snow is in the forecast, bleah!

Oh: while I was getting caught up on the blogs, I also tried out some of the quizzes featured (lost track of which I got from whom, so no tips of hats to anyone); Here are my results:

What Famous Leader Are You?
personality tests by
I tried both a shorter and the 45-question quizzes, with the same result. Pretty cool, eh? Especially since I also have the Einstein/Dar…

Goblets of Star Trek!

Y'all know James Doohan, right? The guy who played Scotty on all those Star Trek shows? He passed away in July this year, and it kind amade the news, not just cos he died, but because of his request that his ashes be sent to the final frontier: yep, he wanted to be beamed up to space.

I followed up on that just now, and was amused to find out that the rocket which will blast his ashes into space has had its take-off delayed because of engine trouble.

Yes, engine trouble. Maybe they need Scotty to take a look at it? LOL!


More old news: it seems it was an open secret among Star Trek fans, but it was only last month that George Takei, who plays Sulu, officially came out of the closet. I like what he said about it, though: "It's not really coming out, which suggests opening a door and stepping through. It's more like a long, long walk through what began as a narrow corridor that starts to widen."

Whatever it is, glad he took that walk :-) More power to you, Sulu!

And …

infomercial schminfomercials?

Yesterday we had the first snow of the season. Bleah!! Sure, it was more a flurry than anything else,,, but still... so I had to bid an official goodbye to the unseasonably warm weather I'd been enjoying for so long!!

Yesterday also, did over 2 hours of racquetball... and while I was certainly chasing the ball down a lot more than in the past (I attribute that to the 2 weeks of regular cardio workouts), my back was telling me it didn't like the exertion that much. Once we got back, I drew myself a nice hot bubbly bath and crawled in... aahhhhh, bliss! So while I am still kinda sore all over today, I know it's nowhere near as bad as it would have been sans soak :-)


You ever been tempted by all those infomercials on tv?

I stumbled across a site that highlights Infomercial Scams: I thought it would highlight on the products itself, but the few things I clicked on seemed to be complaints about the vendors not honoring the "money back guarantee", or charging credi…

Clumsiness earns jailtime!

How would you feel if you were sentenced to six years in prison because of your clumsiness?

Sounds out of this world? Here’s the story:
A camera crane operator shooting a commercial at the Machu Picchu Inca ruins whose equipment tipped and chipped a stone sundial there has been sentenced to six years in prison, officials said Friday. (Yahoo!News article HERE)

I think it’s great that the authorities take the damage seriously. After all, the Machu Picchu ruins are one of the wonders of ancient civilizations: anything damaged or destroyed is irreplaceable.

But… isn’t punishing the camera crane operator kinda like closing the stable door after the horse has escaped? He damaged important ancient artifacts, fine, punish him; but should he have even been there in the first place?

The beer company, Backus, faces a civil lawsuit along with the advertising firm that hired the production company where the camera crane operator worked. Again: isn’t this a case door/horse/escape?

I’d like to thin…

Is the wind blowing?

Yeah, I guess the wind *is* blowing, my friends, cos here are some answers:
(Thanx, Bob Dylan!)

The recent Poser Schmoser #1 asked how you would feel about someone who was sweet and charming to you and you only, and gruff and rude to everyone else: I used to date someone who was like that.

He wasn’t a *bad* person; in fact, he was the one who first who helped me really understand and “live” by the “no use crying over spilt milk” outlook; otherwise I’d be racked by guilt and/or worry and agonizing over things I absolutely could do nothing about. On the other hand, as far as he was concerned, he was always right and everyone else was wrong. In fact, everyone else were idiots unless proven otherwise.

I oscillated mildly between "a" and "b" during our time dating.
If I were to come across someone like that now, I'd probably distance myself from him big-time tho, LOL! Or I'd actually bring up the topic of what his behaviour signals to me: arrogance, and an …

Thirsty talking cats?

The kitty’s been pretty vocal recently… but it’s kinda tough interpreting her meows…

Sometimes the meow seems to mean “Hey silly human, I’m out of food, so get your butt outta bed and fill up my bowl!”

Or “I wanna playyyyyyyy! Chase me around the apartment, why don’t you?”

Or “Don’t move! I’m going to sit on your lap and you are going to like it!”

Or, even better: “Ewww I just puked! Come on, let me show you where! Come on!”

