Monday, April 14, 2008


I have another book-related post... but since I've been rambling and blathering about books recently, I'll give that a skip and do this meme/survey I saw over at Eilen's instead. Yeah, so I need this to prompt content.. so sue me, LoL!

1. Cell phone: it was a permanent fixture for the longest time, I even had two lines at one point, but now? Now I check my phone once a week, usually find it dead and needing a recharge, and use it just for some text messaging.

2. Relationship: married.

3. My hair: unexciting past shoulder length dark brown wavy fine hair

4. Work: nope. I'm taking on the label of "wanna be writer" but haven't made much headway recently

5. My sibling: I have just the one, who much to my amusement jumped on the family fast-track! Married last July, and expecting their first kid next month.

6. My favourite thing: reading, and exploring new (fantasy) worlds through it.

7. My dream last night: don't remember. But this morning I woke up to find Kosh getting out of bed, and I was like "What's wrong? What's up?" and he looks at me weirdly - "Ummm, I need to get up to get ready and go to work?" "Really?" "Yeah, I've been hitting the snooze button for the past 24 minutes." "*Really*??" Yeah, that was weird considering I'm the one who usualy wakes up to his alarms.

8. Favourite drink: Coca Cola Zero

9. Dream car: don't have one. This aspect of materialism so does NOT appeal to me. So long the car is safe, reliable, and... would be nice if I didn't have to slide the seat ALL the way forward in order to get to the pedals, that would be nice, LoL!

10. The room I’m in: i suppose this would be the dining alcove, an area connecting the kitchen to the living room, where my computer is located.

12. My fears: I might have some flashes of fear/anxiety once in a while, but in general, fear has no place in my life :-) Try it, it's very liberating :-)

13. What do I want to be in 10 years: An established writer of strong fantasy tales with motivational & spiritual underpinnings that blend into an outstanding and unique voice.

14. Who did I hang out with this weekend: Just Kosh, as usual. We are both not that socially adept.

15. What I am not good at: Keeping to a routine/schedule even tho I know it's good for me.

16. Muffin: eh? Not a fan, not a form of carbs that I like.

17. One of my wish list items: apart from world peace? Loads of books, I suppose.

18. Where I grew up: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

19. Last thing I did: left a comment on Eilen's blog, condolences on the passing of her granda.

20. Wearing: sweatpants, wifebeater and flannel shirt. Need to shower and dress up in dirty clothes for a pot(-tery) session soon tho.

21. Not wearing: socks. Need them, it's still friggin cold :p

22. My pet: first and foremost Kosh's - the psycho kitty I've mentioned a few times (see "Cat Tales")

23. My computer: finally got my own last September, and proceeded to use it for Sim City playing, LoL!

24. My life: life is good.

25. My mood: a little hungry, and getting a bit antsy about starting the day already.

26. Missing: hmmm... nothing at the moment, am happy with the present

27. What I am thinking about right now: finishing this survey - getting bored, so how bored are *readers* going to be??

28. My car: was a delightful green Nissan Sentra, sold in 2004 when I quit Malaysia

29. My kitchen: is in a bit of a mess, thank goodness for dishwashers :-)

30. My weather: it's been a cold weekend, hopefully it warms up more today. They are expecting highs of almost 70F in a few days' time, whoohooo!

31. Favourite colour: black. and green. a nice dark green, no longer the neon/radioactive green I chose for shock effect when younger :-)

32. Last time I laughed: reading a sex scene in this book - I was laughing so hard I had to take a few hours' break before continuing with the story.

33. Last time I cried: I really do not recall... and that's a good thing, eh? :-) like I said, life is good.

34. School: I miss it. well, university, anyway. Would be nice to get out of limbo so I can figure out of I'm heading back, and if so, in what subject. Soon, hopefully...

35. Love: comes in many forms and guises.

......... and that's it! Go wipe the drool off of your chin and keyboard, and get on with your blogsurfing! :-)

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  1. I loved your survey. Much cooler answers than mine anyways. That is probably because you are cooler than me... Yup! I am in fact quite a bore, and I am not joking. :-)

    Now however I am off to my parents to borrow their car to go to a friends house. Feeling a tiny bit of need to blabber creeping upon me.

    Take care you

    Huggies :-)

    ps word verification started with lynne... *lol* How suitable.


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