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... a temporary solution ...

I’ve already suffered through TWO sleepless nights where my mind continues to obsess over my situation with the lawyers.

I thought I could ‘switch it off’ but I was wrong.

Partly because I won’t know what I can do until I talk to a lawyer, and I am thinking of asking Kit, but I can only ask him on Monday, dunno when I can actually meet and discuss it with him (IF he agrees to talk it over with me!), and I won’t lie: I feel that the longer I wait to respond, the more satisfied and smug will the pig be thinking I have been cowed and beaten into submission.

Crap... just listen to myself… Sometimes my pride is just too much, I know…

Moral of the story: don’t make me feel like I have been wronged, my intelligence questioned or my principles compromised. It’ll be unpleasant for you to be on the receiving end of my wrath, but it will also be unpleasant for me!

I am very aware of my lion’s pride (pun not intended), and usually cut people a LOT of slack… I have done so much of ‘grinning and bearing it’ in my 32+years of life, and will continue to do so… but… if you still get through to me,,, watch out! There I’ll be, adrenaline coursing through my veins, heart thudding away at 100mph, face red or at least feeling hot, while the rest of my body feels cold, sweat starting to ooze out the pores, and my hands feeling FROZEN. My voice will be all shaky - hands too, such that I would be incapable of writing anything beyond a scrawl! That’s why I avoid as much as possible any face to face confrontation; many times when a discussion deteriorated, I have just asked for a time-out or just stalked out of the room (and slamming the door behind me *sheepish grin* y’all remember that one guys?) rather than be caught in a downward spiral of hormones and pride and anger! If I didn’t, I knew I’d useless at expressing myself, because not only would my mind go blank, it would be a challenge for me to even construct a coherent sentence anymore; heck I’ve wondered sometimes if I was on the verge of a heart attack!

Back to the pigs: I realize I MUST get this out of my system, so it doesn’t eat me up inside over the next few days while I seek counsel. I figured no matter what there was gonna be one final letter from me to the pigs, so after over 36hours of composing a wide variety of versions in my head, I finally put my words down on paper.

I feel so much better now.

Here’s my my attempt to dabble in legalspeak:

Dear Sirs,

That you have perceived the content of my letters to contain words and innuendoes that you deem slanderous is most unfortunate. I therefore write to inform you that I had, and continue to have, no intention to slander, or cause to be slandered, you or your firm or your employees, and apologise if my choice of words and writing style implied otherwise.

Without any expressed or implied intention to slander or caused to be slandered you or your firm or your employees, I continue to seek an explanation on the following:

1. Why do I have in my possession three different bills?

2. Why does your letter to me Ref: xxx dated xx October 2004 contain a note that states you had enclosed your “Official Receipt No. xxxx dated xy October 2004 being settlement of our legal fees and disbursements”?

3. Why was there no attempt to collect the outstanding amount of RMWXYZ anytime between October 2004 and April 2005?

4. Why was I not informed of the decision to ‘contra’ the outstanding amount from my balance purchase price on zz April 2005?

Your responses to the above would help greatly in clarifying the situation; as such I again seek your explanation for the above.

I hope you understand why, on xx April 2005 and again on yy May 2005, I wrote to first express surprise at what I deemed a mistake, then later to attempt to explain why your explanation of inadvertent inclusion of outstanding professional fees did not address the issue of having this outstanding amount in the first place.

I also hope you understand why I am surprised by your response dated yy May, received via facsimile on zz May at 10.48am, that seems to not only dismiss my concerns but also seems to threaten legal action if I choose to continue to pursue this matter. Perhaps you can understand why I may feel I am actually owed an apology and that the NOTICE, which could be construed as an unnecessary and excessive show of force, be withdrawn.

Once again, I look forward to hearing from you; and once again, I hope for an amicable solution to the above.

Oklah… I know the “unnecessary and excessive show of force” will definitely be taken out before sending, but hey, it’s so nice to see it there, kan?

Also, if Rahar actually gets an apology to me tomorrow, this may all be for naught.

But no matter…. I feel SO much better now! *grin!*


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