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dunno what it was about yesterday...

maybe it was the excellently warm day [high of over 70F!]...

... or that I totally aced a French test [75/80] **

... ... or that I'd blogged about books recently...

whatever it is, yesterday I dropped by the library between L trains... and the other times I'd visited the library and just looked around for anything appealing, nothing jumped out at me.



Yup, six books made their way into my hands.

And only one of them I'd consider really "my" style / genre, so I suppose it's exploration time!

So, in case you're interested, here are the six that clamoured "read me!"
  • Interpreter of Maladies - Jhumpa Lahiri
  • This was last year's pick for the "One Book, One Chicago" thingy. A collection of 9 stories, I've gone through 2 so far. Nothing too outstanding, but I can see how those not exposed to Asian/Indian culture might find this fascinating. This spring's book choice is out - maybe I might read it and join the discussions, just to see how these things run...
  • Murder among the OWLS [a Sherriff Dan Rhoades Mystery] - Bill Cider
  • Oh please, don't bother with this one! I'm about halfway through, and I'm distracted from the plot by the simplistic writing, short sentences and insipid characters. And this is book #14??! I shiver in disgust as I buckle down and force myself to read it to the end.... maybe the following four will provide better fuel for my brain,,,?

  • Dream Angus [the Celtic God of Dreams] - Alexander McCall Smith
  • "crafting ancient myth into stories fabulously and irresistibly new..." while I'm no fan of short stories, I'm always up for learning about the Gods of old especially if given a new twist [Gaiman's American Gods, for example].

  • The Tree-Sitter - Suzanne Matson
  • The reviews on the back cover indicate that this book, while being a "love story"[ugh!], tackles issues of ".. morality and responsibility, of idealism and identity..." that will have you asking yourself what you would do in a similar situation. A book that makes you think? Kewl!

  • Surrogate Evil [a Lee Nez Novel] - David & Aimee Thurlo
  • This looks to be the 4th book in a mystery thriller with a twist - one of the two protagonists is a vampire Navajo state police officer, heehehee! While awating new books by Jim Butcher, maybe this will provide some distraction?

  • Armageddon's Children - Terry Brooks
  • The only book that's truly in my preferred genre. The inside cover said this is a standalone / new creation by Brooks. Only when linking to do I realise this is another Shannara spin-off?! Grrrr! If I wanted a Shannara book I'd start at the beginning. Grrrr...
** oh, were you wondering about the French test? Yeah, I signed up for French classes at the Alliance Francaise early this year, just to get me out of the house and to put my brain to a bit of work. Kinda expensive for what amounts to perhaps 2.3 months of weekly classes, but it's nice to have all that rust flaking off, fer sure! Will probably go for another session that starts at the end of the month, to keep it going. :-)


  1. Guess Paris would be on the 'to go' list sometimes soon then :-).

  2. paris?? eh, perhaps... but at least when I visit my relatives in Switzerland I'll have less rust to scrape off before being able to communicate effectively with them, heehehee!

  3. Hi Lynne, u in Chicago?? Where? Just wondering... cause my cousin still there, somewhere in DeKalb area... or is it Rockford?? Just wondering.....

  4. 75/80 in French is an excellent score. Congrats.

  5. hi DG, you're new around here? nice to see ya, like yr blog :-) And yeah, I'm in Chicago town itself.

    Kev> yup, chances for FWDT submissions are pretty good :-)

    Adam> thanx :-)

  6. Congrats!

    Anyways... you call 70F warm??? Its about 35C (95F) here in KL during the day. When we go to sleep, we set the aircon to 26C (79F)... and that for me is 'sejuk'.

    M.S. ex-PBU

  7. M.S.> LoL! what can I say except "everything's relative"? :D I know I'm too cold in KL if my aircon is below 27C and on any setting that's not the dehumidifier function!

  8. That Terry Brooks is not a standalone, really. But it's also not really a Shannara book. Did you read "The Word and the Void" series of his? Well, "Armageddon's Children" takes place AFTER that series. While it is standalone in the sense that you don't have to have read "Void" there are two more books coming in this particular trilogy. And supposedly, these three books fall time-wise between "Void" and "Shannara."

    There? Confused?

  9. Hi Lynne!

    Excellent work on your French test. I am so impressed! You must be very proud!!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. It was nice to see you. I do read your blog, but I've been so bloody busy lately that blogging comes second, and commenting is a scarce thing. Sorry. I will get better.

    I hope you are well dear!

    Monsoon xxx


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