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Okay, maybe it's a sore spot with me because I know *I* "suffered" from having a long name: when filling out a form I'd always have to count the number of squares provided in order to determine if I could fill in my full name without any abbreviations, or whether I'd need to shorten it, and *which* of the five [or 6, depending] words in my name would be the most appropriate to condense.

So... I can only imagine what the newborn Autumn Sullivan Corbett Fitzsimmons Jeffries Hart Burns Johnson Willard Dempsey Tunney Schmeling Sharkey Carnera Baer Braddock Louis Charles Walcott Marciano Patterson Johansson Liston Clay Frazier Foreman Brown is going to go through. ["full" Yahoo!News article here] You know what pisses me off even more? It's implied that the mother also has a similarly ridiculous name ["in keeping with her boxing-mad family's bizarre tradition" "I'm hoping Autumn has a good sense of humor with her name. It's ne…

Tea Tale

So a while ago, Kosh and I picked up a bottle of AriZona Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey. Me being me, I took a look at the ingredients, idly curious where Green Tea, Ginseng and Honey would appear in the list. Little did I know it would provide for some blog fodder :p

1. Premium brewed green tea using filtered water [okay, good would be worrying if this *wasn't* #1, Lol!]
2. High fructose corn syrup [eh?]
3. Honey [wtf? why bother with the honey if you drown it in HFCS!!??]
4. Citric Acid
5. Natural Flavors
6. Ginseng extract [#6 out of 7? how much per bottle, a drop?]
7. Ascorbic Acid.

Since the drink is labeled "Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey", one would expect ginseng to appear before honey in the list of ingredients - WRONG!!

Then there was this little blurb:
Enjoy America's best-selling
ready-to-drink green tea!
AriZona Green Tea... Where great
taste and goodness
"naturally" come together.
Green tea for its health benefits,
Ginseng for energy a…

Sunday This n That

Random Technobabble Generator: generate fun stuff like "Proffessor [sic], the power supply of the prototype bioneural gelpack has been modulated."
... page after page of knuckle tattoos: kinda cool how someone's attitude can get condensed into eight letters. Look for the DAMN FOOL one - I dig it! btw, you can create your own with the Knuckle Tattoo Gun too, I unfortunately ran out of creative juices, but would love to see what you come up with!
anyone wanna go on a 12 week, multi-continent backpacking journey? From London to Sydney? Then look to Ozbus to get you there. Sounds incredible... and the scaredy-cat that I am would only do it is I knew a whole bunch of people who were going at the same time :p
yet another free online book resource: ReadPrint. Not for downloads, you just read off of the screen, if you're okay with that. Right now seems to be concentrating on "classics". There's William Blake, maybe I'll actually read something of his th…


You know how when you're playing with kids, and maybe you give them a piggy back ride all around the house and they enjoy it so much that when you set them down they just look up at you and exclaim "Again!"?

Or when you go though an exhilarating ride on a roller coaster, and you stumble out, adrenaline coursing through your veins, throat hoarse from screaming, and all you want to do is get right back in there for another round? "Again!"

So, can you guess what word Kosh managed to utter after watching Robot Chicken's Star Wars special?
I felt the same way too.

If you didn't catch it live, watch it here. Smaller embeddable clips here. Like this one:

Some fave moments from other parts of the episode:
"what the hell is an aluminum falcon?"
"get your OWN tauntaun!"
"yo momma so stupid she spent the whole day playing "am not" with R2!"
"look, if you're not gonna take this seriously, I'm out.…

calling people who read!

okay okay so I know you "read" otherwise typing this would be of no use... but do you read-read, as in books? Have you signed up for your good reads account yet? what are you waiting for?? go sign up! Share what you are reading / have read / have on your to-read list. Rate the books. Give reviews. Loads of fun stuff! Go sign up here, then add me as your friend. Or email me [see on my profile page] and I'll send you an invite! Why am I doing this? Because I wanna expand my network there, *and* I'm always on the lookout for more/different books/authors to read.

Hope to GoodRead ya soon!

macca = 65

P A U L M c C A R T N E Y!

For the longest time, June 18th was a special day simply because it was Paul's birthday. Another significant milestone occurred around June 18th 1990: I left for studies in the U.S., free of all shackles of family and society. Around June 18th 1995, I started my reluctant journey back to Malaysia to start work. Both significant milestones made all the more significant because by no conscious planning of my own, they were remembered, were made significant because of the date they shared.

And on June 18th 2007?

No, nothing of significance going on, really.

Will watch last night's tape of The 4400's season premiere. If the show were real life, I'd be one of those willing to take that 50:50 risk of death and inject myself with promicin in order to develop an ability of some sort, an ability that would help bring humankind to the next level of development, of evolution.

Will attend a writing workshop this evening, ju…

Recent Entertainment

Who is Cletis Tout?
Recommended by Netflix, and, surprisingly, very enjoyable! Kosh and I burst out laughing at so many things; we both appreciate choppy/screwy timelines and interruptions in the narrative flow - and this has loads of both - which added to the enjoyment. Just go watch it :-)

Nanny McPhee
Mary Poppins meets The Sound of Music, with a soundtrack that reminded me for some reason of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Another thoroughly enjoyable movie, with only the CGI donkey that really marred the tale.

