Friday, April 11, 2008

biorhythm gone kablooey

I really need to stop passing out after dinner.

I don't know if it's a food coma I'm experiencing, or habit/influence of Kosh, or tiredness stemming from the 4xweek evening exercise activities, but maaaan, the past few evenings have seen me out of commission for an hour or two immediately after dinner. Today was the best - woke up at 1145pm, wide awake after a really deep sound sleep. So I packed Kosh off to bed (he'd of course lain down beside me on the couch and passed out too), but was too awake to sleep.

Now it's 1.40am, and despite having scrambled my brains for over an hour, I'm not sure if I'll be able to sleep yet. But I'll try anyway. Tomorrow/today Kosh is on overnight call, so once he leave for work in the morning I won't see him till Saturday morning :-(

Maybe I'll be able to get further into my current read: " Metro: A novel of the Moscow Underground" by Alexander Kaletski. It's supposed to be something like Neil Gaiman's "Neverwhere", but set in Moscow (i got the wrong book, LoL! still a good read tho!). The first two pages had me chuckling already, I hope it keeps up. By the way, this will be my 3rd translated-into-english book in a row. Coincidence?

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  1. Hey, you sound kinda like when I was pregnant. Hahaha...

    The other time I was like this was in Maldives, 3 hours behind Malaysian time, so by the time we finish dinner it's like 9.30pm there,and 12.30 here, so I also just climb straight to bed, watch TV and fall asleep half way.

    Hope your biorhythm is better now...


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