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Goblets of Star Trek!

Y'all know James Doohan, right? The guy who played Scotty on all those Star Trek shows? He passed away in July this year, and it kind amade the news, not just cos he died, but because of his request that his ashes be sent to the final frontier: yep, he wanted to be beamed up to space.

I followed up on that just now, and was amused to find out that the rocket which will blast his ashes into space has had its take-off delayed because of engine trouble.

Yes, engine trouble. Maybe they need Scotty to take a look at it? LOL!


More old news: it seems it was an open secret among Star Trek fans, but it was only last month that George Takei, who plays Sulu, officially came out of the closet. I like what he said about it, though: "It's not really coming out, which suggests opening a door and stepping through. It's more like a long, long walk through what began as a narrow corridor that starts to widen."

Whatever it is, glad he took that walk :-) More power to you, Sulu!

And on a much lighter note: ever wonder how different the legacy of Star Trek would have been if, say, Dr Seuss wrote for Star Trek: The Next Generation? Find out HERE!

aaaaand Harry Potter #4 is out in movie theaters starting a few days ago....

... not seen it yet.... may will only get to so see it this week, b4 Thanksgiving...

In general, the movies have gotten better and better, so my expectations are quite high for this one. so so so so so can't wait!!

.. saw a detailed trailer the other day, which included a glimpse one of THE BEST scenes of #4: the battle of the wands, as I call it: I have my own image of how that scene looks, and I do hope the movie does something just as good, or at least, not disappointing!!

I'm slightly concerned about how much of the book's details will get into the movie: some of the previous movies were kinda disjointed for people who hadn't read the book. And #4 is the most detailed that has been made into a movie to date (just WAIT till they get #5 to the silver screen!!).

I've only read the series like 4 times now, LOL (#1-4 4x, #5 2x, #6 1x). But I bet I'd totally fail any of those Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit games :p Can you believe there's one per book? I can safely assume the questions cover every little bit of detail of each book! Would like to know for sure how badly I'd do, but I don't have anyone silly enough to want to buy / play with me, boohooo! Oh well....

Catch y'all later!


  1. I used to follow every episode of the original Star Trek series.But I didn't know about the passing of James"beam me up scotty"Doohan and Goerge Takei's "coming out". Geez,looks like I'm late in everything these days....

  2. Tee-hee, that STTNG/Seuss thing is funny!! :-)

  3. snglguy: tsk tsk tsk for being out of touch! glad I helpd get u updated :D

    Omni: (grin!) glad u like! I was LOL-ing when I found that page, totally HAD to share it!

  4. Yeah,shame on me!tsk tsk tsk, But thanks for the info lynne.

  5. BTW...I liked that Dr Seuss take on Star Trek too,very funny. :D

    Now,what if Shakespeare did a take on Star Trek? ;D

  6. A die hard sci-fi fan, I still prefer the old Star Trek series with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock better than the new versions.

  7. snglguy: hmmm well there are so many shakespear references in Star Trek anyway... remember ST movie #6, and the quotes bandied around the dinner table? And the claim that Shakespear was best appreciated in its original Klingon? LOL!! But can't immediately find anything on the net on a Shakespeare/ST parody tho :-(

    Adam: i vaguely remember ST:TOS... i saw quite a few of TNG and DS9, and maybe the first season of Voyager... I think I followed ST:Enterprise the most closely, just because I was more able to do so... But definitely, it's ST:TOS that started it all :-)


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