Although sometimes I wonder if the meow means “I don’t really need anything, but I just want to drive you nuts trying to figure out what I want”

Recently she’s been hopping onto my lap so often, especially when I’m at the desk in front of this laptop. I feel these feet on my thigh; I look down, straight into her questioning eyes. All I need to do is say “Come on, girl,” or just snap my fingers, and up she hops. She then tries valiantly to make herself comfortable, and usually manages to perch somehow, oftentimes with her butt sticking up and out, LOL!

Something I ha…

Poser Schmoser #1

The situation:
You are dating this guy who, when answering the phone, always answers in a gruff and rude manner. But once you identify yourself, his whole manner changes, and he’s this sweet and charming person who is genuinely glad that you called. This happens every single time you call, so it’s not like he’s having a bad day or something; that just *is* how he behaves.

The question:
How do you feel about this?
A: do you feel special because he’s only nice to you?
B. or do you feel worried because he’s only nice to you?

Or in other words: what does this indicate about his character, his outlook on life, etc?

Whaddaya think?


On a totally unrelated note: check out this hilarious yet disturbing post (rant?) by the waiter.

Dr Jackal & Mr Hide?

“Pretty cool… but if this story was set in this day and age, there’d be no story!”

What was I thinking about? The Day of the Jackal, by Frederick Forsyth.

A professional assassin is hired by the French revolutionary army to kill Charles de Gaulle. The story describes how The Jackal goes about building different identities and back-up plans to carry out his assignment, while the French police happen to catch wind of this plot and try to hunt him down. It’s a fascinating peek into the French-British politics of that time, too.

I read this book a long time ago. Like when I was like 12 or something.
I remember loving the twist at the end when the guy gets back from his fishing trip. Didn’t remember much else tho.

So when faced with the prospect of a 3-hr per direction drive to visit Kosh on weekends last month when he was in St Louis, I decided to refresh my memory with a Book-On-Tape.

Listening to it, I was struck by the following: If there had been mobile phones at that time, the story wo…

additions to the "family"

If you take a look at the list of blogs and stuff over on the left sidebar, you may notice that the numbers there have increased quite a bit!

It's great timing: I was really jonesing for new good blogs to read, after havivng pretty much exhausted my current list. Happened to login to Technorati, just to see who had linked to me recently. And found that I now appeared in a page of Random Reading, which seems to be a personal blog directory of sorts.

Well, I took it as divine intervention! Or some sort of sign, lah!

I am going thru the links on that page (right now, am at "D"), and any blogs that seem worth revisiting, I add to my own blogroll list. So, for those who are stopping by wondering how and why I'm linking to ya: now u know! :-)

(that's how I came up with a selection of Malaysian bloggers to link to, too: from the MyCen directory)

So, if *you* are in a blog drought, and don't know where in the www to go, try out my new links, or head over to the R…

a tribute to Linky & Dinky

Well, actually it's more like me featuring some of their funnier/kookier links they've highlighted in the past month or so... Take another look at comic book covers, and have a laugh.

Take another look at everyday items - at 20,000x magnification! What's even cooler is the little paragraph on each item featured. Entertaining AND educational!

I wasn't a fan of hairy chests till Kosh. For those who would prefer to wax off some chest hair, I present you with the opportunity. Online. To "do" David Hasselhoff! Wax on, wax hoff. LMAO!

In switzerland, I saw vending machines that sold Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh and other trading card games. One food & Beverage vending machine had CANNABIS TEA, I kid you not! In a similar vein, this site has pix of an amazing variety of vending machines found in Japan, including "used schoolgirl panties"!!.

40 things that only happen in movies (e.g. When you turn out the light to go to bed, everything in you room will still be visible,…

Good News: 10 years later the Marvel is confirmed!

Date: May 1995
Event: Chemistry Department graduation ceremony

To my utter and complete surprise, it was announced I was among the five(?) people receiving a departmental award issued to the top 10% (?) of Undergraduate Theses submitted for that year.

I was given a copy of a letter informing a past recepient of the award, and was told this was just a sample, I'd get a proper one addressed to me later. The letter also said the award came with a gift of USD 200 (?).Notice the all the (?)'s? Can you guess what's coming?

I never did get anything to confirm that what I remembered from the graduation ceremony was not just a dream. Do you know, I never dared even put the award on my resume because I had no proof of being a recipient of that award. At least I *could* put that I graduated "with distinction", which you get by default if you did that Thesis thing. Which was what I was targetting for anyway. The extra award was just that, extra, but still, if I got it, I should …

geographical ignorance?

