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... apart from the oinkers, today was a good day ...

There are OTHER things that happened today which I though I’d share with ya:

Woke up feeling restless, and decided to go to the nearby Taman Jaya for a walk.

Only when I was in the car did I look up at the sky and see just how overcast it was…

Oh no, don’t rain please don’t rain!

Got there around 730am, walked one big round : 15 mins.

Kewl! Another 2 of these and I’ll have done 45 mins, then can do other stuff like sit-ups etc to bring me to 1 hr.

Found a drawback about this park: it’s right by the Federal Highway, so at certain places I swear you are getting lungsful of exhaust fumes :( not to mention all the noise of the traffic!

Found their reflexology path: unusual cos it’s a ‘path’ as opposed to a circle/figure of eight I’ve seen elsewhere, and it had steps too. It’s not in tip-top shape, but worked fine for me :) I am always amazed to see spry old ladies walking nonchalantly along the path… and today there was a man jogging barefoot on the path! Respect! Then there I was, kinda wincing at every step :p

They’ve ‘beautified’ it since the last time I was there (oh.. 3 years ago?), and suppose there *is* an improvement from before. But.. some things don’t change… Lots of rubbish left behind by irresponsible people.

Counted 23 dead fish in the lake

Oh wait… more like 22 dead fish in lake, one OUT of the lake.

This was being feasted on by the crows, who unfortunately declined to have their picture taken. Too shy, maybe?
At 830am, felt a few light drops of rain, so I headed for the car and back to the apartment. It never did really rain, tho. It pretty much remained overcast all day. Ideal tennis weather!!!! :D

1230 noon:
Lunch and bitch session with Mash: me with the whole oinking to share, and her with well, her stuff lah :) It was great to re-live/fulfill that function again; after all, we had traded listening ears regularly during my past life at work.

This was followed by a brief visit to her desk; ended up meeting so many ex-colleagues: it was especially great to catch up with Kit! Overall everyone was real nice, and I was reminded of how I miss working with y’all (but I have no love for the actual work lah :p )

By the time I left the building I’d been in the KLCC vicinity for almost 4 hours! But somehow, the RM8.50 parking didn’t hurt this time around: for once, it was worth it – a small price to pay for the pleasure of Mash’s company and getting to see so many ex-colleagues :)

NOTE: after almost a week of not meeting up with anyone for catch-up lunches, I’m getting booked all over again :D
Sat noon: lunch w Kassie
Sat evening: dinner w Allie & family
Sun: tentative brunch w Veya
Sun evening: dinner w Soon
Wed: lunch with Bernie, Reena and maybe Arwen
Thur: lunch w Swin
Fri: tentative tea w Thamby and maybe Ned too
Sat: tentative w Dont
Tues: lunch w Goldie

Anyone else? Time is running out… I am outta here in just about two weeks! :D

I *so* can’t wait!


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