Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ego boost

"That is an excellent piece. Congratulations."
- my ceramics instructor

"Ooooh girrrl, that so pretty!"
"Hey Lynne, I really like your bowl!"
"Wow, that's beautiful!"
- various potterymates

[The Cat lording over my latest piece of pottery]

That's quite an ego boost I got today, so I just *had* to share :-)


  1. Wow Lynne, that really is a beautiful piece of artwork. You should be proud!! I totally love bowls. I have lots of them!!
    I could never ever make something like that. Perhaps you can make and sell them?! Everyone loves ceramics... Anyway, thanks for sharing, and keep enjoying doing this arty stuff.

    EV :-)

  2. Wow wow wow!! That is one awesome piece!

    Can you make ME one like that?? Lol.

  3. thanx y'all :-) I highly recommend a class like this to anyone - it's actually not that difficult to produce some great stuff in clay (the challenge is to produce them consistently lah.. that one, I'm *so* not there yet, LoL!)


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