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Little Miss Sunshine, and other movies

omg. if you haven't seen Little Miss Sunshine yet, please utilise your preferred movie rental facility and get it!! Immediately! That's an order!! To have Kosh and I in stitches so often throughout the movie, subdued at certain intense scenes, but finally laughing hysterically at the end, well, I can't think of a better recommendation than that without giving anything away. Sure, there are a few places where you have to suspend disbelief, but you'll so caught up with it all that such details won't matter too much. So go watch it, okay?
Phew, now with that out of the way,,, let me take a few steps back, and clarify that I've had this idea at the back of my head for a while now to do just a quick recap of some noteworthy movies we've watched recently [most of them courtesy of Netflix]. Would have just stayed an idea though, if it wasn't for Little Miss Sunshine last night.

Some others, in no particular order:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Movie (1992…

MORE this & that PLUS a meme

French: the Spring session has started, and the two classes I've signed up for? AWESOME, and just what I need to get the remaining rust brushed off. Last session I'd ended up taking two larger [about 12 students], more grammar-based classes; this time around, both classes are nice and cosy [about 6 students] with a lot more emphasis on oral. Yes, go ahead, please get your sniggers out at French / oral now. Heeheee!

Responding to Monsoon's comment in the previous post: I suppose preferring one [class of] language over another is a function of what language you're used to / exposed to? Compared to English, Malay and French, German to me sounds to noisy, harsh and guttural. But, if you were born into a Germanic tongue, I can certainly see how the Romance languages, especially French [the language *and* the people!], can seem whiny :-) Despite my not-so-fondness [I wouldn't go so far as to say hate or dislike] of German, if I were to pick it up, it would make acces…

this and that...

French: So I had my other French test this morning: 80.5 out of 90. Whoohoo!

The next ["spring"] session starts next week, and I've signed up for the next level of "brush-up" *and* a "conversational complement" - looking forward to prying away more rust off of my brain :-)

After all, I seem to have a knack for languages: even though I only know English, Malay and French, I could probably easily pick up Italian [took a semester in college, got an A but hated the way the curriculum was structured so decided against continuing with the next level] or Spanish. The challenge would be to do a non-romance language. German, anyone? Urgh!! Maybe Icelandic, so that whenever I do end up visiting the land of fire and ice, I can ask for directions, LoL!

The New Look: Urrgh, I haven't made any progress since the last time... am having a challenging time deciphering the coding for most of the rest of the stuff I want to tweak... 'twas certainly easier…

when i'm on a roll...

okay so I've been wanting to change templates for aaaaages now.

last night i finally found something that kinda fitted what I was looking for.

of course, it needs major tweaking before I'd be happy with it.

you can see how it's coming along HERE.

And yes, I'm going to be risking my entire blog history, because this is a "new-blogger" template... it had BETTER NOT lose all my past posts when I finally make the switch!! But no worries, I'll make sure I have back-up copies of *all* my past posts before even attempting to do the changeover. No way am I gonna risk losing over 3.5 years' of posts!

omg 3.5??! wow.. it's been a while, eh?

oh, and at the back of my mind the entire time? "Procrastinator! There's another French test waiting for ya tomorrow morning!! You gotta at least review the material and not take it cold!!"

You are what you eat?

It's interesting to observe myself getting back into the groove of exercising almost daily, considering during the past three months I was lucky to hit the gym even once a week! The dark, cold & short days of winter *do* get to me: I kinda knew it, but it's clear only in hindsight.

In addition, while last year's IQ vs lbs thingy never did get off the ground, with the stirrings of spring I've started keeping an eye on my food consumption. Trying to keep intake at around 1500 cals PLUS zone-balanced, BUT allowing for "zig-zags" [upping cal consumption to 2000 cals every 3 days or so, so that the body doesn't go into starvation mode]. I can't quite swing the ~300 cals x 5 or 6 mini-meals though. However, it's been about 1.5 weeks now, and I *think* the [unreliable] weighing scale in the bathroom *is* showing a downward trend! Yay! We'll see what the other measurements say in a week or so...

But anyway... what with all the meal tracking I&…

Friendster Update

So I receive this Friendster Update every week or so.

Not that I've logged in since forever.

For some reason this morning, I went ahead and asked Friendster to check one of my main email accounts' address book, just to see who else I knew was within the network.


