Thursday, April 03, 2008

Just Discovered: Savage Chicken!

so I'm neither Trekkie nor Trekker, but I'm geeky enough to appreciate not only this quiz (I got 0/3 - phew!), but also the comments following :-)(thanx, Wil!)

... then ,,, THIS one totally captures Kosh and my interaction during way too many movies. Heck, sometimes it's so bad I have to just pause the show and get on the 'net, to IMDB, just so I can figure out where I know that particular person from. I've *only* blogged about it here, here, here, here, here, ...

... ... ... and on another note ... Kosh thinks he picked up some sort of gut bug (c. diff) from work that's causing him to have lots of stinky #2's, that's kinda knocked him out for the past two days. Of course, this is his week of vakay, time is precious, and he's not well. Fun. Oh, and even better? I might have gotten it from him, some symptoms manifested this evening. Double fun.

REMINDER: still three movies unidentified,... here are some hints...
#11: only one of my most fave movies evah! It's a send-up to a culture/phenomenon mentioned in this post, actually :-)
#13: it's only here because I rewatched the movie recently, and was tickled pink by this quote, what with my fave EtOH form being the Long Island Iced Tea and all... it's a rather twisted tale of rich step-siblings and lots of sex.
#15: Heh, again, I've mentioned this movie in this blog a few times... imagine the words being said in a very nigh pitched yet nasal voice...
Now go and guess here.



  1. Ha ha. I am always reasearching movies while watching them at home. That comic has it pinpointed exactly!

  2. Sorry, no time to check out the links.

    Sorry to hear you guys are not well. Drink lotsa fluids and have a brown toast. I think that's suppose to help "plug" it.

    Take care.


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