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... obsessive? me? ...

Why would my mind wander, while doing today's morning walk, composing a variety of different letters to the pigs? Some sarcastic, some neutral, some downright nasty?

Why would I imagine having a discussion with Rahar and boss, with me showing the paper trail that to me indicated I did not owe them any more $$ after Oct 2004; me asking them to kindly explain why no attempt at collection was made between Oct 2004 and April 2005.

Walking away with a written apology.

Being thrown out and threatened with legal action.

Bringing them to the Small Claims Court.

Complaining to whatever watchdog organisation for lawyers.

If they want to hold on to the money - F I N E. but don't go pointing fingers at me and trying to bully me. pigs.

I wonder if the boss is a Leo... cos I know I am exhibiting classic Leo traits here, yet so are they....

"... Leos are stubborn ... unfortunately, stubbornness in the Leo personality is dictated more often than not by their ego. Attempts to back them into a corner... will quickly reveal the extent of their intractable nature. Even when confronted with irrefutable evidence of the foolhardiness of their ways, Leos can stubbornly cling to ... wrong ideas because their egos simply will not allow them to admit being wrong... The astrological symbol for Leo is the Lion. As king of the jungle, this animal represents the regal disposition of the Leo personality. Their dignity cannot be assailed. If insulted or abused, they rarely forget the slight unless their detractors sincerely and humbly request forgiveness. Leos generally have opinions about everything and not a bit of reluctance in expressing them. They must have the last word and, as far as most of them are concerned, it is the only one that counts." (see the full text here)

btw: no sign of any apology from Rahar:
- could be he will work on it on Monday and backdate it (I did demand a written apology to be issued on Friday itself)
- could be his boss has forbidden any apology, even if it's a personal one, since that would be admitting to having done something not right
We'll see on Monday...

If i dont get anything from Rahar by Monday, I will work on a carefully-worded letter that apologises if my choice of words caused them to perceive innuendoes what were NOT meant or implied in any way, and it's a pity that the firm chooses to dismiss me rather than having a discussion so that I can explain my case and an amicable solution could have been achieved instead of resorting to threats of legal action to shut me up. SEEEEEEEEEE! I *really* need to word it carefully... am gonna ask a lawyer friend for advice, maybe on Tuesday.

Whatever it is, I do NOT want boss to think he has me cowed.


I am lion, gear me rrrrrooooooaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Bloody buggers. Now to try and 'switch off' so I can actually enjoy the weekend!!!!



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