Friday, May 30, 2008

a tongue tale

A week ago, running last minute errands before heading off for the weekend getaway, I hopped into the local "L" station for a quick trip downtown. Well, I hopped into the carriage, and almost backpedaled outta there... it was so... "aromatic" ...

There was someone who had
a. really really really bad body odor
b. drenched himself in axe body spray
c. drenched himself in axe body spray to cover-up really really really bad body odor

With my eyes threatening to start watering, and my nose buckling under the abuse, I start breathing through my mouth instead.

Then... I got this really weird taste in my mouth ... and all I could think of was that the molecules bringing the offensive smell to my nose were now alighting on my tongue and activating the taste buds there... ugh!!

on another note... here's a funny I found a while back, especially for those sudoku-impaired folks :-)

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  1. A few weeks ago I was telling someone about riding the tram in Rome... some Italians aren't great about body odor, and it gets REALLY hot there in the summer. So those two things together, plus people lifting their arms up to hold themselves steady during the ride? AWFUL! Sometimes I would get off my stop early and walk the rest of the way!

    I think I can do that Sudoku ;)


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