Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

Here's how Earth Day started today.

it's 5.30-ish in the morning, and I'm pulled out of my sleep by the glorious sounds of a puking cat. As I get more awake, I hear her jump down, and so closeby too: it takes just a moment for it to register, then Kosh mumbles "I think she just puked on the bed!"


If nothing else, she chose the edge of the bed, on *his* side, LoL!

So Kosh cleans it up as best he can in his zombir [sic] state, then stubbornly climbs back into bed to steal as much shuteye as he still can before getting up for real (due in the hospital at 6.30am).

Oh, and during the cleanup, he checks the alarm clock, and it seems it had already been snoozed once - to his surprise. Heh. If nothing else I suppose the cat helped make sure he didn't over-snooze this time?

So I've been awake since 5.30 or so this morning. Darned cat!


  1. LOL! Joy!

    I must say, I've never been woken by the sound of a cat puking, and I hope never to have to lol. In saying that, we won't let our cats into our bedroom anyway, because if we did, there'd be no escaping the allergies.

    There's a first time for everything though, and with cat number three in the works, who knows when?

  2. Happy Earth Day to you too. Did you do anything environmentally friendly?

  3. Happy Earth day. :)

    My boys and I had quite a good one at playgroup.
    Did an exercise on recycling and planted a plant each. Pretty cool.

    Can check out some pix on my site.fysdplmx

  4. p/s- hey, sorry, for that string of nonsense at the end. Was trying to get the verifying thing and did not realised my mistake until I did it the second time and published. LoL.

  5. Dawn> oh wait, you/jeffers have *allergies* *and* you stlil got yourselves not just one but two cats? My hat's off to ya :-)

    Adam> nothing more than usual, actually... every day is earth day :)

    Kin> yup I saw your post on the tree planting (or, witnessing of tree planting, LoL!) - glad you're marking the day early on with your kids :-) They are the ones inheriting this big mess we've made of our planet.


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