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... fewer than 2 days to go!

what's been on my mind?


It’s been over a week since I poslaju’ed my letter of two pages with 6 pages of attachments to them… I figured there were 3 ways for them to respond:
1. as gentlemen with a shred of honor, where they acknowledge that a mistake had been done, and apologise for it
2. as total pricks, where they continue to respond with big words and threats
3. as cravens, where they ignore my valid arguments and just keep quiet.

My money’s on #3

Talking about money : the RM3K that is at the root of this mess.. I have kissed it goodbye already… I’m marking it down to learning…

And the moral of the story? GET IT IN WRITING IMMEDIATELY

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Parking Ticket:

Well, it took a few questions before finding out where ‘Trafik KL’ was situated (for those who don’t know: it’s the police station at Jalan Tun H S Lee near Petaling Street).

Typed myself a totally kekok appeal letter of sorts, and after a bit of an adventure getting lost in the one-way streets of the area, mother …

... what a way to end the day ...

Of all the things... sigh... can u figure out what this pic is all about?

Twas my last night with the car all to myself... went to Hartamas for dinner w Veya... for once I decided to park illegally - heck, everyone does that there, not enuf parking spaces for all the people who hang out there what... and guess what we find when we head back to the car? Uh-huh... a friggin parking ticket!! the offense: unnecessarily blocking the flow of traffic, or something like that.

WTF, since when did they do their rounds at 9pm??!!

And I don't think I was blocking traffic maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

Damn it,,, so one more loose end to tie up b4 I leave is to make my way to a police station, armed with a polite letter explaining that there are not enuf parking spaces in the area and was forced to park illegally, I promise I won't do it again, blah blah blah.... maybe if I smile enough I can get away without paying anything?! :p

I am really annoyed... what a way to 'end' my use of the car!!


“use your numbskull”????

From numbskull / numskull
Pronunciation: 'n&m-"sk&l
Function: noun
Etymology: numb + skull
1 : a thick or muddled head
2 : a dull or stupid person : DUNCE

I think i’ve only ever READ that word before, I don’t think I’ve ever heard it used… and to have it used on me… no matter that it was used incorrectly, doesn’t matter numbskull ke, dumb head ke, whatever… ah yes, the person who so many times opens its mouth only to say the totally wrong thing strikes again.

And when I react all hurt, asking what was meant by numbskull, was it trying to make me angry, all the while I am struggling so hard not to let any tears fall as I feel them burning up my eyes, feeling my face and mouth twist in the effort to NOT let those bloody tears fall, so shocked am I by what it has said, what was its response?: I was just joking lah, and it actually seemed so surprised by my reaction. Probably saw a specter of its pseudo-mate in my place.

Yeah, right.

I HATE people who claim to be ‘jus…

Giving myself (and you!) a break from lawyer stuff

A recent post by Malapetaka, followed by an onslaught of mis-applied words in emails I recently received, has me thinking about words…

Those spelt differently but pronounced the same: sweet vs suite, for instance

Those spelt the same but pronounced differently: refuse, for instance. reFUSE = to say no, while REHfuse = rubbish.

Other recent misses:

Boarders vs borders

Staff vs stuff

And typos that may change the coherency of a sentence: Quite vs quiet

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Also have a memory of a certain English teacher in secondary school, who one day assigned as homework the task of listing all color-related idioms, metaphors, similes, etc that we could think of.

I think that day I also had tons of other (more important) homework to do…

It just so happened that well before that day, I had bought a “Dictionary of Common Idioms;” so I somehow got my mom to just sit down and copy every entry there was for every color in there, since that was what I would have done anyway if not for having …

... a temporary solution ...

I’ve already suffered through TWO sleepless nights where my mind continues to obsess over my situation with the lawyers.

I thought I could ‘switch it off’ but I was wrong.

Partly because I won’t know what I can do until I talk to a lawyer, and I am thinking of asking Kit, but I can only ask him on Monday, dunno when I can actually meet and discuss it with him (IF he agrees to talk it over with me!), and I won’t lie: I feel that the longer I wait to respond, the more satisfied and smug will the pig be thinking I have been cowed and beaten into submission.

Crap... just listen to myself… Sometimes my pride is just too much, I know…

Moral of the story: don’t make me feel like I have been wronged, my intelligence questioned or my principles compromised. It’ll be unpleasant for you to be on the receiving end of my wrath, but it will also be unpleasant for me!

