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Open mouth, insert foot. And hand, apparently.

So last Thursday, Nova was his usual chipper self, trying at times but in general, you know, chipper. Like this:

"Mommy! I LOVE this! More onion bagel please!! Why have you NEVER fed me this before??!?"
... then came Friday, which happened to be one of his daycare days, and it's always a challenge to get him fed and into bed without a meltdown, because he's just SO TIRED after a day at daycare. This kid's ideal bedtime is 6pm!

But wow... he was particularly angsty that day:

"How dare you give me something that's not yogurt! Now I don't even WANT yogurt!"
Really really angsty.

Refusing pretty much all food. Except yogurt (which I'd coincidentally/intuitively stocked up on a few days prior. Love it when the Universe does that!!).

And over the weekend he drooled and drooled and drooled, and whined and whined and whined, and ran a slightly elevated temperature, and chomped on his hands & fingers a lot ...

Oh. Teething, huh?

Then some blister…