Friday, May 16, 2008

new songs to sing :-)

When we first signed up for Netflix, we were determined to get our money's worth: DVD's were usually watched the day they were received, so that they would be bakc in the mail the next day, thus having a turnover of perhaps 3 DVDs a week.

Now, not so much. Partly because a lot of the DVDs in the queue aren't so "urgently" wanted. We've gone through the first wave of "I really want to see this". Now, we slowly wade through a queue of 200+ titles, with not that many jumping out at us saying "Oooh me! me! me! watch me!!".

That said, I decided to bump up Flight of the Conchords. It's a tv series on HBO, about a New Zealand band (well, a duo) trying to make it in New York. It's got that same slightly raw/disjointed presentation (i.e. not "slick" like those regular networks' shows), but is perhaps less irritating (so far - we're at Episode 2) than, say, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (which Kosh loves, and I ... well ... I cringe my way through). FotC has slightly less painful dialogues, and even better, has at least 2 songs per episode, many of which are sung within the context of the story, sung about/to someone onscreen but they don't necessarily realise/know there's a song going on.


Maybe this'll help: from episode one, wher Jemaine first sees Sally at a party (Warning: the first time I watched this, I was literally laughing out loud, it's got all these unexpected comparisons in there... "you're so beautiful you could be a wiatress"?? LMAO!!!) [2m 54s]

Liked that? Heheheee like I said, I certainly did. But THIS ONE... omg this one I loved, maybe because it reminds me of Shaggy's Mr Bombastic... not that I was ever into that kind of music, but it still resonated somewhat... anyways, sit back and enjoy... [3m 27s]

(Yeah, the ending is a bit abrupt, coulda done with another few seconds at the end..)

Cheers, and have a good weekend :-)

Oh, and a tip of the hat to Reel Fanatic who first brought this series to my attention :-)

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