Wednesday, May 28, 2008

eyebrow attack!

At the weekend getaway, I was sharing a room with 5 other adults and 3 kids: we had 3 sets of bunk beds in a room, with an attached bathroom.

On my last night, after having stayed up till way late singing, dancing, having a good time, I was sooo dehydrated, I drank glasses and glasses of (bottled) water right before bed. Of course, I woke up a few hours later urgently needing to pee.

So I clamber down to the ground (I had one of the upper bunks), and make my way in the pitch darkness to the bathroom, almost blind myself turning on the light, do my business, switch off the light, and make my way back to bed.

Not sure where my mind was, but usually I believe I'd make my way slowly, carefully, hands out in front of me... maybe it was because it was my 3rd night and I thought I knew the room layout well enough... or maybe I was so tired all I wanted to do was just get back to bed and sleep some more ...

... ... ... instead ... ... ...

I walked briskly,

... and *SMACKED* my face,
... ... specifically my forehead,
... ... ... even more specifically my right eyebrow area
*SMACKED* right into a nearby bunk bed pillar thingy.

The f-word escaped immediately, LoL - I hope everyone in the room was asleep!!

Surprisingly, it's not bruised, I don't even see any swelling. The only evidence of this having actually happen, as opposed to being the product of a particularly vivid dream, is that the area around my right eyebrow is sore to the touch.. and still is, almost 3 days later.

Ouch :(

On another note - some excellent new submissions at GraphJam:
song chart memes

song chart memes
more graph humor and song chart memes


  1. p/s- Hope you ha d a good camp. I will have to wait a while for the boys to grow before having such "adventures".

  2. Ha ha! I loved that Yoda one :) You know it :)

    I am surprised you didn't get a bruise too! Do you not bruise easily?


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