Something about the Evansville tornado is amusing.

Not the tornado itself: in fact it's one of the worst tornados to hit in a long while, and I have seen the images of all that destruction on tv: not a pretty sight.

It's the fact that while this is a disaster that hit pretty close to where I am, noone has sms'ed me asking if I'm okay. (of course, this may not have been deemed newsworthy enough to be highlighted in the Malaysian media)

As opposed to when Katrina and other hurricanes hit states half the country away, and so many people asked how I was, was I affected by the hurricanes, etc etc.

While I appreciated the concern, I just *had* to reply that I was half a country away!

Okay, so I know that for many non-Americans, even if I say I'm in Urbana, Illinois, it means nothing to you. But still, surely you have *some* idea of where Chicago is in relation to the rest of the U.S.? After all, that's about the only way I can get anyone to have an inkling of my location …

sharing of random dietary behaviours

Here are a random selection of behaviours I have tried, with various degrees of success, to incorporate into my lifestyle over the years.

Water:Try to drink 500mL water as soon as I get out of bed
And to a lesser extent, try to drink maybe 250mL water before going to bed (getting up to pee in the middle of the night is a bother!)
Where did this come from? Well, I know I don’t drink enough water anyway. And when someone forwarded me that e-mail about this Dr from India (I think) who was advocating a “water diet,” well, it made some sense even with my grains of salt put in. He wasn’t saying to drink nothing but water lah, but he was saying we all didn’t drink enough water, and that “a lot of diseases could be cured if only we upped our water intake”. I remember he was recommending drinking a large bottle of water (1.5L) in the morning and before going to bed. No way! One morning I’d tried to force lots more water into me, and ended up puking water when brushing my teeth. No thanx. And an e…

the mind is a wonderful thing

Me & Kosh were at the gym about a month ago, getting ready for a round of racquetball, when this song started playing on the building's overhead speakers:I got a little change in my pocket
Goin ching-a-ling-a-ling
Wanna call you on the telephone, baby
Give you a ring
But each time we talk
I get the same old thing
Always, "No huggee, no kissee
Until I get a wedding ring."
Oh, my honey, my baby
Don't put my love upon no shelf
She said, "Don't hand me no lines
And keep your hands to yourself."
Me: OMG!! This song!!!
And proceed to sing along, wide beaming smile on my face.. B-b-baby, baby, baby
Why you gonna treat me this way?
You know I'm still your loverboy
I still feel the same way
Thats when she told me a story
About free milk and a cow
She said, "No huggee, no kissee
Until I get a wedding vow."
Oh, my honey, my baby
Don't put my love upon no shelf
She said, "Don't hand me no lines
And keep your hands to yourself."
I felt like I was back in…

Four and a half!

Yes, four and a half! That's the answer!!!

Ooooookay, so what's the question?

Take a look at the pic below, then take a wild guess:

Actually the exact answer is 4.43. People. Needed. To tip a cow!

Now, I've heard mention of cow-tipping, and I think it's been featured in a few movies. It's one of these all-American drunk adolescent rural pastimes, or so we've been told. Or is it all an urban (rural?) legend??

Anyway, so someone actually took the time to figure out just how a cow could be tipped.
Do they have nothing else better to do?

But appreciate the laugh I got out of it!

Tip o' the hat to this morning's The Daily Buzz on WB. And if you want to read more, HERE's an article for ya. Enjoy!

it's a KFC Sunday / AAirlines / books galore

Yeah, after a healthy early breakfast and early lunch, I had a hankering for some "bad" stuff, so went and got myself some KFC. And yes, I ate the skin too. I rarely do that, tho, if that makes it a little bit more forgivable :p

Finished another book today. Okay okay, I admit, I didn't exactly read every single word: where the descriptions and stuff seemed to be getting a bit long, I just skimmed till things got more interesting *grin!*

What book was it this time? Good Morning Darkness by Ruth Francisco. If the author sounds familiar, that may be because I already mentioned having discovered her debut novel in a store in switzerland a few weeks ago. I knew she had a second book out, and I wanted to follow-up and see if she's improved any from her first outing. The answer is a resounding YES. Pity this book doesn't involve the deathmaiden from the first book. I would hope that she'll bring back that character in her later works.

This book is pretty well w…

take the weather with you

Blogger, or this browser, had some problems last night... the article I typed kept "disappearing" when I hit the draft / publish buttons. It was so frustrating. And I'd remember, then forget, to do "copy all" before hitting either of those buttons, so I'd lose it all, retype, lose it again... I gave up.

