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... fewer than 2 days to go!

what's been on my mind?


It’s been over a week since I poslaju’ed my letter of two pages with 6 pages of attachments to them… I figured there were 3 ways for them to respond:
1. as gentlemen with a shred of honor, where they acknowledge that a mistake had been done, and apologise for it
2. as total pricks, where they continue to respond with big words and threats
3. as cravens, where they ignore my valid arguments and just keep quiet.

My money’s on #3

Talking about money : the RM3K that is at the root of this mess.. I have kissed it goodbye already… I’m marking it down to learning…

And the moral of the story? GET IT IN WRITING IMMEDIATELY

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Parking Ticket:

Well, it took a few questions before finding out where ‘Trafik KL’ was situated (for those who don’t know: it’s the police station at Jalan Tun H S Lee near Petaling Street).

Typed myself a totally kekok appeal letter of sorts, and after a bit of an adventure getting lost in the one-way streets of the area, mother finally got us there, and I hopped in to see what needed to be done.

After some counter-hopping, got to the ‘kaunter rayuan’: handed over my letter and the ticket, waited a minute, got my name called, was handed back the documents with ‘rayuan diterima’ stamped on it… went to the kaunter bayaran and forked out RM50, and I was done. They were all abrubt, especially the cashier! So much so that I didn’t bring myself to ask how much the ‘unappealed’ fine would have been. If it was reduced to RM50, what would it have been in the full amount? A few hundred ringgit? Anyone got any idea?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Have switched my maxis rate plan from the 138 to the 75 plan. I was assured by the person manning the phone that I would still enjoy a rebate of 20 (as opposed to my current rebate of 35), making it about 55/month. So we’ll see how well THAT is used… as such, I am not terminating my phone line yet, so y’all can still call/sms me. In fact, please don’t hesitate to sms me, so that I fully utilize my monthly allocation! Don’t want to be paying maxis free money!

On a related note: just converted my mom’s hotlink (maxis’ prepaid) into a postpaid but supplementary to my line. Why? Because mom has trouble using up the RM60 before it ‘expires’ therefore having to top–up every two months while the carried forward balance keeps increasing… therefore making maxis so rich in prepaid funds it’s ridiculous!! A supplementary line only costs RM10/month plus cost of calls/sms made. A much better deal overall :-)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I had decided to pamper myself during my time back in KL; ended up going to this spa that my schoolmate is running: a franchise out of Indonesia. Figured if I was gonna throw money away on this, might as well throw it at someone i know :p so each session comprised 15mins of steam then about 75mins of a full body massage : mmmmmmmm! I never did fall asleep tho (that is my unofficial way of gauging the effectiveness of a massage session, btw) but it was certainly pleasant.

In total I also had three reflexology sessions at KLCC. The first I had written about, where it hurt and my feet ached afterwards… the other two were less painful: I even started to doze off a bit at the last session, but some idiot first-time customers with loud and big mouths totally killed it for me. :p

I actually was also keen on getting some ‘torture’ massage, heehee. ‘Torture’ cos chances are high you will be screaming in pain rather than dozing off all relaxed. It was funny that in my last week here, I ended up talking to two different friends about it: call me a sadist / masochist, but their tales of being in total pain intrigued me instead of scaring me off :-D Unfortunately this last week has passed by too quickly to follow-up on either of these masseuses (massagists??), so once I’m back I definitely be making my way to them :-)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Other stuff:

Wondering what to pack to bring back to the u.s… apart from some kaya and brahim’s curry mixes, don’t think there’s anything else to get… may just go with one bag then?! Or, bring my warm/winter clothes that are doing nothing over here, and give them away over there? Frees up closet space here, and does good over there? We’ll see… :p

Yep… in about 44hrs as I type this, I will be boarding a plane that takes me to Newark via Stockholm.

Next anguish: getting past the immigration officer at Newark :p

Wish me (good) luck, y'all!


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