Wednesday, May 07, 2008


So recently I've been debating whether to risk trying to throw (make on the wheel) some porcelain, as opposed to the grey clay I've been using since forever, and this week I happened to mention this dilemma (haha) to my instructor. "Oh, tell you what," says he, "I'll let you have a chunk of the stuff so you can try throwing with it first, see how it feels."


He proceeds to give me a HUGE chunk of the stuff :D

Which I then proceed to use all in one go :D :D

Here you see the wedged and shaped chunk of porcelain awaiting actual throwing. After this pic, I got the wheel turning, slopped some water over the clay, then pressed down and inwards to center and attach the clay to the wheel (technically, to the bat I've got attached to the wheel itself). Couldn't take any in-progress pix - hands get really full of the stuff, and I'd rather not break momentum anyway. So just imagine me doing some rather sexual-seeming manipulating of the clay, then making a hole, pulling it out to make the base, then slowly and carefully pushing into the walls (to a uniform thickness) while pulling *up* ...

If there is one word to describe throwing porcelain, it's gotta be "CREAMY".

I'm happy to report I didn't dirty up the work area too much:

Here are what I produced that day:

... I've added more pix to this album, I think it's now complete, covering items produced Oct - Dec 2007. Still working on getting the newer items photographed and uploaded... I'll share the link once it's up :-)

In the meantime - have a good rest-of-the-week!


  1. Pretty. I like the shape of the white one.

  2. Hey, are you a jobless person? Don't worry about that. You can make big money if you come to downtown Wheaton and sell out your creation, the pots of various size and shape. Every Saturday there is a market near the railway station. It starts from 7 a.m. until 2 p.m. I find many artists selling their works. And it is a place where you can meet people from all walks of life. You can take train from Chicago to come to downtown Wheaton. The market is nearby the station. My number is 6308777539. My name is Win and I live in downtown Wheaton.

  3. Win> Thanks for the thought, but I'm happily jobless, and also not producing pottery in a consistent manner for any thought of selling at this point in time. Thanks for dropping by!

    Eden> Thanks :-) The two grey bowls were supposed to be cylinders that I would then manipulate into ewers/urns, but they ended up as deep/thins bowls instead... :D

  4. The end result looks good especially the one that looks like a pot in the front. Did you paint designs on them?

  5. Adam> I'm planning to experiment with this porcelain (white) one, going to paint on some of my doodle type things using colored slip (essentially, colored liquid clay), then use a simple clear glaze on it. We'll see how it turns out...


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