So, sorry dear reader, you were robbed of a blog entry last nite.

Moving on.

The storm with tornado-potential that was supposed to hit yesterday afternoon hit around midnight instead. No tornados tho, me glad! I had hit the sack but was not yet asleep-asleep, keeping an ear out for the sound of rain & thunder and wind. I like the majesty of mother nature it all her stormy glory :-) But it was probably this same system that hit Indiana around 2am, and generated tornados there: 15 dead according to the article I just found.

Yesterday ended up being a day of rest for me: the sky was overcast all day, and it rained sporadically throughout. And it was cold…

blogworthy tv

Two noteworthy, or at least blogworthy, things I watched on TV recently.

1. Online predators @ Dateline It featured a setup where people posing as teenage boys / girls alone at home while the family is out of town get propositioned by guys in chatrooms, and these guys actually end up coming to the house for sex… only to find the Dateline guy there, camera and all, everything on tape… I bet their balls just totally shriveled up once they realized they were * not * getting that night of sex with that teenage boy/girl!

Is it a sign on my cynicism and world-weariness that I am not surprised that many of these people were so-called pillars of the community? A rabbi & a special-ed teacher were among those who turned up at the house.

And what about that guy who, as requested by the “young boy”, stripped nekkid before entering the house? He said this was the first time he’d ever done this etc etc (yeah, uh-huh…), and was so relieved to get outta there… then guess that? The next day, he…

my weekend plans

Activity update:
25min walk to gym
30min cross-training program on an elliptical thingy @ 220cal
1x10, 1x7 @ 30lbs bicep curls (weird that I had trouble with this: I blame the machine!)
2x15 @ 30lbs tricep pushdowns
25min walk back
15min walk to/from BBQ place to get RIBS!

Tomorrow’s plan:
1hr (?) walk to “other” gym on other side of campus
Treat myself to ~30min sauna!
1hr (?) walk back

Today has been unusually warm, and we’re going to pay for it tomorrow, so it seems. The weather forecast for tomorrow afternoon is severe thunderstorms, maybe strong enough to generate tornados! Fun. So will carry out my sauna trip in the morning, just to make sure I’m back holed up in the apartment well before any drops start to fall!

May need to give myself a break on Sunday, cos I wonder just how much I’m going to “activate” my shins with my planned walk tomorrow!

For South Park fans :-)

LMAO!! I am holding my sides laughing so hard!!

And it's all Samantha Burns' fault (see South Park, Virginia?)! Or maybe it's Kevin's.

What am I talking about? click on the links above and find out!

On a related note: nowhere near as funny, but still funny lah... I remember me & Kosh just bursting out in laughter when we saw a one-word advertisement for Jimmy John's on a passing bus:

quickie @ Paris

I'm aghast... I happened to pick up a newspaper today and saw pictures of riots in Paris.

Riots in Paris???

It seems it's been going on since ~ Oct 27th : that's 8 days already, and I only hear about it today?

And as I get online now, I see one headline on the Yahoo! main page about Paris riots.

Is today the first time this particular piece of news breaks it into the u.s. news system?

I have caught the tv news once or twice, but usually the local news (as opposed to "national" news)... but that usually doesn't stop them from covering big events like these... Then again, I often forget that the Americans rarely think anything outside of their own borders is worth reporting on...

And I'm disappointed at the online news too.. usually I scan the headlines on the Yahoo main page... again, only today do I see anything about Paris.

Anyway... I am pissed off that I never knew anything about this till now. So I will be reading up on this.

So there.

Will post more later.

taxes, bones, semen and lizards, oh my!

I was amazed to read about just how transparent Finland is! Wow, it would be a total challenge for Malaysia to even think about being 5% as transparent!! What am I talking about? Click HERE to find out about their tax records being a matter of public record.

"Bones" for real?: An intriguing Tale From the Crypt, courtesy of the, about the long tale of trying to see if a skull that had been sitting on a shelf in D.C. Council member Jim Graham's office for a year and half is that of William Wirt. See HERE.

Theft of Bull Semen: I'm reminded of the joke of the people who rob the (sperm) bank and are disappointed not to find any money but gladly help themselves to all that "pudding" ... do you think these thieves thought it was pudding too?

Another lizard in a toilet.. Samm, did you start a trend? This one was carnivorous, though, unlike yours (thankfully!!)

activity update & ribs!!

Today was a very sluggish day...

