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P A U L M c C A R T N E Y!

For the longest time, June 18th was a special day simply because it was Paul's birthday. Another significant milestone occurred around June 18th 1990: I left for studies in the U.S., free of all shackles of family and society. Around June 18th 1995, I started my reluctant journey back to Malaysia to start work. Both significant milestones made all the more significant because by no conscious planning of my own, they were remembered, were made significant because of the date they shared.

And on June 18th 2007?

No, nothing of significance going on, really.

Will watch last night's tape of The 4400's season premiere. If the show were real life, I'd be one of those willing to take that 50:50 risk of death and inject myself with promicin in order to develop an ability of some sort, an ability that would help bring humankind to the next level of development, of evolution.

Will attend a writing workshop this evening, just a one time thing, exploring the scifi/fantasy genre. I'm not throwing myself into pursuing any writing career or anything. yet. just getting a feel, looking for some prompts to get me to write in a more focused manner than what is required for a blog. see what comes up. I know I can write. But can I sustain it, polish it, refine it to a publishable level? And in what field? Just because I enjoy fantasy doesn't mean I can produce it. I have many stories to tell about me, but any memoirs, if ever produced, I could never allow to be published until certain people are no longer around to feel threatened/offended by its contents. perhaps they can be transformed into fiction, with a dark twist? i have some ideas running around, I'm not willing to commit myself to anything yet, though. Maybe I've learned my lesson at the wrong time, LoL!

Will continue to devour Sebastian: this book has so much depth to it, perhaps unknowingly? Will have to look at other series by this author to determine that. in the meantime, I am throughly enjoying the exploration of the necessity for Dark to exist, for it be in balance with Light... yes yes a topic explored in pretty much all fantasy tales, but this one puts it in the context of worlds that respond to your heart's desire, and we all know our hearts resonate to both Light *and* Dark forces... I still have to tell myself it's *not* a romance novel - whaddaya expect, though, that droolworthy cover is yummy!

/peace out


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