I am very aware of my lion’s pride (pun not intended), and usually cut people a LOT of slack… I have done so much of ‘grinning and bearing…

... obsessive? me? ...

Why would my mind wander, while doing today's morning walk, composing a variety of different letters to the pigs? Some sarcastic, some neutral, some downright nasty?

Why would I imagine having a discussion with Rahar and boss, with me showing the paper trail that to me indicated I did not owe them any more $$ after Oct 2004; me asking them to kindly explain why no attempt at collection was made between Oct 2004 and April 2005.

Walking away with a written apology.

Being thrown out and threatened with legal action.

Bringing them to the Small Claims Court.

Complaining to whatever watchdog organisation for lawyers.

If they want to hold on to the money - F I N E. but don't go pointing fingers at me and trying to bully me. pigs.

I wonder if the boss is a Leo... cos I know I am exhibiting classic Leo traits here, yet so are they....

"... Leos are stubborn ... unfortunately, stubbornness in the Leo personality is dictated more often than not by their ego. Attempts to back them into a cor…

... apart from the oinkers, today was a good day ...

There are OTHER things that happened today which I though I’d share with ya:

Woke up feeling restless, and decided to go to the nearby Taman Jaya for a walk.

Only when I was in the car did I look up at the sky and see just how overcast it was…

Oh no, don’t rain please don’t rain!

Got there around 730am, walked one big round : 15 mins.

Kewl! Another 2 of these and I’ll have done 45 mins, then can do other stuff like sit-ups etc to bring me to 1 hr.

Found a drawback about this park: it’s right by the Federal Highway, so at certain places I swear you are getting lungsful of exhaust fumes :( not to mention all the noise of the traffic!

Found their reflexology path: unusual cos it’s a ‘path’ as opposed to a circle/figure of eight I’ve seen elsewhere, and it had steps too. It’s not in tip-top shape, but worked fine for me :) I am always amazed to see spry old ladies walking nonchalantly along the path… and today there was a man jogging barefoot on the path! Respect! Then there I was, kinda win…

Forked tongue oinkers

"We write to inform you that we have no knowledge of the purported arrangement as claimed {in} your letter. Furthermore, our bill was drawn up in accordance with the Solicitors’ Remuneration Order 1991 … where you will note under Rule 7 it specifically states that any discount is prohibited. The rule (which has the force of law) has been in force since 1991 and NOT in 2004.

We also write to put you on NOTICE that we take strong exception to the words and innuendoes as published in your letter. On this basis we reserve our right to take such steps as we deem fit should you continue to make or caused to be made what we deem to be slanderous remarks."

Ok.. let’s break this down, shall we?

“…we have no knowledge of the purported arrangement …”
1. purported? puhleeeeeze! I would not make up this story! Besides, this was written BEFORE boss met with Rahar this morning, so I’m not surprised you don’t know about it at the time your letter is written!
2. it may be my word against the firm…

Always going forward cos we can’t find “back up”

20 in 2004
47 in 2005
Total = 67 in about 7 months

Yep, that’s the number of entries so far in this blog :D

And that’s also the number of new files made over the last 24hours – did a bunch of “copy paste copy paste save as” so that I have copies of my texts on hand… juuuuuuuuust in case goes kaput one day. And in case I want to look up what I wrote but I don’t want to get online just for that…

Getting back ups done of your files is really important…

Take what happened to me: my 30Gb external hard drive got wiped out by a grumpy Mac! While I found some OLD back-ups of my MP3s and some work files, I would have needed a DVD (as opposed to CD) or two to backup my collection of videos obtained mostly via iMesh: almost the entire seasons 2 & 3 of Star Trek: Enterprise! Music videos! Movies! All gone…!!!