Out of 107 email addresses found, 9 were already within the Friendster network. Interestingly....Of the 9, 5 were WORK e-mail addresses! Dunno about you, but even while I was within *that* network I made it a point to separate work from what little life I had outside of it! Besides, it's just best not to mix work and non-work... what's so difficult in using a 3rd party email addy?Of the 9 [and 5], 2 were totally inactive - as if the persons had opened the account then promptly forgot allll about it. Most of the others seem to be at my level of activity: some pix posted, some friends enlisted, that sort of thing. Only like two were actively using their account. But those two? Wow, talk about loads of fri…

dunno what it was about yesterday...

maybe it was the excellently warm day [high of over 70F!]...

... or that I totally aced a French test [75/80] **

... ... or that I'd blogged about books recently...

whatever it is, yesterday I dropped by the library between L trains... and the other times I'd visited the library and just looked around for anything appealing, nothing jumped out at me.


Yup, six books made their way into my hands.

And only one of them I'd consider really "my" style / genre, so I suppose it's exploration time!

So, in case you're interested, here are the six that clamoured "read me!"
Interpreter of Maladies - Jhumpa LahiriThis was last year's pick for the "One Book, One Chicago" thingy. A collection of 9 stories, I've gone through 2 so far. Nothing too outstanding, but I can see how those not exposed to Asian/Indian culture might find this fascinating. This spring's book choice is out - maybe I might read it and join the discussions, ju…

another meme - book related

So there's this "List of 100 Books" meme going around.. tried it out, but omg 100 books?? and who on earth chose the dang things anyway?? Figured I'd only publish such a meme if it was a bit more specific. Then I saw Ranten N Raven's post, of a similar nature, but surprise surprise it's "... a list of the 50 most significant science fiction/fantasy novels, 1953-2002, according to the Science Fiction Book Club."

Of course, I'm already at a disadvantage because for some reason, I love reading fantasy books but NOT sci-fi [conversely, I enjoy[ed] sci-fi movies better than fantasy ones for the longest time - up until recently when CGI could finally do justice to the imagination, anyway!]. A cursory glance at the list already indicates I'm gonna come out of this meme seeming like I'm not well-read, but what the heck, at least I have another list to refer to when I get out of my non-reading mood and start seriously looking at those books on …

a meme sunday it is!

Okay so I'd taken the easy way out when Adam tagged me the other day,,, and felt kinda bad about the whole wiggling out of making an effort... then Neome went and tagged me for the same thing... so okaylah, I figured I'd go ahead and try to re-do this weird meme,,, here goes!

"Help, I'm a man trapped in a woman's body!!!" okay, not really... but I'm certainly no "girly girl" either! Sure, in public I'm more than aware of social niceties, but in "safe" locations/situations [i.e. at apartment, with Kosh] I can, and do, produce auditory, vibratory [and odoriferous!] emanations from upper and lower cavities to rival any typical guy, LoL! On a related note, I have no patience for people who think you're not really a woman if you don't wear make-up / heels / skirts - I am who I am, after all! And being feminine doesn't necessarily mean being "girly" anyway. So there!
I get choked up and …

smellin' in an elevator...

... gawsh, sometimes it's difficult to breathe when entering an elevator... the odor that assaults your nose, yikes!

Like that one time, Kosh and I hopped in the [empty] elevator together, paused, and in tandem turned to each other with these horrified looks on our faces - someone musta let a HUGE one rip just seconds before, because, oh man! Nasty!

And today? Got into an empty elevator car just minutes ago, and I smelled toothpaste [i.e. someone who'd brushed their teeth - perhaps, *really* brushed their teeth? otherwise why would the smell of toothpaste be so strong?] PLUS a majorly unwashed body. Ugh, what a combination!!

Reminded me of two kinda cool aspects of the Malay language:

1. Depending what word you use, the probable source of a bad odor is already provided.hapak - usually for unwashed bodies / very "ripe" clothes
hanyir - that "fishy" smell, usually indicating it's starting to go bad
hancing - related to "kencing", i.e. in…

thoughts while housebound

it's ickky out there.

snow is blowing horizontally across the sky.

i can hear the wind howling through the window.

I am thankful I am not obligated to go out into this weather.

I am also only superficially down by the weather, though.

Sure, it's ickky, if I were out there I'd be cold, blinking back tears that form automatically when exposed to cold & wind... but I wouldn't be soaked! The precipitation is in the form of snow, not rain... if it were raining I'd have to either get soaked or deal with an umbrella which in itself would be a challenge what with the force of the wind out there!

Besides, this cold weather system is just another sign of the power of Mother Nature, of things that are so much larger than us human beings... a reminder to not be arrogant, not to be so caught up in the rat race that we forget to step back and appreciate where we fit in the larger scheme of things.

I am thankful that, whether it's a matter of defaults wiring or development or a…