[added June 18th: had slipped my mind earlier]
Next Stop, Wonderland
A romantic comedy that's not sappy or oozing with sugar coating, starring no names I recognize, and very endearing. The scene between mother & daughter, each with her own take on reality was breathtaking. Lots of humor - understated. Go. Watch.
[/end add]

The 4400 - new season starts tonight on usa: I *so* can't wait! I'm pro-promicin myself - how about you?

Robot Chicken's 30m…

If at first you don't succeed,

.. try try try try try try again and again and again and again [39 times!]

Did you hear about this 73 year old man in India? He's been sitting for, and failing, his 10th Grade exams [I'm guessing it's either the SRP or SPM level] since 1969. I'm just wondering, did he do any sort of studying, or trying to figure out what he'd done wrong in the past, because wow, to still fail after 39 times... Einstein's definition of insanity comes to mind...

[full Yahoo!News article here]

[UPDATE: Saturday 8am: don't you hate sloppy reporting? According to Reuters he's sat & failed 38 times, according to Associated Press it's 39. How shameful! Get the story straight, people!!!]

seven hundred forty two

Just to make a note of it:
This is post #742 on this blog! That's an average of 26 posts per month! *lynne pats self on the back*

Moving on....
one of my first Blog Buddies from Little Neo has called it quits... I really enjoyed her exploration of Karma, of human nature, of just about every topic in the universe(s?)... I recently got the free Yogi Tea and Soy Joy bar samples you told us readers about, btw, thanx! :-) Omni, here's wishing you all the best in recapturing your pre-blog fuller life. Hugzzzzz!

Moving on again....
so, last Saturday, did two out of the three activities I'd hoped for:
>> meditation was good, especially considering I've not been "practicing" at all over the past month - it's been a rather draining month or so, and I've still not gotten back in balance, doesn't help we still don't know where we are gonna be in a month's time... *sigh!*
>> the Printers Row Book Fair was certainly interesting, lots of dif…

what I hope to do tomorrow

some of this:

followed by:

then an evening of:

Sampaikanlah salam,,,

(Thanks to Adam for the heads-up)
Requiescat In Pace, Loganathan Arumugam, fondly known as Loga, of Alleycats.
Here's Alleycats' Sampaikan Salam [slightly crummy/crackly sound, but still a great listen] [check out the afro, LMAO! if that doesn't date them, I don't know what will! btw - both Loga & David were vocalists, so who's doing the singing here, anyone know?] [careful - it's LOUD!]:

So went searching for other Malaysian artistes on YouTube... couldn't find a nice version of Search's Fantasia Bulan Madu.... Wings' Sejati pun tak de... Zainal's Hijau... Nothing worth using on Sudirman... and oops that about covers it heehehee okay so I never got into the Malaysian music scene that much... but... here's one the first Malaysian rappers... those who know me from TRU days will know why this is up here ;-) [crappy pixelated image tho]

Okay let's see how *else* I'm gonna waste time today!

Movie Updates

I am NOT a fan of zombie movies. Nor of horror movies in general... certainly not the in-your-face blood-and-gore fest type... I appreciate the psychological thriller, but those can really get to me too, so I tend to not bother with them either.

And yet... there's been a recent confluence of zombie-related things:
1. First was that "we're not gonna eat your eyes" song/vid that was stuck in my head, I kept bursting out singing the chorus at random times, LoL!

2. Then, Netflix delivered Slither. I had told Kosh before that "this one's allllll you!"; as far as I was concerned it was just another killer creature horror flick [okay so I based that opinion on the movie poster, but hey, take a look at it and see if you agree!]. Kosh's response was essentially "well, you liked Shaun of the Dead, right? This is pretty much in the same vein, from what I saw in the previews - a funny zombie movie. Let's start watching, and if you really don't…

it's called K2

... i bit the bullet and changed templates again.

.. took me all of 5 minutes! I suppose I'm getting the hang of the New Blogger?

Of course there are lots of little things to tweak... but this is *so* much more peaceful than that previous one. And it's still within the nature//tree/wood//earth theme I wanted.


books, glorious books

Well, my book-reading progress for 2007 has been a bit on the slow side: I'm only on my 11th book for the year.

My reading has come in spurts. I had that period where I was consuming one book after another. Then I had books that had called out to me in the library, that had gotten checked out, that languished on desk for a month! The borrowing period is three weeks. Late fees. Ugh.

I have been rather busy and distracted lately. Procrastinating on French homework, having lots of fun in the oral [heehehe] comprehension class. Investing a lot of time on spewage that might end up as memoir fodder if I choose to really buckle down and *write*. Anticip[say it!]pating this past weekend's official celebration of the wedding we'd had last September ["NOW it's official!" said so many of the attendees]. Dealing with the overabundance of photos. Picking out good ones. Thank you cards. Koash was recently on a week's vacation too, in addition to having bee…