Of course, those are replaceable… but what about the archives of all my mail from work? That is gone forever…. I don’t even know what else I had on the drive… all gone…

Oh well… it’s…

… a big man with a big voice who sings big songs and has big hits …

The man (and group with the same name) with the most profound influence on me, whose songs have stuck a chord deep within me that no other singer or group can achieve…

No it’s not The Beatles’ Paul McCartney…

Keep guessing:

My first ever exposure to him was when Tini visited me in Dec ’90 in Oklahoma, bringing a tape of assorted songs, including one I immediately loved: “Two out of Three Ain’t Bad.” I didn’t remember the artist’s name then, but the song stayed with me…

It was a ballad about what goes around comes around… about having something done to you, and being totally devastated by it, and yet later finding yourself doing the same to another person. Perpetuating a harmful pattern… profound…

“I want you, I need you,
but there ain’t no way I’m ever going to love you;
don’t be sad, cos two out of three ain’t bad”

aduuuuuh…. Sedihnyeeeeeee!! : ( (

Fast forward to Fall ’91, my freshman year in college, pledging a professional chemistry fraternity, whose ‘unofficial house song’ was “Paradise b…

Update on the forked tongued situation

Good news:
Yesterday I got (verbal) confirmation from my ex-employer that the redemption sum paid to them was RMWXYZ less than what was stated claimed by Rahar/the firm last week.

Bad news:
Yesterday also found out that Rahar was on leave for a few days! Argh!!

Was a bit bummed, but figured hey, this gives me good reason to just escalate the matter instead of dealing with Rahar: turns out it got escalated for me, I suppose the fax turned up on the boss’ desk, cos this afternoon I received a reply from da boss himself!

Here are some choice snippets:
“… we apologise for the confusion with regards to the balance of the Purchase Price…”

“… we had inadvertently included Bill No [xxxx] for the sum of RMWXYZ to the total redemption sum payable. The bill was in respect of our professional services rendered to you in this matter…”

“… assure you that you have definitely not been “short-changed” in this matter at all…”

“inadvertently”?? – hah!!

Snippets of my reply:

“… thank you for your fax… which attempt…

An Arachnid Alone?

The cards scuttle across the screen
As a spider might scuttle across the room
Yet which eight-legged creature would ask this of you:
Easy medium or difficult?
One two or four suits?

Come into my parlour, said the spider to the fly
I am no fly yet visit the parlour daily, do I;
Clicking away on the mouse, glued to the seat
Completing so many games until I am beat.

My wrist aches, my hand goes numb
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, here I come

While a spider spins its web to catch its food
I too have been ensnared, and in a way consumed
Not by the spider, but my own addiction
To play and play and play again

The sound of the cards being dealt and laid out onscreen
The owl-like hoot signifying no other moves available
The “ta-daah” sound when showing available moves
The satisfying shuffle of a complete set being moved to the bottom left of the screen

How easy it is to get caught in your tangled web
One suit was too easy, and quickly mastered
Two suits is where I usually stay, for
Four suits usually has me stumped no mat…

Malaysia Boleh and miscellaneous pix

A typical example of "Malaysia Boleh": van in Desa Pandan blocking a fire hydrant... and guess what: this was still early in the morning, plenty of parking spaces around... and to top it all off: the spot next to the van was EMPTY!! Ok lah.. here's a POSITIVE aspect of Malaysia Boleh: remember my hike from the lawyer's office to the bank with a cheque for the balance of $$ due to me for the sale of my house? How I said nevermind if it didn't get into my account until next week, so long it's already being processed a.s.a.p.? Well, by the time I got to the bank, it was 4pm, counters all closed: no impact on me cos I remember the last time I tried to deposit a cheque, they insisted I just use the cheque deposit machine. So there I was, filling up the forms etc getting ready to deposit it, when this Pak Gad (the security guard) comes in and helps out this other person who was clueless on how to deposit his cheque. He saw my cheque and asked if that was a house ch…

… and the (IRB/LHDN) saga continues …

Today’s headlines grabbed my attention: “Quick refunds” screamed the Sunday Star, with its subheadline “IRB: Money back in a month for taxpayers.”

How many of you thought “Whoohooo, I’ll get my refund by early June!”? Take a closer read: did you see that “… it will reimburse those with refunds due to them within one month of request?

Wait wait wait… request?? You mean submitting the form & calculations that already state the amount due, and providing the bank account number in the bl**dy form.. all that not enough one ah? Got to go to the bl**dy tax office and “request” somemore ah?

Oh my godddddddddddddddddddddd!

If they demand that whatever $$ due is to be paid as the form is submitted, why can they not reciprocate by immediately processing the forms with refunds due the same way and refund accordingly?????

Why bother with putting a checkmark on the back of the envelope saying “refund due” if it does not get processed any differently?

In fact, why even bother giving them our bank ac…