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a meme sunday it is!

Okay so I'd taken the easy way out when Adam tagged me the other day,,, and felt kinda bad about the whole wiggling out of making an effort... then Neome went and tagged me for the same thing... so okaylah, I figured I'd go ahead and try to re-do this weird meme,,, here goes!


  1. "Help, I'm a man trapped in a woman's body!!!" okay, not really... but I'm certainly no "girly girl" either! Sure, in public I'm more than aware of social niceties, but in "safe" locations/situations [i.e. at apartment, with Kosh] I can, and do, produce auditory, vibratory [and odoriferous!] emanations from upper and lower cavities to rival any typical guy, LoL! On a related note, I have no patience for people who think you're not really a woman if you don't wear make-up / heels / skirts - I am who I am, after all! And being feminine doesn't necessarily mean being "girly" anyway. So there!

  2. I get choked up and actually have to blink back tears when listening to the "Once More, With Feeling!" soundtrack of that Buffy episode. Even weirder? The song[s] that choke me up differ depending on whether I'm watching the episode itself or just listening to the songs on the iPodShuffle. If it's the former, it's definitely when Spike steps in to stop Buffy from dancing herself into a crisp, when he mournfully sings about "Life isn't bliss, life is just this, it's liiiiiviiiiing; ... the pain that you feel, you only can heal by liiiiviiiing....". And if it's just the auditory experience? Well, then that's when I'm imagining/reliving scenes from the movie, and what moves me most in that situation? The reprise of Standing/Under Your Spell by Tara and Giles, where Tara decides to break up with Willow, and Giles decides to force Buffy to step up. And while it's not in the tearjerking category, hearing Buffy's theory about "what can't we face if we're together..." gives me the shivers...

  3. But it's not *just* the sad stuff: one would find it VERY weird how gleefully I reenact scenes/dialogues from the episode, and how much enjoyment I derive from things like that demon getting stabbed but still having time to sing a line of two before keeling over: "She's not half the girl she - owwwww!"; Buffy singing about things not "... penetrating my [pause] heart", when she's doing what else but staking a vamp thru the heart, LoL! And those two? Just from the FIRST song! I totally love the rock/metal "Bunnies" song in the middle of "I've got a theory" And how's about when Spike's singing grumpily about "I hope she fries, I'm free if that b*tch dies" followed immediately by the line "I better help her out" in a desperate puppy dog manner? And a woman pleading against a parking ticket telling the cop that she's not wearing underwear? And having EIGHTEEN seconds devoted to a man celebrating that the cleaners "Got the Mustard Out!"?? Ah, yes, totally up my alley: I have pretty much the entire soundtrack, no, *episode* committed to memory!

  4. And seeing how TWO weird items are part of the Buffy episode/sountrack, that should indicate yet another weird thing about me: that when I get "into" something, I *really* *really* get "into" that something! Keeping to a soundtrack theme, another example would be my going out and buying the soundtrack to "A Nightmare Before Christmas" immediately after catching the movie in the theaters. And never got tired of playing it over and over and over and over. I can sing along to pretty much *all* the songs: in fact, we caught it on tv the other day, and I was singing along of course,,, and Kosh switched the captioning *off* to test me : I passed with flying colors, LoL!.

  5. My sense of humor is definitely unusual - the most obscure thing can set me off in gales laughter. Or perhaps it's that particular pun, or non sequitur, or whatever. And many times, it's about all Kosh can do to just look at me, shaking his head wondering what sort of weirdo he's married, LoL! No lah, actually he gets it too, but just doesn't *quite* react to it as enthusiastically as I do. Example of what sets me off? In the Pinky & The Brain piece "When Mice Ruled the Earth" Pinky lets loose a pun - scene cuts to Wakko playing a rim shot on a drum set, in reaction to that pun - scene cuts back to Pinky who reacts to the rim shot: "What was that??!" The clincher is Brain then sardonically dismissing it as "engine knock". And I now *use* "engine knock" as a synonym for a pun, teehee!

  6. "Help, I'm actually two very different people trapped in one body!!!" Seriously, I am a study in dichotomy. It's all situational, but wow, what extremes I harbor within me. I am the most outgoing, brash, loud character in the room, yet I am also the quiet observer preferring to amuse herself by watching the other characters play out their acts... I am the vibrant enthusiastic overflowing-with-ideas executive at work, or I am the sullen sniper killing the mood of the meeting with my attitude. I am the aloof daughter / cousin / niece who just can't relate to family members, yet I am also the warm and caring friend who would drop everything to run to the aid of said friends. Essentially, I have many layers [like an ogre, yes.. or an onion, Lol!], and which layer "shows" depends on the situation I'm in, how I feel, etc etc. But deep down inside? A core of strength that, when tapped, helps to achieve anything i want. The trick is getting to rock-bottom enough to *get* to that core!

Yeah. So there you have it: the weirdness that is me, valid as at Sunday, 1:20pm [btw, took me about 2hrs to get this done!].

Any comments? Any self-taggers?

Have a good weekend, y'all!


  1. hhehehe....only recently i 'ter' call u lynne...before,,, twas anotha lynnne of mine hehe...yep yep i saw her banner/ da bistro...wanted to go lah...but y'knowlahkan...very important da company m goin with...if y;re here..i'll drag u along..hehe

    Tenkiu for the weird 2 hrs posting..adoi!!! pecah perut gelak

  2. You got a very amazing way with words. No! that's not weird. Can do well as a writer.

  3. I don't have it as memorized as you do (but I will someday) but I actually get the most choked up at 'I'll Never Tell'.
    I've read this ta-le, there's wedding then betrayal
    I know there'll come the day I'll want to run and hide.


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