Woke up with a slight pain in my right ankle, limped around a bit before it wore off.

Later, was all dressed up for the gym, but just sat there, just not liking the idea of going to the gym. *sigh* Dragged myself out anyway.

But decided to go run an errand at the Chemistry Department instead. Then walked right past the gym... and was totally NOT tempted to enter. So I didnt.

Still got a 1hr walk out of the whole thing, so not too bad lah.

But..... in order to "earn" my X-hot BBQ beef ribs (only available on Fridays at the nearby BBQ place, yum!!), tomorrow I will have to go the gym first, and only swing by the BBQ place on the way back.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm I am drooling thinking about them ribs!

*stomach rumbles*

Yikes, am getting hungry again :p guess my weird salad thing is starting to wear off.

Weird salad thing?

Yeah, well yesterday I gave the kitty her tuna treat as I chopped half a red, green and yellow pepper (capsicum) and 1/3 large red onion. Surpri…

will you look at yoghurt the same way again?

Did you hear about a recent recommendation by Mark Spigelman of the University College London Centre for Infectious Diseases and International Health?

Rather than upping the "power" of antibacterial soaps (which actually encourage the mutation of bacteria into more and more resistant strains), he suggests washing hands with yoghurt instead.

The reason? "crowd" your skin with neutral/good bacteria so that "bad" bacteria doesn't settle there, rather than trying to kill all bacteria on your hands and in actuality opening up your skin to be inhabited by the "bad" bacteria.

I'm thinking the hospitals can have fun with this,,, each day is a different flavour of yoghurt used: I thought today was monday but my yoghurt wash is blueberry flavoured so it must be Thursday! Where *has* the time flown?

What will be next: yoghurt as a poultice on wounds?

I heard about this on the news yesterday, but surprisingly haven't found much on the net yet, exc…

Apples & Pears?

I’m sure we’ve all heard about apple- and pear-shaped people, where the apple is a common shape for men who store their excess body fat around their middle while many women store excess body fat around their hips and thighs, giving them a “pear” look.

But we also know that there are many apple-shaped women, pear-shaped men, and again many in-between.

Have you wondered WHY these apples & pears happen? After all, if you think about it, the description is, well, based on what is seen. It doesn’t explain why Martha is a pear, Jane an apple, or Madge this waif who never seems capable of gaining weight.

Many years ago, I came across a book (Dr Abravanel’s Body Type Diet and Lifetime Nutrition Plan) which explains the above as caused by dominant yet exhausted glands in your body. Different exhausted glands cause excess body fat to be stored in different parts of your body. To treat it, we need to stop stimulating that dominant glad: stimulate the other glands in order to give the dominant o…

You can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish!

Yesterday I opened a can of baked beans.

Kitty rushed to the kitchen, and started mewling and begging ... reaching for the countertop... making a total nuisance of herself

When I put down the emptied can on the floor to sniff, she gave me this hurt and disappointed look, and sulked for a while.


Cos she thinks every can being opened is a can of tuna.
Cos she gets the "tuna water" everytime we open a can of tuna.

I felt kinda bad seeing just how enthusiastic she was... so this morning I made it a point to put a can of tuna and the can opener on the kitchen counter, to remind me that if I had no immediate food choices for the day, it wouldn't hurt to do a tuna dish.

Eh. Ended up craving carbs more than protein: had bagel. and pizza. yum :p

She may get her "treat" tomorrow then :)


I *did* have a healthy breakfast of what I've decided to call "appled salad"

There's this bag of green apples that's been sitting in the fridge since forever.


happy deepavali

I believe today is Deepavali: the Indian Hindu Festival of Lights. Read more about it HERE to expand your cultural knowledge :D

Activities for today:
1. 40mins very low impact aerobics at home
2. 10mins 2x15 bicep curls, shoulder press, tricep curls
3. 10min walk to library
4. 10min walk back from library

I feel kinda limited cos a package is supposed to arrive today: Stephen King's Dark Tower#7, paperback version, which just got released. If I'm not there to receive it, it'll be a bother to get a re-delivery but worse if I have to somehow go pick it up myself, what with no car and all :p

Aaaanyways : I am a little behind on e-mails ... patience... it's the holiday season anyway in KL so I bet lots of you are not going to be online for almost a week :p What with Deepavali followed by Aidil Fitri, I know KL's a ghost town right now :D

And after yesterday's wet wet halloween, today is a bright bright bright sunshine-y day! At times like these I wish the …