Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the mystery of #11 and #15 ...


Hey you!

Yes, *you*!!

Come closer please, I've got to whisper, can't let Lynne hear!

It's me, the (kinda late) movie meme...

Remember me?

I've been feeling rather incomplete, about 13%, if you want to get technical... Lynne's not blogging much nowadays, but enough that I've been relegated to the archives, without much chance of getting completed...

... hence my feeling incomplete...

.. so while Lynne's back is turned (she's busy playing Scramble on Facebook, almost always finishing in the Top 10 players in the Expert's 4x4 room nowadays!) I'm going to quickly take over and post this desperate plea for help

Remember Jerry Maguire?
"You complete me"??

I would *love* to be able to say that to you! All I need is someone (or sometwo, I suppose) to just. identify. the. last. two. movie. quotes.


Pretty please?

With a cherry on top?

As Lynne has mentioned before, the answers lie somewhere here... One is being said as a newly-engaged couple are being stripped out of their wet clothes... and in the other, "A" then points to a communicating device... hope that helps!!

So stop on by and say hi to me here, and help put me out of misery me fulfill my density destiny!

Forever gratefully yours,
the (kinda late) movie meme

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