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jamais deux sans trois

Jamais deux sans trois, loosely translated from French, reads "never two without a third".

So first there was Ed McMahon - someone not well known outside of the US, I think, but a name that even I recognised.

Then went Farrah Fawcett - the Charlie's Angel who went public about her battle with cancer recently; I remember seeing that Ryan O'Neal had proposed to her, and that she had said yes, then she passes away. I'd like to think at least she's no longer in pain, no longer suffering.

And now, breaking news - Michael Jackson is dead! A suspected heart attack, details sketchy right now. But wow. Love him or hate him, he was a HUGE presence in the 80s and even in the 90s.

Yes, I broke my "break" because there's no way I could NOT mark this somehow.

And now, back to procrastinating on packing!

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Is it KitKat time?

Life After Work will be on a short break for slightly over a week, until early July: the Naranek household will be moving (within Chicago, no worries), and will be needing a lot of non-internet time to pack, move, unpack and settle in the new place.

^^ no, that's not me!

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[Photo Credit: Moving Woman by jynmeyer]

Tagged: the 10th in the 1st 3rd!

Patricia at Subjective Soup tagged me in this photo meme: "Post the 10th photo from your first photo file"

I ran into a bit of a problem: my 1st photo file has 2 images; the second file has 5 images; so I went ahead and took the 10th image from the 3rd file. Here it is:

This was taken at the end of 2001, at a 70s-themed New Year party to ring in 2002.

Can you figure out which one is me?

As usual, I won't tag anyone... if you want to play along, feel free to do so! But do drop me a line in the comments so I can check out your "10th in 1st" image, k?

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book bummer

... so about three weeks ago, I was doing a circuit of the Popular Library at the Harold Washington Library in downtown Chicago, when I noticed The Well of Ascension, Book 2 of Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series.

I decided to check it out, even though I wasn't in a big hurry to continue the Mistborn tale yet. I ended up taking my time with it, catching a page or two here and there during el rides to/from town, and therefore not making much progress. Then we went to visit my Kosh's sister and family, which included an overnight stay, babysitting services and taking two of the three kids out to see Star Trek (yes, finally!! and wow!! more to blog about that later!).

I managed to get some serious reading time in, too, and am now at page 223 (out of 578). It's due back today, though.. but no biggie, just go online and renew it....


... someone else has asked for it, so I can't renew it. Waaaaaaahhh!!! It's been out for two years already! I found it on a s…

Please be smart(er) about the photos you post online!

If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time, you've probably noticed that in an attempt to maintain some illusion of privacy / pseudo-anonymity, I don't usually post photos of myself online. If I do, half the face is usually covered, or blotted out somehow.

I'm a little more lax on Facebook, but not by much, since half my friends there I only know via blogging, and not in real life. For friends who do know me in real life, and who happen to post photos that include me, I'm happy to report that they are happy to cooperate to blur me out; in their Facebook photo albums, I just go in and 'untag' myself, no biggie.

Then for space-saving reasons, once I figured out how to do it, I have made it a point to not post hi-res images on my blogs: no need to have something at 1024 px width out there! I usually resize photos to 300-400 px before uploading, followed by further shrinkifying if necessary.

Why am I bringing this up? Well... A recent story has co…

World Blog Surf Day!

It's World Blog Surf Day again!

I'm participating, over at a malaysian abroad, by talking about the Farmers Markets in Chicago.

Please drop by, and follow the chain of THIRTY TWO bloggers all the way around the world!

Btw, the theme this time around is ~food~ so be prepared to get hit by major hunger pangs as you surf, LoL!!

Have a good weekend, y'all!

Photo credit: NASA, Public Domain

Beyond the Rim: David Carradine

The Young Grasshopper, no longer that young at age 72, is now Beyond the Rim.

Not that I watched the show religiously, but I really enjoyed Kung Fu back when I was a grasshopper myself: there was something about the character of Kwai Chang Caine - a Shaolin monk half-breed Chinese making his way across the wild wild west of America, ever the fish out of water, ever the quietly honorable in the face of the baser aspects of human nature, ever reluctant to unleash the deadliness he is more than capable of while facing such baser aspects. The Young Grasshopper was all growed up and truly living the life lessons he might have previously learned, but perhaps might not have truly understood, until his experiences in America.

Yesterday when I saw the headline about his death, I felt... weird. Even now, I'm... disconcerted.

Caine is dead.

Heck, Bill is dead -- deader than when he got hit with the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique.

At age 72, found hanging in a Bangkok hotel room.


#1006: first millennium recap comes to an end

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