Sunday, April 12, 2015


Really having a tough time with time outs.

Totally subscribe to its use as a "behavior interrupter" as opposed to punishment. But often times, the behavior being interrupted has a huge emotional charge too. And when "that's three: go to (your room / the [thinking chair] / etc)" gets met with "No!", there's a whole 'nother battle fought to just get the kid to where he/she is to go, and by that time the No Talking (when you're angry) and No Emotion rules for parents are totally out the window and it takes a lot not to let things spiral out of control.

Here's Nev "in her room" just a few minutes ago, doing a great job pushing boundaries, and Mommy's buttons.

There are many more aspects and nuances to these situations, of course. Just want to get this morning's incidentS out here so they are not hamster wheel fodder.

Is it Monday yet?

Thursday, April 09, 2015

... of weight and salt ...

I've been eyeing the Y's Lose Big program; session two starts next week.

I joined both sessions last year. Shared progress on FB. Lost some weight, but very quickly realised that there was no way I could maintain that lifestyle -- it was taking away from even grocery shopping, and adding to the stress of kid juggling etc. 

I really started yelling/screaming at the kids all the time at this time, as I recall.

A year later.  I'm at a much better place mentally. Still struggling, though.

On one hand the exercise will help uplift me overall, no doubt about that, hello endorphins. But on the other hand, I can see the stress of just making the minimum workouts, and jumping through the figurative hoops, is not going to do me any good.

So no, Lose Big.

Instead I'll once again work on some small changes. 

Like Coke Zero. 

Haven't had any in ?months? Sometimes I miss it so much. But all we have now is Diet Coke which I won't touch (my plan was no soda at all, but hubby couldn't handle it, lol!). 

Not sure if it's related, but I'm starting to notice salty food. Took a bite of the cheese I feed the kids all the time and am aghast at how salty it tastes. Nova's fave food ever (couscous w spinach in lemon butter sauce -- you'll find it in the frozen veg section, he'll eat the entire bag in one sitting) -- I sampled that yesterday and found it way too salty too. 


Hello, stream of consciousness typing.

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