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... a medieval future

Robert Jordan, Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman, Isobelle Carmody; Stephen King (to a lesser extent). These are just a few writers whose work I enjoy, specifically when their work involves tales of a ‘medieval future’ of sorts.

Take Isobelle Carmody’s Obernwtyn series, which is set in post-apocalyptic Earth. After the devastation of a nuclear holocaust, survivors slowly repopulated the non-poisonous areas; it is eerie how the gaps and tension between rich & poor, or administrators & religious & military, can be so easily recreated (and mistakes repeated). While I very keenly follow the thread of the author’s tale in this excellently imagined future of telepathic birds and ‘misfits’ with paranormal abilities who unravel a mystery from before the apocalypse, it amuses me to no end to ‘hear’ tales of the ‘ancients’ who flew across the skies in silver birds get lumped together with other tales about creatures that are half-fish and half-human. “Historical” records seem so impr…

... what sorta blogger am i?

Here are the results of two 'blogger-type' quizzes I have taken... quite amusing, teehee :D

my thanx to lion3ss and kennysia :)

First, from blogthings' What kind of blogger are you?:

You Are a Pundit Blogger!

Your blog is smart, insightful, and always a quality read.
Truly appreciated by many, surpassed by only a few.

(how many of you really know what 'pundit' means? To tell you the truth, I always had a vague idea that it meant something to do with punting/kicking! Turns out it originates from Hindi / Sanskrit word meaning learned, so a pundit is a learned person (teacher) or someone who gives opinion in authoritative way (critic). Cool, eh?)

And from KennySia's Which Malaysian Blogger Are You?:
Congratulations Lynne, you are...

Jeff Ooi of

You are humble, mild-mannered yet wise. Your knowledge is vast as an ocean, but when confronted with an issue you are passionate about you are tough as a mountain. You have an aura of style, quality, excellence

try not to check-in your bags, people!

I have yet to run thru details of my trip to the u.s. in late May, but some articles in the online Malay Mail last week (here and here) plus stumbling on this blog today, had prodded me to give my two sen worth on the issue of theft at KLIA:

It's one of those things... you've always 'known' that there's a problem with baggage at KLIA... tho i think most of us would think of the breakdowns of the baggage handling system first... turns out baggage theft is a bigger problem... heck, it seems some of these thieves would actually disrupt the baggage system in order to get their hands on a targeted bag or two!!!

It's ridiculous that such things can so easily happen...

'Disappointing' doesn't even come close to describe how I feel about these officers who do not uphold the amanah of their job... heck, I bet to them the job is just a means to illegal 'wealth'!

And to top it off....

I bet these thieves have been having a GREAT time recently with U.S.-boun…

... a walk in the park ...

Found what looks to be 'reflexology steps' over at Crystal Lake Park!!

Doing a 'morning walk' thing the way i was in my last few weeks in KL is not quite the same over here... for one thing the weather overall is actually pretty cool, and therefore i don't seem to be able to sweat! :(

And yes, it's a WALK. I have never been a fan of running/ jogging... and what with my shins acting up like crazy again the last 2 months, i certainly do not want to aggravate anything any further... heck even walking activates it somethimes :( that's why my fave cardio machine in the gym is the elliptical stepper thingy, as opposed to the 'normal' stepper or the treadmill, where i move the whole leg as one unit, as opposed to moving feet & knees...

cause of my shin pain? according to one gym instructor, it's something that afflicts people who play sports that involve "lots of running" like football and tennis. according to aonther friend of mine, it'…

… Childe Roland to the Dark Tower came …

“The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.”

Stephen King’s magnum opus, almost 35 years in the telling, is finally complete (kinda). The above was penned in 1970, and was the start of Book I, while the (end) of the tale was penned in April 2004.

And in the wee hours of this morning, I myself came to the end of book VII…

I actually stopped reading about halfway thru – FORCED myself to stop, in fact, and instead turned my attention to the Star Trek movies (1 – 4), of all things – because I was starting to cry my eyes out at what was happening to the characters.

Two days later, I picked it up again… and didn’t let up until the tale was done.

There were still a few ‘painful’ sections, but after the pain of the first, the rest were bearable.

I remember thinking, while reading the part that had my eyes leaking like crazy, “I bet this was even worse for Steve to write… did HE cry as I am crying at the fate of (insert character’s name)? I bet yes, and worse than m…

... first foray into the 'net in weeks!

greetings, dear readers

voila, a sign of life! :D

will post more later.

right now, am just (finally) checking in to say i arrived safely despite some MAJOR delays out of KLIA; had a surprisingly easy time passing thru immigration; have been enjoying the mostly warm weather; have played racketball three times already not to mention have taken lots of walks in the nearby park including a minor run-in with local wildlife!

will expand on the above plus more later later later later :D


(yeah... ignore that 'click here for more' thingy over there... nothing more to this post teehee!) ---->