Wednesday, April 09, 2008

beware bubble gum!

... so this "Spring 2008" session, I signed up for the following classes to keep me occupied:

1. Continuing with Spanish
2. Continuing with Pottery
3. New: water aerobics
4. New: cardio kickboxing aerobics

For the new items - am taking advantage of the programs provided by the Chicago Park District. Kinda funny tho, I might seem to be too young to be taking these programs - almost everyone else in those two classes seem to be in their 40's, at least! Then again, I'm only four years away from that mark myself... of course I *look* about 10 years younger, LoL! Always been the case.

And here's a slightly-related photo: why one should NOT swallow their chewing/bubble gum!

Update on the movie meme: I'm rather surprised that the two remaining unguessed movies are essentially my two very favorite movies that I've mentioned a few times in this blog before... hmmm, maybe I haven't gushed about them recently? Anyways, if you want a really big hint, the answers lie somewhere in here. As usual, please submit your guesses at the original post.



  1. That's a lot of stuff you are into. I wanted to go for Yoga classes in the Univ. (something less physical in the cold weather) until I found out that all the people in the class are ladies. Pulled out after that.

  2. Adam> ... and you pulled out because you were uncomfortable being the only guy, or you felt the ladies wouldn't be happy with a guy in the class, or..? I can see many reasons supporting it, but at the same time, I think it's a shame that you chose not to / were unable to take the class you wanted.

  3. I was with Fitness First for a while, in the period between the two boys, and I too was one of the youngest "housewife". Most women I befriended have kids in school and so they were free to do their gym classes in the late morning, 10am+. That was Micah's morning nap time then.

    Now, so hard to go our for my stuff as I hang out with the two boys all day long.

    Enjoy yourself. :)


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